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Mac and Cheese

i love the mac & cheese at junior's... it's nothing fancy, but it's some of the creamiest, tastiest stuff i've ever had!


after reading so many good reviews (here and zagat), my friends and i were really expecting something phenomenal, but aside from the fried stuff (which was delicious - yay oysters and crawfish!), it was just okay. the special jambalaya tasted and felt very strongly of tomato paste and, as one of my compatriots worded it, "there was a Lot going on" - perhaps adding the seafood to it wasn't the best idea. like the jambalaya, the cajun pasta was super-busy and, though the crawfish in it was very good, after a bite or two, i wish i'd gotten a different dish. don't get me wrong, the fried stuff was awesome, but if you're looking for something other than that, you may want to look elsewhere.

also, regarding earlier posts, the service was quite pleasant (:

crawdaddy in carrboro

hack, sorry, my computer went haywire; that post was for something different; the gumbo at crawdaddys is actually really good.

Birthday dinner with friends in Triangle

also, it's constant interruption - if you're looking for discretion in service, it's the wrong atmosphere.

crawdaddy in carrboro

there gumbo is a tomato-y/chicken one! i'm so sad!

First Time to New Orleans!

i LOVE acme in metairie -- if you go there, check if dino's shucking and, if so, sit at the oyster bar - i guarantee a fantastic experience if you do!

also, in NOLA proper, check out emeril's if you're looking to do a casual-fancy dinner. their gumbo is superb and their escargot's the best i've ever had.

and, agreeing (again) with lexpatti, you Have to have a beignet. definitely hit up cafe du monde for ambiance (or one of it's satellites for convenience).

have fun!!

Fins Restaurant

hokay, so, i recently saw that Fins received the esteemed #1 rank in the indy's "best restaurants of 2007"... is it really that good?

i need to find somewhere to take my novio for his birthday and i don't want it to be "just okay" - he's not finicky, but he is very difficult to impress!


crawdaddy in carrboro

jesusGod i am so excited about this restaurant! i have been looking for a decent bowl of gumbo for the last four years! and crawfish! mountains of crawfish!