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Top 10 Must-visit SF Eateries - The Budget Version

It was a long time ago, and my memory fails as to where the food was dished out, exactly. I asked my friend what the dishes were that he had particularly recommended and this was his response (the second dish is the one I mentioned): "I'm thinking it's the kow neow ma muang...or the sticky rice and mango with custard. yum. and then there's the kanom kroke...which is more eggy than custardy."

Top 10 Must-visit SF Eateries - The Budget Version

I hadn't seen the egg dishes before. There was a kind of egg custard that my friend--who spent two years in Thailand with the Peace Corps--said he always orders there beciuase he can't find it elsewhere...

Top 10 Must-visit SF Eateries - The Budget Version

Brunch at the Thai Temple in Berkeley is a fantastic expereince for out-of-towners (or in-towners, for that matter)....sit outside at long picnic tables behind the temple and sample authentic Thai breakfast dishes you'll almost never find in restaurants.

I also recommend Old Jerusalem in the Mission...conveniently located just down the street from Mission Pie .

Good burritos from El Toyanese Taco truck (usually parked near Best Buy over at 15th and Harrison)...

Old Jerusalem
2976 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

crazy to go for crab in June?

Hi all-
I have guests coming into town next week from Maryland, and they are big blue crab lovers. I would love to introduce them to dungeness crab -- specifically to the roasted dungeness at Thanh Long -- but I'm wondering if that's a bad idea this late in the season.

I know the crab there at this time of year is unlikely to be local, but do you supposed it would still be fresh and tasty? Or should I skip the crab feed and turn them on to some other SF delicacy instead?

Thanh Long
4101 Judah St, San Francisco, CA 94122

SF Wine Bar/Restaraunt with Largest or Best Wine List

I second all of the above (although I was a little disappointed with Cav's selections of reds by the glass), and would add Plumpjack to the list.

Food Mysteries of San Francisco

Well, it's not so much that I feel I'm entitled, as that I find it curious that something so simple as a bagel is so blasted hard to get right. Maybe the old chestnut about the water being different is really true...Without a bake-off using NY water and SF water, I couldn't say for sure. And sourdough is great, but it's not a replacement for bagels any more than a spring roll is a substitute for a burrito. They both have their charms, but when you're craving a bagel, a slice of toast (even fantastic SF sourdough) won't suffice.

Anniversary Dinner

My husband and I recently had a fantastic meal at Jardiniere. We've always loved the atmosphere and service there, but had been increasingly disappointed with the food, so a few years ago we stopped going. We gave it another chance recently and were thrilled to find that it seems to have bounced back. Haven't been there, post-remodel, so I can't vouch for the ambiance anymore. But it's worth looking into.

300 Grove St., San Francisco, CA 94102

Looking for good eateries in the Castro area

Best thing to hit the Castro in years is the new(ish) Vietnamese place, Zadin. It's on 18th, about a block below Castro. The grilled pork rolls will make your toes curl...SO good. It's a style-y sort of spot--not a down-home pho joint--but don't hold that against it.

Also, (not ethnic, but) Eureka on 18th is a sweet spot to go for a drink and appetizer, if you can get a table upstairs by the fireplace. In general, the food won't blow you away (which is sad, since these are the folks behind Chenery Park, which I quite like), but the wild mushroom ravioli is pretty decadent...I like to start a night out with an appetizer portion of that and a glass of wine.

Eureka Restaurant & Lounge
4063 18th St., San Francisco, CA 94114

4039 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

Food Mysteries of San Francisco

You are absolutely right about the sourdough. I could get into the whole pizza conundrum, but I consider burritos (which the east coast can't do worth a damn) to be adequate compensation for the lack of great pizza. And, Giorgio's is damned close to the real deal, when I'm feeling pizza-deprived.

I agree, too, about great food not withstanding delivery well...though I've had some pretty fab Indian delivered.

Will *definitely* try House of Bagels! Can't believe I missed it up to now! Thanks!!

Best of lamb in SF/East Bay?

I've always liked the lamb dishes at The Helmand, an Afghani restaurant in North Beach. Love them all, but especially the baby pumpkin appetizer with ground lamb and yogurt sauce. Sounds odd, I know, but once you've had it, you'll crave it for all time.

Food Mysteries of San Francisco

"... unless it's cooked in a truck in front of your house."

Now *that's* a fantastic idea!

Food Mysteries of San Francisco

Mystery #1: Why-- in a city with such a large and vibrant Chinese population, a food-crazy town that considers itself practically perched on the Pacific Rim-- is there NO truly good Chinese food available by delivery? Yum Yum House is really the best we can do? Really??

Mystery #2: Why is there no truly great food on the Castro? It's a neighborhood that's completely accessible by public transit...with a resident population that has scads of disposable income and loves to go out...and there's no true destination restaurant there. Eureka is pretty good. 2223 has its charms. Sumi is over-priced and underwhelming (though a longtime neighborhood fixture). And even on the cheap-and-tasty scale the pickings are slim. Bagdad Cafe is so bad, it actually makes me angry!

Mystery #3: Why in sam hill can't anyone in this town figure out how to make a real bagel? I left the East Coast decades ago. I adore SF and think New Yorkers who say their town has better food are delusional. But I'd sell my soul for a credible bagel. Katz's, Noah's, Posh...all just sandwich rolls with holes in them. Best I've found are Semifreddi's, and even those are just OK.

Anyone have answers? More mysteries to ponder?