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Olive Oil

We like Sclafani's "Pinch Bottle" up here in the Northeast.

Mar 03, 2014
howaboutthat in General Topics

Best mail-order cheesecake?

That S&S stuff looks mighty tempting -- we will give them a try for sure (and maybe Hope's for Key Lime?). That said, Junior's is seriously good (that is, great), living up to the hype. Like the best of the New York and (especially) New Haven (a)pizza places -- different variations of, essentially, perfection.

Mar 03, 2014
howaboutthat in General Topics

Help with an expedition to Yale, please?

Thali Too, vegetarian Indian. Amidst Yale proper.

Looking for a dinner option in or near Springfield.

Sarapes, Enfield. Get the Emmoladas.

The best of Connecticut?

Thali (amazing Indian) and Union League Cafe (terrific French), both in New Haven. Pepe's, Sally's and Modern Pizza are seriously addictive after you have had them a few times. Louis' Lunch for burgers. Thali Too, for vegetarian Indian. Willoughby's Coffee. Lots of good food (Italian, in particular) in this town.

Restaurant L&E in Chester -- wonderful food, postcard river town).

Martha's Vineyard Off Season

Apologies as I have not checked on availability offseason, but some other places I otherwise would recommend:

Bangkok Cuisine (I think that is the name -- on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs across the street from Vineyard Vines).

Wharf Pub in Edgartown is surprisingly good.

Porto Pizza, Vineyard Haven.

Skinny's Fat (Oak Bluffs and Edgartown) for sandwiches.

Almost any of the ice cream places (Mad Martha's, Scoops, Ben&Bill's, Carousel) have good offerings.

Net Result (Vineyard Haven).

The outlying fancier places may be worth a shot at that time of year, though I cannot vouch for the food (Outermost Inn with its view, Lambert's Cove Inn -- looks cozy for the cooler season).

Survey: Do you wash your poultry before cooking?

C. We cook a lot of poultry, no one has ever gotten sick from it, so we're not looking to add another step along with risking the additional spread of bacteria.

Jan 04, 2014
howaboutthat in General Topics

21st Birthday in Hartford, CT area

Might consider some of the better Indian restaurants (vegetarian friendly by nature, and you get to try lots of stuff). Royal Masala in Hartford is back on its game, and there are others in the greater Hartford area.

Healthy not over the top expensive (Vero Beach)

If you wish to skip the pretension, perhaps consider Joey's Seafood, Mimmo's Scampi Grill, and Siam Orchid.

Apr 22, 2013
howaboutthat in Florida

great fried clams w/ bellies and onion rings in ct

My experience runs to the clams, not the onion rings.

Filet Mignon, Porterhouse, Ribeye or New York Strip?

All are (or can be great) and I agree that a prime grade (or close to it) filet is an amazing treat.

Feb 14, 2013
howaboutthat in General Topics

great fried clams w/ bellies and onion rings in ct

Upstate, Mickey's Oceanic Grill in East Hartford is great -- and best fish sandwiches around. Nice folks, too. Yeah, East Hartford, go figure. Not hard to get to for a quick stop off of Routes 2, 91 or 84.

pepe's "sorry no clams" question

We, also, have never had canned clams on a Pepe's pizza.

Best Pizza on Cape Cod?

If you get out to the Vineyard, then Joey's Pizza might fit the bill (Oak Bluffs, if they open this season). Apparently related to Santarpio's of Boston. We love New Haven (best) and NYC (second) pizza, and this puts a smile our our faces.

Pepe's in Manchester

Was great again yesterday -- three different pizzas, white clam included.

Pepe's in Manchester

That did seem like quite the reaction. Goodness gracious.

Pepe's in Manchester

Not here; have not noticed it slipping.

Bakeries in Waterbury, CT


Connecticut Pizza


pepe's "sorry no clams" question

Well, they were out today, on Thursday!

pepe's "sorry no clams" question

Love Pepe's sausage -- have you tried that? Clam issue was just bad luck and does not happen very often unless the weather or some other event intervenes.

Best pasta sauce in a jar?

Bingo (on Victoria)!

Oct 22, 2011
howaboutthat in General Topics

Site of first date in 1991: Indian restaurant in New Haven, CT.

It does make that claim.

Site of first date in 1991: Indian restaurant in New Haven, CT.

maybe Zaroka?

Zaroka Bar and Restaurant
148 York St, New Haven, CT 06511

Favorite Chocolate Bar

similar tastes -- Ritter Sport (though both the dark and milk varieties) and the Mounds/Almond Joy duo.

Mar 07, 2011
howaboutthat in General Topics

Cavey's in Manchester, CT: Highs and lows

Great meal for four at the upstairs Italian restaurant this past Saturday evening. Sea scallops (two orders), chicken and sausage, and brown butter ravioli all were outstanding. Wonderful bread and still the best Caesar salad just about anywhere.

Best pizza to order at Sally's or Pepe's in New Haven?

Well said!

Best pizza to order at Sally's or Pepe's in New Haven?

Love Pepe's white clam, sausage with mozz, and plain tomato pie with garlic. Ignore ratbuddy.

I love the Colavita brand Pappardelle Nests pasta

We like the Divella fettuccine (egg noodles) best among the generally available brands. Not cheap, though!

Dec 30, 2010
howaboutthat in General Topics

NEWPORT, R.I. (Need a Nice Family Place w/Good Food!))

Points well taken, but The Moorings has a good kids' menu, if I recall correctly, and the baked macaroni and cheese appetizer off the regular menu served as a great kids' meal (some time ago, anyway). If the kids truly are well behaved, and in respect of a 15th anniversary, The Moorings might work splendidly, and would not feel at all like a hotel. Plus, if they offer a traditional type Thanksgiving menu (no idea on that point, or if the original poster would so care), then the whole kids' menu issue might be moot.