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Classic Macaroni and Cheese

The recipe calls for kosher salt which has larger crystals so you're actually getting less sodium by volume than if you were using sea or table salt. If you used 2 tablespoons of sea salt you were getting more sodium per volume..therefore an over salted dish.a good cook always tastes their food and the recipe does say to taste and add the remaining salt if desired. Maybe instead of blaming the recipe you guys should learn to read the recipe more clearly.

Top Chef Vegas Ep. #2 - 08/26/09 (spoilers)

Speaking of Blais..did he get a nose job? or something done? That pic on his Bravo blog looks really weird & not like him at all!

Aug 27, 2009
sugarbuzz in Food Media & News

Berkeley Bowl West officially open

The customer service in the cafe is bad though. At least it was today. My daughter & I plus another guy standing by the gelato counter..waiting...and waiting. The guy was too busy yapping with the cashier. He saw us standing there but still no attempt to help us. I finally gave a loud throat clearing & a nasty eye contact & he was on his way.
I have to say it was nice to find parking within 1 minute upon entering the lot. To not have to navigate around people who leave their cart in the middle of the aisle so they can look at something at the opposite end of the aisle was nice. I was confused about the separate organic produce because that's the first thing I saw was produce so I assumed it was all one section..until I saw the prices. No big I know.
I was ready to check out & didn't have to wait 15 minutes in fact I just walked right up to the cashier & was checked out in less than 5 minutes. Granted it was around 3 pm on a Tuesay but what better time to go.

Zackary's Pizza: how is the Stuffed Deep Dish?

What's absurd is that people actually like Zachary's.

Toddler birthday tea and dairy-free cake

Wherever you choose to go see if they have an in house pastry chef & ask if they will make a dairy free cake for you. You'll pay a little extra but usually it will happen unless they are really really busy. If so I'm sure a pastry chef would know where to find a dairy free cake through the grapevine.
I usually get requests for dairy or vegan desserts & with the right amount of notice I will usually do it.
Otherwise here's a few bakeries I know of that do dairy free..some are in the east bay so you can check about delivery fees to wherever you are staying. This may seem like an odd choice ( a vegetarian place)but they have good vegan cakes here & if you don't mind a nice walk & eating vegetarian it's near Civic Center & they have stuff like veggie chicken nuggets, pizza, nachos..etc for kids. If you called ahead I'm sure they could make you a small vegan bday cake.

Top Chef Thanksgiving Episode (Maybe Spoilers)

eh. I would have sent Danny? home. I'd rather have a bad s'more than undercooked potatoes.

Nov 26, 2008
sugarbuzz in Food Media & News

Really easy traditional pecan pie recipe?

I usually cut the sugar ratio down. The karo recipe is good just too sweet. Another thing I do is to toast the nuts with a little butter & spice mixture. Toss nuts with ginger, cinnamon & cloves & a little melted butter. Toast in oven. Gives the pie a nice warm flavor.

Nov 26, 2008
sugarbuzz in Home Cooking

Ace of Cakes & Hygiene

I noticed that this season there are more comments on how good the cakes taste. They probably have been reading sites like this where we all wonder if it's all style & no substance. I wonder if customers who appear on film are told somewhat indirectly to say on camera how good their cake is.

Nov 13, 2008
sugarbuzz in Food Media & News

Artisan bread in 5 min a day

I'm not saying to beat the hell out of it. I know a thing or two about bread as I'm a pastry chef.
My dough was really wet that i had most of it on my hands. So I sprinkled some crushed garlic & rosemary on it, added a bit if flour & gently kneaded it until it formed a loaf shape.
If you're not familiar with handling bread or tweaking recipes then don't do what I did. Follow the recipe exactly.

Nov 13, 2008
sugarbuzz in Home Cooking

pumpkin cupcake or cake recipe needed

These are from Tartlette. They're very good.

Scroll to the Nov 29 entry

Nov 12, 2008
sugarbuzz in Home Cooking

Artisan bread in 5 min a day

My dough was a bit wet. I hastily made it by hand before heading out the door. So I figured ..why not? It turned out great anyway.

Nov 12, 2008
sugarbuzz in Home Cooking

All Mom wants is a carrot cake

Tish Boyle's The Cake Book has the BEST carrot cake I've made ever.

Nov 12, 2008
sugarbuzz in Home Cooking

Artisan bread in 5 min a day

I was skeptical to say the least. You make a simple dough with more than the usual amount of water. Let it sit at room temp for 2-5 hours, refrigerate for up to 5 days(if it lasts that long). Pull off a chunk of dough. Shape, proof, bake & you have a loaf of crusty bread. Here's a link to the article where I found the recipe. I might just buy the book after making this bread.

I didn't have a bakers peel or tile so I just used a sheet pan with some flour & cormeal mixture. I put a pan of hot water on the bottom of the oven rack & threw some ice cubes in for steam. Since the dough needs to be kneaded a bit before shaping I kneaded in some roasted garlic & rosemary & it was seriously just really good crunchy bread.
Has anyone else tried it?

I should've put this in the home cooking section..sorry.

Nov 12, 2008
sugarbuzz in Home Cooking

Kitchen Nightmares UK - Piccolo Teatro

Ramsey hired her to work in one his restaurants.

Oct 15, 2008
sugarbuzz in Food Media & News

Whatever, martha

Has anyone seen this on Fine Living? Martha's daughter & her friend pretty much watch a Martha show & proceed to mock the hell out of her. It's kind of funny just because I know my friends & I would do the same thing when watching her show.
Example. S'mores. Martha proceeds to whittle birch branches & tie them up in pretty ribbon & also drills holes in them so she can hang them up. Meanwhile while all of this is going on you hear Alexis(her daughter) & her friend talking in the background. " Why Martha! We have to whittle in order to eat s'mores! Just take the damn marshmallow & shove it on a stick..your done! We have to whittle now?!"

Sep 18, 2008
sugarbuzz in Food Media & News

Is Bourdain's baby girl a culinary savant?

Why would that be hard to believe? Not everyone gives their kids bland mushy baby food from a jar.
I love the fact that at age 5 I could take my daughter with us out to eat any cuisine. Indian, thai, mexican..etc. We didn't have to limit ourselves to eating at a place that had a kids fact she hates the kids menu because all they ever have are chicken fingers & pizza. Boring!
One of her favorite snacks for school is laura chenel goat cheese w/ chives on crackers!

Sep 08, 2008
sugarbuzz in Food Media & News

Chicago Blues Cafe in San Leandro has Italian Beef Sandwiches

I'm so glad to hear that! The pics in the Chron looked not so good. I guess Chowhound took down my link to the story for whatever reason.

I hope you guys make it. Why anyone would go to a Popeye's instead is beyond me. I really was not looking forward to losing my beef sandwiches.

Applebee rethinks menu-NYT

The employees don't call it Crapplesleaze for nothing. I had a friend who worked at one in Jersey..crap due to heart attack inducing food & sleaze for the way management treats them.

Aug 21, 2008
sugarbuzz in Food Media & News

Nectarine dessert at Zuni is just that

I'm sure I'm one of the many who sent this along to Eater SF. How could I not? Hoping that it would snowball so that Zuni could tell us why they think it's ok to charge $8 for a piece of fruit. It doesn't matter if it is the best nectarine in the world..8 bucks..seriously?
When someone wants a fruit plate where I work I would never send them a couple of wedges of whatever. I give them a variety of every fruit I have in the walk in & a small bowl of honey creme fraiche. All of it sliced & presented in a way that's nice to look at but also easy to eat. Would it really have killed someone..even the pastry chef or assistant to take 30 seconds to slice a nectarine & fan it out on a plate with some honey?
If all I had were nectarines I still wouldn't have charged $8 for it though

Nectarine dessert at Zuni is just that

Sounds like Chez Panisse.

On the Topic of TV Host Bashing

Thanks hit it right on the head. I think it's sad that someone like RR is so damn popular. The food she turns out is crap to say the least. If I wanted a meal in 30 minutes i would just order some Thai food. I like to take my time when I cook. The more prep the better. It gives me & my kids time to talk.
Even when I come home from work after 12 hours(and I work in a kitchen) I can whip something up in about 60 -90 min & not feel like I cheated myself.

I know you RR lovers or toleraters can say "well then just ignore her"..but how can I when she's all over like a bad heat rash.

Aug 15, 2008
sugarbuzz in Food Media & News

Malted Milk Powder

I use Horlick's which I think is from the UK. You can possibly find it at a British food specialty store. It has a sweeter flavor than Carnation's.

Aug 13, 2008
sugarbuzz in Home Cooking

What is your favorite chef worth a year?

Why is rachael ray even on this list..she should be on the same list as Paris Hilton. Isn't that the list for people who have no god given talent but still are hugely popular & make millions of dollars!?

I would think that Puck makes more than her..what with his own line of food & pizzas.
Flay only 1.5? What about all of his endorsements & his own line of cookware?

Something is way off on that list.

Aug 12, 2008
sugarbuzz in Food Media & News

Yelpers making threats to get comped?

her original nasty review was taken off Yelp..I think because her "friend" at the local magazine is also a friend of the chef's & a compromise was made.

This is what she posts"Having restaurant owners and sommeliers within our circle of friends, this is generally the appropriate courtesy in such situations," have an elite list of friends including restaurant owners & that entitles you to treat restaurant workers like crap,call the person who won't serve you after hours a c***s****r, lie about it to make yourself look like the victim & get a free meal worth about $125.
Yes..I hate yelpers

Aug 06, 2008
sugarbuzz in Food Media & News

Yelpers making threats to get comped?

Guess who just got a comped meal for her "troubles" !!

My chef is a great guy but he got suckered into that one.

Aug 06, 2008
sugarbuzz in Food Media & News

altering sorbet texture

Use simple syrup & a little light corn syrup. The texture will be smooth & almost ice cream like.

Jul 30, 2008
sugarbuzz in Home Cooking

Food Network "Food Detectives"

Exactly..who doesn't know that milk puts out the fire!? OOH..I just ate a habanero pepper..give me something carbonated..quick! Come on!

And the people who were the test subjects?..really bad acting. I doubt they really ate a habanero salsa. Someone hit it on the head with the Nickelodean thing..I was waiting for the losers who picked the wrong beverage to get slimed.
Ted is so much better than this show..I wonder how he got suckered into doing it?

Jul 28, 2008
sugarbuzz in Food Media & News

What's your favorite take on Mexican-style cole slaw?

i use whole milk yogurt & process it with cilantro,jalapeno,lime juice, garlic & salt. Jicama, red cabbage, carrots & some shredded zucchini. Radishes would be good too.

Jul 25, 2008
sugarbuzz in Home Cooking

Chicago Blues Cafe in San Leandro has Italian Beef Sandwiches

I stopped by today on my way home. They've really cut back the menu. dogs, polish, beef, pizza, sides..that's about it...although there was no pizza. The waitress said they'd have it next week. No breakfast menu anymore, no drinks! they were making smoothies last time I was there.
I don't know if it had to do with their electrical problems Their register was down & everything was added up w/ a calc. Cash only because of it. It also took about 20 minutes to get 1 beef sandwich & 1 plain hot dog & some onion rings. The beef is still good..although it seemed a bit on the dry side. I had it dipped but I think they could let the beef sit in the juice as well.

I almost thought it was closed when I drove up. It looked really bare bones. I'm thinking they're losing money and scaling it back to the basics. I mean ..if you can't afford to supply you're own bags & are using Wal mart plastic bags to put orders in..well, I dunno.

I'm hoping they can get their stuff sorted out because I really feel they could make it. The just chose the wrong location.
If my credit weren't so screwed I'd open up my own Chicago style place.

What's your favorite thing to do with chevre?

Emily Luchetti has a really great goat cheese cake..not a cheesecake but like a souffle cake. Great with some fresh berries & chantilly or some fresh figs & honey

Jul 24, 2008
sugarbuzz in Home Cooking