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Venue for 40th birthday party

I'm hoping to get some suggestions for a place for a 40th birthday party for my husband this September. I'm leaning more towards a cocktail party (not a sit down dinner) so any place with an atmosphere appropriate for drinks/hors d'oeuvres. I'm guessing about 40 to 50 people and I would want to have it on a Saturday night. I'm not too sure on location. There may be some people coming from out of town, so I'm considering Boston; and we live in Newton, so anything in and between the two locations would work.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! thanks!

Jul 21, 2009
conerye in Greater Boston Area

40th birthday in NYC or lower Westchester

Thanks to everyone for all of your suggestions. After wieghing all the options for a while, I did end up deciding to go to NYC for this party. I had originally decided on X2O but they were not able to accomodate us; apparently they need quite a bit of notice for a Saturday night... The party is this coming Saturday at Guantanamera. I'll probably post something on the Manahttan board afterwards in case anyone is interested.

Is Oceanaire Open?

We just went last night.. the food was really good! We started with the Clams Casino and Portuguese style mussles, both of which were awesome. We even asked for extra bread to dip in the broth from the mussles, it was so good! We don't do any of the raw bar stuff, so can't comment on that. Our entrees were excellent as well; I had mahi-mahi, my husband had salmon and my brother in law had lobster. For deserts we tried maple creme brulee and pear cranberry crisp; both were very tasty as well though the creme brulee was a little too sweet for me. Entree portions were sized just right; the mussles, the side dishes and the deserts were huge. The rooms and bar were really nice and the service was top notch. It wsn't very busy when we were there, but I suspect that will change!

Jan 27, 2008
conerye in Greater Boston Area

Where to celebrate 40th birthday?

I was going to look into Flor de Sol and Samba Le. I've read that both have music and that Flor de Sol has good food. Not sure about food at Samba Le or if these places are age appropiate and good for groups. Anyone care to comment?

Jan 16, 2008
conerye in Manhattan

40th birthday in NYC or lower Westchester

thanks dolores, I am going to try to have a friend check those out for me. Do you know if there is somewhere online where I can find menus or descriptions of these places?

Where to celebrate 40th birthday?

I am also looking for a place to celebrate a 40th birthday - my sister's. Rather than start another thread on this topic, I hope its ok to post here...

butterfly23, wondering if you went out yet and if so where you went and how it was?

I'm from the Boston area and not familiar with any NYC restaurants. My sister lives in lower Westechester, so I am looking to get a few of her friends from NJ,CT and lower Westchester together down there. I'm thinking somehwere not as pricey as Rainbow Room, good food, fun/lively place for roughly 15 to 20 people. Fellow chowhounders, if you would please help me out with some suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!

Jan 15, 2008
conerye in Manhattan

40th birthday in NYC or lower Westchester

Looking to gather a group of about 15 to celebrate my sister's 40th. Guests would be coming from Shelton, CT, Manalapan, NJ, Nyack, NY and lower Westchester, so I thought NYC or lower Westchester would be most convenient (birthday girl is in Scarsdale). I am in Boston though, so please let me if you think there is a better location...

Of course good food is priority but I would also like a lively/fun place. As far as price, I guess mid range? maybe to the expensive side would be OK if there is entertainment. For cuisine I am thinking Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian, Italian, Mediterranean and modern American. Seafood or steak would be OK too.

Please help, as I am not in the area and have no clue where to go but would love to surprise my sister with a great birthday!