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Aug 2011 trip: ISO NON-chain restaurants

Hello all:

Looking for recs for a family of 5 (she's 49, he's 41, girl-child's 21, girl-child's BF is 20, boychild's 18) for lunch and dinner out.

We are pretty much a foodie family. The 18 YO doesn't have an adventurous palate (read: ethnic foods), but loves his meat and potatoes.

Staying at WorldQuest, but will have a car. Although the Disney restaurants look interesting, we're more interested in the craft and art of food and inventive menus and beverages. So no food in bulk.
BYOB ok.

ISO REALLY REALLY good food, will travel.

Jul 08, 2011
SteviesBaby in Florida

Favorite take-out or delivery in North Baltimore?

Kabab Stop on Falls Road for good Indian take-out.
Pepe's on the corner of Falls and Lake for pizza/sub carry out.
Don't like Mt Washington Pizza and Subs as much, even though they are a stone's throw away from my house.

Alonso's/Loco Hombre/Sghetti Eddie's franchise? They've sold out.
Angelos: best carryout cannoli outside of Vaccaros

Of course, you can always get carry out from Mt. Washington Tavern (but all of their stuff falls out of the back of a Sysco truck) and Desert Cafe in the Mt. Wash Village. I like The Falls, which is in the Village as well.

Kabab Stop
5719 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21209

Visit from NYC seeking Md. Crabs

Crabs that are being served this time of year are from NC or FL. With that being said, LP Steamers in Baltimore has the best crabs. I have never heard of a good crab joint in DC. Annapolis/Kent Island, maybe. But never DC.

Visiting Baltimore for a Weekend

Third motion for Charleston (no expense spared..make that reservation now!), and for the best Chinese food this side of NYC's Chinatown: Grace Garden.


Grace Garden
1690 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD

Baltimore Noodles

#1 Pho off of Rt 40 is a close second to Mekong Delta.

Andy Nelsons - still considered the best BBQ in D.C. - Baltimore area ?

blech on the Red White and Blue: franchise-y, and the last time I was in the Annapolis store it smelled like mildewy rags were used to wipe off the tables

Like Big Bad Wolf on Harford Road; small, so I usually do carry out.

Now, Andy Nelson's: LOVE it. The pulled pork is great, esp with the NC vinegar sauce. Chix are good, too.

West Baltimore hidden treasures, cheap eats

Salt Tavern

Jack's Bistro

Moderate. Easy to cab it.

Stay away from Little Italy, which is literally a couple blocks away from your hotel. You will be cursing us forever since you're a NYCer.

Love Chameleon; good local food by a local chef, but not anywhere near you.

Have fun!

Jack's Bistro
3123 Elliott St, Baltimore, MD 21224

New Filipino restaurant on Route 40 in Ellicott City / Catonsville?

My parents have been in the States since the late 50's. Of course,
THEY are going to say, "it's not that good" because a) they don't want to have to pay for something they can make themselves, or b) it's not humongous ginormous portions.

Mama Rosa's is much like a carry-out pizza place: a buffet line with people behind it to take your order, a lighted menu board, 2 flat screen TVs, some counter space with stools to eat, and tables. No rez.

HOWEVER! I think the food is good. Pork BBQ on a stick, lumpia shanghai, a variety of baked goods (both outsourced, like ensaymada, baked siopao, pan de sal, pan de coco from NJ, and made sticky rice, HALO-HALO ESPECIAL!, puto, empanadas,,,), lechon kawali, inasal chicken. Daily specials like goto, chicharon bulakak, laing. Of course, Sat and Sun they have REALLY special things, like lumpiang sariwa, kare-kare, paksiw, caldareta, pancit. Have a pretty robust catering business, too.

They are on FB; that's where they put most of their specials. The restaurant is officially called Mama Rosa's Rotisserie and Grill on Middle River Road in Essex, MD.

Business trip in Philly Thursday PM: any recommendations on South St


Have a meeting in Philly on Friday AM, but staying over Thursday PM since the drive from Baltimore >PHL would be horrendous in the AM. Want to have a decent meal in the South Street area with great food and cocktails. Doesn't necessarily have to be high dollar, but I'm also not looking for a carry-out joint. AND this goes without saying: no franchise restaurants!

Thanks for the recs!

Oct 04, 2010
SteviesBaby in Philadelphia

Annapolis and Baltimore dining questions

I vote Dogwood Restaurant as well. Not interested in Woodberry Kitchen in Hampden? They are fabulous too.

Woodberry Kitchen
2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD

Hampden Cafe
4800 Hampden Ln Ste 103, Bethesda, MD 20814

Annapolis and Baltimore dining questions

Dangerously Delicious is now in Federal Hill, and he now has a shop in Dupont Circle in DC. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE their mixed berry pie!

visiting baltimore, where to get? and pizza find.

Oh Jon--I was sorely disappointed with Grapevine Cafe. I ordered 2 orders of tzatziki and 1 order of taramasalata since I had a craving for it. Each of them came with pseudo-pita bread triangles, with baked on butter, garlic powder, and some green flakes (I'm assuming parsley). This is what I got: Medium condiment sized cups of each. FOR $17.50! The taramasalata tasted a lot like mayo with a little fish roe in it--TERRIBLE. The tzatziki tasted like sour cream with dill and garlic powder. TOTAL rip off. If you can't get the benchmark Greek appetizers right, then you aren't a real Greek restaurant in my book. I'm still floored by the miniature siz-ed portions for $17.50 for wannabes!!! Never, ever again.

Best Local Crab Restaurant?

LP Steamers in Locust Point. Best crabs in Baltimore City. Not fancy, just good ole Baltimoreans.

Food in Kill Devil Hills

AHHH....on my Mommy-and-Me-and-Me-Too tour with my kids (my oldest is going away to college later this month), we tried going to Kill Devil Grill TWICE. Once for dinner on Sunday 8/10, and then for lunch on Monday 8/11. The parking lot was empty, and it was closed (not sure if for good, or they're not open on Sundays or Mondays)! I was so looking forward to a great meal at the beach.

Speaking of meals at KDH, do NOT go to Miller's. Even my teenagers said it was horrible! The hot crab dip wasn't even lump, no creamy texture, just oily and then more oil from the cheddar. The fried calamari looked like doughnut shaped fish sticks (it was calamari however), and the marinara sauce with it was the usual out-of-the-can sauce. My son's "jumbo" burger was a thin tasteless sphere on a lot of bun, and the tomatoes! They were small (2 in in circumference) Roma tomatoes slices. They were nice enough to give him 2. My daughter and I split a crabcake sandwich, and coming from Baltimore, we should have known not to get it. Suffice it to say it was not lump. The only shining moment was the basket of warm hush puppies with butter. How can you go wrong with deep-fried balls of cornbread? 1 iced tea, and one virgin strawbery daiquiri...53 dollars with tip. ARGHHH

Now, for great sandwiches, we went to the Beach Bread Company right on the main drag for lunch on Monday. My daughter and I split a turkey with applewood bacon panini with herbed mayo, and my son had the ham and swiss on rye with honey dijon. And the tomato slices were regular in size, not Roma tomatoes! We split a large Caesar salad, my daughter had hot chamomile tea, and my son and I had bottled Pellegrino. Best lunch this vacation.

Soft serve ice cream in 24 flavors? Snowbird on the Beach Road in KDH.


Aug 12, 2008
SteviesBaby in Southeast

ISO South Nags Head Restaurant recs

Hello all:

I'm embarking on a "Mommy-and-Me-and-Me-Too" Tour before my oldest goes to college in late August '08. It'll be me, my 18 yr daughter and my 15 yr old son.

Although they are teenagers, they have a pseudo-sophisticated palate (thanks to foodie mom). Not to say that they don't like typical beach fare. Would like to find restaurants that are NOT franchises, have good food.

Any recommendations? All the recs are about 1 year old on this board, and we all know how the resaturant business is...Thanks in advance!

Baltimore vs Washington for "red sauce" Italian Restaurants.

I second the motion on La Tavola, kelarry. May very well be the best Italian in Lil Itlee.

Sushi Hana Lake Falls--MD

Oh MY Goodness!

I DID love it! It is smaller, and very crowded. And like any other time when you're trying out your new digs, there was controlled chaos. But in time, those bugs will be worked out, and it will shine beautifully just like the Towson location.

Thanks for the heads-up re: no liquor license. Brought the beer! Same great sushi, same great people. And it looked like that a lot of the people in the dining room had been waiting for this location to open. It was one big happy reunion.

DEFINITELY the go-to place for sushi in Mount Washington.

Restaurant Week - PAZO Baltimore

Hello all:

My happy co-workers and I will be going to Pazo's for Restaurant Week on Thursday.
I've never been, and looking at the menu, it looks yummy. Would you all be able to steer me in the right direction? Also if you have any recs on wine/drinks, that would be great.

Here are the Restaurant Week offerings:


Empanadas (spiced veal and pork in pastry with salsa verde)
Wood-Grilled Eggplant Dip with pomegranate and sesame
Pugliese - Rustic Bread of Purgatory
Sunflower Seed Tuiles
Shrimp with Garlic, Tomato and Chili Pepper

Dinner (menu designed to be shared—below is served family style):

Arugula and Pear Salad with Marcona Almonds
Wood Grilled Organic Chicken (Boneless Amish chicken legs, samfaina and chicken jus)
Butter-Braised Beef with Celery root potato puree and wilted spinach
Seared Sea Scallops a la Plancha (scallops with red chili flake, chickpea "polenta" and salmoriglio sauce)
Malloreddus alla Norma (hand-made saffron "gnocchi" with tomato, basil and roasted eggplant)

Dessert: Créme Catalan

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sushi Hana Lake Falls--MD


Can I tell you how jazzed I am that Sushi Hana opened their second location in beautiful Mount Washington? It's been open for about a week (in the Panda Chinese Restaurant space) in the Lake Falls Shopping Center at the corner of Falls and Lake. Just another addition to the restaurants coming over to this side of town (like Jasmine Asian Bistro in Quarry Lake).

Has anybody been to the new location yet? I'm going tonight, so I hope it serves up the same good sushi that has made Sushi Hana's Towson reputation!

Here's their website, for those of you not in the know:

I'll report back tomorrow!


Mt. Washington Recomendations

I liked Alonso's when it was just a corner bar with good pub food, and when Loco Hombre wasn't so slicked back with banquettes and such. Ah, life. So many changes...

Quarry Lake - Pikesville, MD

Jasmine Asean Bistro was one of our favorite places to eat where we were in Towson, living in Rodgers Forge. Sushi is great there. So glad that both Jasmine Asian Bistro and Sushi Hana (coming to Lake Falls Village in Feb) are on this side of town! Try the Red Thai Curry Beef...too die for! And in a good way!