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DC Restaurant Week-January 2011

I just had lunch at Bourbon Steak and it was FREAKING AMAZING. Each course was marvelous. I had the Beef Shank & Barley soup, the Duck Confit, and the Rootbeer Float. Seriously the best RW meal I've had in a year. At first I was a bit concerned because their RW menu didn't have anything from their normal menu and was pretty limited, but those fears proved to be completely unfounded. Also they gave me a complimentary lime soda concoction of some kind that was delicious.

On the flipside, I had dinner at Mourayo on Tuesday night and it was lousy. Service was slow and confused, despite the restaurant being half empty. All of the food was incredibly bland, save for the dessert. I had the entree of pasta with guinea hen (which was a last minute substitution for rabbit), and it was like chef boyarde. Completely overcooked and drenched in a bland tomato sauce that tasted like it was from a can. Total disappointment. I don't know why that place gets such high marks on Yelp. Aside from the (unwelcome) substitution of hen for rabbit, they were also out of their fish of the day, changed from striped bass to turbot. One day in to RW and at the start of dinner service and you are out of two things? How's that? Wont be going back there.

Good side dishes for rack of lamb?

So I followed this recipe and I wound up with a 2:1 vegetable to sauce ratio (meaning I covered the sauce with veggies and I still had about half of them left over). That didn't seem right...

Were you just using incredibly tiny vegetables?

Jan 27, 2010
beema in Home Cooking

What restaurant are you excited about for DC's restaurant week?

Anybody know what the deal is at Birch & Barley?

I've been wanting to go there (mostly for the beer selection), but their menu looks decent as well. Wondering what kind of deal they are having for RW. Their website is very uninformative.

What restaurant are you excited about for DC's restaurant week?

Only one that I'm for sure going to this time is PassionFish in Reston. I had a reservation for there last RW but had to miss it due to being sick. Their menu looked great last time, hoping its the same this time around.

Summer '09 Restaurant Week - plans and reviews

I went to Bistro Bis once for brunch and it was great. Never been to Vidalia though.

Summer '09 Restaurant Week - plans and reviews

Been to 2941, Art & Soul, Acadiana (2nd time), and Blue Ridge so far.

2941 was very nice, tranquil setting. Food was good but not great. Their olive bread was the best part of my meal really... haha. I had the red snapper carpaccio and the veal cheek ravioli (which were more like box-shaped dumplings). I'd go back if I was in the area or someone invited me but it's not really worth the trip out there otherwise imo.

Art and Soul was very good. Had the gezpacho which was so-so and tasted kind of like salsa, but the Fried Chicken was AMAZING and overshadowed everything else about my visit (in a good way, of course). Also a MASSIVE portion, be warned! Service was pretty slow but other than that no complaints.

Acadiana was awesome as usual. Had the corn & crab soup and duck. Don't really need to say much about it aside from if you have not been, GO GO GO. The PassionFood Group's restaurants are always constantly great and well-managed.

Went to Blue Ridge today. They are offering their entire menu (appetizer + entree + dessert, PLUS a "snack" which is an appetizer shared by the table --- very generous). It was very empty when I went, and quiet. The waitstaff was incredibly friendly and definitely made me feel good. The food was good but a bit underwhelming. We had the "barrack-worst" snack, which was nice and juicy with good yogurt sauce, and then I had the heirloom tomato salad, which was delicious although a bit soggy, and then I had the fish of the day which was Mahi-Mahi from North Carolina. I found myself wanting the hangar steak after ordering it though. There was more okra on the plate than fish :-/
The rootbeer float for dessert was awesome though!

this weekend heading to PassionFish and Vermillion.

RW DC 2009

Anyone care to update this with the Best/Worst list -- factoring in 2008 experiences? (The last Best/Worst list was posted prior to the Winter '08 RW list, afaik)

January 2008 Best and Worst for DC Restaurant Week

Someone needs to update this list, or even make a new thread, regarding any changes that occurred in '08 RW's to prep for the upcoming 09 one.

My edits:
- Butterfield 9 and Corduroy are no longer participating.
- Would move Oceanaire to either #2 or #3 lists. The food was excellent and the service was good, but the RW menu was positively TINY and very lame. Only three entre choices and appetizer was limited to an extremely tiny cup of soup or tiny and boring salad.

Ray's the Steaks closing?

Good to know, thanks guys. The new location is even closer to my house and really not that far from the current one, so woohoo!

PS7's or Zengo?

PS7 for sure. Not that Zengo is bad though

Ray's the Steaks closing?

Heard about this the other day. Is it true?
If so, why? and when?

Best and Worst for DC Restaurant Week - Master LIst

Does anyone know which restaurants are extending RW into this week as well? I know Willow is...

Best and Worst for DC Restaurant Week - Master LIst

Well that's why I recommended Zaytinya. A four-course meal there for $20 is a great deal.

Best and Worst for DC Restaurant Week - Master LIst

Melting Pot is lame... don't go there. It's really not worth it. Their food is so-so. It's just a trendy package deal for people who don't really know about good food.

Best and Worst for DC Restaurant Week - Master LIst

Been looking over this to prep for the restaurant week starting today. Just wanted to put in my two cents that Zaytinya was a really good spot for the previous restaurant week. Their lunch (and dinner) menu was actually FOUR courses instead of the usual three, and their selections were great. The rubbed sirloin of beef was delicious.