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100 King closed?

Do you know what happened or what is going to happen to it?

Looking for Good Chicken Wings in Northern VA

My friends and I recently had the wings at Bugsy's in Old Town, Alexandria. They were huge, and I thought they were quite yummy.

Wine bars, tapas, small plates DC, Alexandria

I second Las Tapas - my boyfriend and I were there a few weeks ago, it was a fantastic evening.

Fun Business Dinner in Georgetown: Cabanas or Ristorante Piccolo?

Thank you all so very much - I scoured Open Table for reservations and those were the only two that I found that could seat six at 8:30. I know that neither place is really that great, but I felt like my options were limited.

I looked into Neyla, and thought that the menu might be overwhelming for diners that aren't adventerous. As I don't know two of the gentlemen, I don't want them to feel uncomfortable.

I will look into Cafe Divan, Bistro Francais, and La Chaumiere.

I owe you guys - thanks a ton!! I'm very new at these business dinners and really appreciate your help!!

Fun Business Dinner in Georgetown: Cabanas or Ristorante Piccolo?

I haven't seen any reviews for Cabanas or Ristorante Piccolo on this board, and was hoping someone could help guide me in the right direction.

Here are the details: I'm planning a dinner on Sunday night for 6 people in town for a conference who want to go to Georgetown for dinner. No seafood, since the last time we all ate together that is what we had. Prefer more upscale but not stuffy, and less than 35/entree. Both Cabanas and Piccolo fit the bill, but I don't know anything about either of them. Open to more suggestions as well!!

Thanks everyone!

last minute dinner! help

How about Matchbox or Fado's both near the Verizon Center - I think they are within your 15/entree. Zatynia is also right around there, and you could 2/3 small plates a person and keep within your price range.

CPK Salads

Their salads are disappointing - nothing special about them, very plain and rather bland.

I try to stick to the pizza, but if I want something with some lettuce in it, I order the lettuce wraps - those are pretty decent.

Feb 25, 2008
ALLex16 in Chains

1 romantic original un-stuffy dinner in DC?

While I think Ray's is excellent, it's really not romantic at all. There are no decorations, and its very small.

What about restaurant Nora in Dupont? Very good meat and potatoe type of home cooking, I'm pretty sure you could get out of there for less than 150.

Also, have you heard of/considered DC Coast downtown on 14th and K? It's seafood, and they have excellent chicken/steak dishes as well.

I would also agree with the Butterfield 9 recommendation.

birthday dinner for a 10 year old

There is always the Chart House in Alexandria, it is located right on the water and has a nice atmosphere. I happen to like the food there, although I'm sure others disagree. Afterwards, Ben and Jerry's is right around the corner : )

Girls Night Out off the Green or Red Lines

Not sure about the food but Lauriol Plaza has really really yummy margaritas. I like their chips and salsa, too. It's a lively atmosphere, always crowded.

Lunch near 14th and G NW

DC Coast is right down the street from you, on 14th and K. Very good seafood.

Butterfield 9 is close as well, they are more of an American bistro.

Cieba - latin/spanish food is close as well.

All of those are more expensive - is price an issue?

Wendy's Breakfast

Actually, Wendy's introduced breakfast a few years ago and it failed miserably. They spent the interim formulating a new menu. Wendy's is not in danger of going anywhere.

The breakfast portion of fast food is profitable, so of course they want to get in on it.

Feb 20, 2008
ALLex16 in Chains

Ice Cream filled Carrot Cake Cupcake ... Help!

They worked - perfectly!!!

I didn't end up using ice cream, just a light cream cheese frosting and then put caramel and a little powdered sugar on top. After I made the cupcakes I let them sit overnight, then just cut a cone into them, chopped off the bottom of the cone (thus creating a lid) and filled the inside with the cream cheese frosting.

It was WAY easier to scoop out the middle than I thought it would be, which was quite a relief! Overall, a HUGE hit.

Next time, I'm going to make Boston Creme Cupcakes : )

Feb 19, 2008
ALLex16 in Home Cooking

Ray's the Steaks' prices

Thanks for the correction - I knew it was a deal of some sort!


Not Chinese, but Minerva is a really good little Indian place with three locations in VA (Fairfax, Chantilly, and Herndon) - they have a buffet.

It was great for me since when I went I had never tried Indian food before, I got to sample a ton of things I would never have just ordered off a menu.

Best restaurant bread

My SO and I went to New Orleans Bistro in Bethesda recently - they had the BEST cornbread, sooo yummy.

I also think the Great American Restaurants have good bread.

I know they are both chains, but I love the bread at Outback and Logans Steakhouse.

Ray's the Steaks' prices

They have three different prices depending on the size I believe - I think it starts at 29, then jumps in 5-7 dollar increments.

FYI - On Sunday nights they have a deal where you get a three course meal for a fixed price - a salad, steak, two sides and dessert. It's 32/42/52 (depending on the steak) ... I went back in October so I know my prices are ballpark, but probably not 100% correct.

soft shelled crabs

There are a ton of places in Maryland - where about are you looking to stop?

DC Food Itinerary - What am I missing?

You might want to try Matchbox, Zengo or Fado's over by the Verizon Center - I think they are all good and moderately priced. Also, there is Hank's Oyster Bar, which I hear is pretty good if you all like seafood.

What kind of breakfast food are you looking for? Something quick, more of a brunch type of deal?

Food and Loathing by Betsy Lerner

I actually read Fat Girl and was not impressed. I just didn't connect with her story - don't remember the name of the auther either.

I actually feel the same way when I see skinny people eating unhealthy - I also have to be really careful ... and it isn't fair, and you do deserve to indulge every now and then! I know I do - but TRUST me its in moderation. I am really happy to hear that someone else goes through what I do!

How do you handle yourself in regards to cravings - especailly when you are so set on avoiding the "bad" foods?

Feb 12, 2008
ALLex16 in Food Media & News

Food and Loathing by Betsy Lerner

I love books about food, and especailly love memoirs. I just ordered this off of Barnes and Noble - thank you for the recommendation.

I absolutely love cooking/food/dining out/etc, but am VERY concerened about my weight - luckily I am able to cook things and not eat them, or cook and literally give everything away and focus a lot on eating healthy during the week and exercising regularly. I can't wait to read this book - it is such a crazy confliction.

goodhealthgourmet - very happy to learn you are back to being healthy : )

Feb 12, 2008
ALLex16 in Food Media & News

Outback vs. Texas Roadhouse

My brothers and dad are very "meat and potatos", which means I grew up eating at Outback. I learned to like it, and am now starting to appreciate the consistency of that place. For a chain, they have a nice steak, really good broccoli, fries, etc.

While in college Roadhouse was always popular, but I think the quality of food is subpar. Everything was always just "ok" - although they have great bread!

Feb 12, 2008
ALLex16 in Chains

Private Events in DC

I attended a large event held at Brasserie Beck - and it was fantastic. They offered a really great menu that wasn't as limited as some places do when the party is so large. It was a nice, sit down dinner, with 4 courses and wine or beer pairings. The food was really fantastic.

Also - have you thought of Sea Catch? It's a cute little place in Georgetown that has really great seafood. Just a suggestion ... I don't hear much about that place from other hounds, but I liked it, great mussels and crabcakes!

Valentine's Day - Bethesda/Silver Spring

My boyfriend and I recently had dinner at New Orleans Bistro in Bethesda - the food is very cajun/southern - but was VERY good. They had awesome cornbread with jalapenos in it.

The place is small/cute, white table cloths, etc. We had a small intimate table for two, and while it may not be the most romantic of all places, my BF and I loved being able to share something different than the usual Italian/American/Chinese food that we eat.

I've also heard that Red Tomato is really good - have you looked into that place? It's my boyfriends favorite.

Ice Cream filled Carrot Cake Cupcake ... Help!

You "stuff" the cupcakes by cutting a cone shape into the top, then remove the excess and save the "top" to put back on. To put in the ice cream, you get a pastry bag with softened ice cream (or just a spoon), and squirt in a dollop of the ice cream. Of course, you allow for the cake to cool first, then proceed with the above directions.

As I mentioned earlier, what if I created carrot cake ice cream sandwhiches? Or if I wanted to stick with cupcakes, perhaps german chocolate cake (my boyfriends other fav) would be a better choice since it is a much more simple recipe and wouldn't risk losing all its flavors? (Thanks for the heads up about the cake losing its flavors, Alkapal.)

Oh - and in regards to it being messy - that is the fun of it all, to make you feel like a kid again with your own mini ice cream cake : )

Feb 12, 2008
ALLex16 in Home Cooking

Sat. night dinner - fun for group

What about Mie N Yu or Indebleu?

Ice Cream filled Carrot Cake Cupcake ... Help!

Thanks for the advice everyone - I think I'm gonna go ahead and put the nuts in the cake then, I was just nervous that they would get soggy (the reason I don't really like butter pecan ice cream). Which means I will probably go with a cream cheese/sweet cream ice cream with powdered sugar on top, unless there is a better idea?

I will definitely fill you guys in on the recipe/method - IF it works. I have never made anything like this, and have scoured the internet for recipes, techniques, and tips for how to pull this all off. Ha - wish me luck! If I get overwhelmed I may just end up making carrot cake ice cream sandwhiches with chopped nuts around the outside (just like chipwhiches).

Thanks again! Any more ideas are welcome, I am really quite a beginner and love any and all help! : )

Feb 11, 2008
ALLex16 in Home Cooking

Ice Cream filled Carrot Cake Cupcake ... Help!

For Valentines day I want to combine two of my boyfriends favorite things - carrot cake and ice cream. I found a really great dense carrot cake recipe that I'm going to make cupcakes with, then was going to fill them with ice cream. Which leads me to my questions ...

1. What kind of ice cream do you recommend? Sweet Cream or plain old Vanilla, perhaps something with cinnamon?
2. Since I am filling the cupcakes with ice cream, I do not want to use a heavy frosting. Would you all suggest using just powdered sugar? Also, I am omitting any nuts from the recipe, as I do not think they would fare well in the freezer, and was planning on putting pecans (or walnuts?!) on top, so maybe a glaze of some sort to hold the nuts in place would be a great way to top it off?

I would love to hear any feedback from my fellow 'hounds! Thanks!

Feb 11, 2008
ALLex16 in Home Cooking

Nora or 1789 for V-Day dinner?

I cannot speak for 1789 as I have never been there before, however my boyfriend took me to Nora for my birthday this past summer.

The place is really cute, small,and intimate. We had a great table and our server was very friendly and willing to answer all of our questions. He referred a great bottle of wine, and was knowledgeable about the menu as well the what makes the place organic.

As for the food - VERY good. Everything was super fresh and very tasty. I had a chicken dish and my boyfriend had beef of some sort (forgive me for not remembering exactly what they were, but this was back in July) We both loved every course, and were able to take our time and did not feel rushed to finished.

I've heard great things about 1789 too, but I absolutely loved the atmosphere and food at Nora that I would give it a go this year.

Listrani's pizza in Arlington - any good?

I've actually never heard of this place, where is it if you don't mind me asking?

Off topic a bit, but if you're looking for good pizza you should try Lost Dog Cafe off of Washington Blvd. in Westover - good pizza, and they deliver.