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Restaurants Near Montclair State

We are coming from Queens and seeing a show at Montclair State. I would appreciate any nearby recommendations.

Mar 02, 2010
Martyo49 in New Jersey

Brazilian West 46th Street NYC

Anyone have a particular favorite or a must to avoid for a pretheater dinner?

Dec 15, 2009
Martyo49 in Manhattan

Going tonight to Grand & Pitt , Lower East Side- any recommendations?

We are going to to Abrons Arts Center tonight at 466 Grand- cross street Pitt. We need a place to eat before the show that's quick. Anyone have any recommendations?

Jun 25, 2009
Martyo49 in Manhattan

DB Wine Bar, Forest Hills?

I concur..Have been there twice with friends- This place is a keeper & a find and their prix fixe is an unbelievable value considering the level of cooking

Aug 07, 2007
Martyo49 in Outer Boroughs

Burmese Cafe in JH

Passed by this cafe, twice on the way to UFO & wondered about it. Has anyone eaten there?

Aug 07, 2007
Martyo49 in Outer Boroughs

New Canaan, CT - lunch places

Thank you so much for your wonderful reply. Marty

New Canaan, CT - lunch places

Hi- we are looking for a nice relaxing lunch place, may be with some local ambiance. Thanks to all who answered!!

New Canaan, CT - lunch places

We are visiting New Canaan on Saturday to go antiquing & see the Glass House. We are arriving by Metro North. Could someone please recommend a good lunch place in the downtown are of New Canaan? Thanks

Quaint in Sunnyside

Ate there last night with a friend from Manhattan & we both loved it- Had an awesome stuffed pork chop & my friend loved the cod. I had the flatbreads & we shared a custard for dessert. Everything was delicious & the waiter was nice. A nie friendly lowkey place.

Aug 20, 2006
Martyo49 in Outer Boroughs

Desi (Indian-Chinese) restaurants in Queens

Can anyone recommend any good Indian/Chinese (Desi) type restaurants in either Queens or Manhattan? Thanks

Jul 03, 2006
Martyo49 in Outer Boroughs