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Chocolate festival in Houston


Just curious if anyone on these boards went to the last one, their experience, and was it worth the long drive up to Humble (was fun/informative/had good samples)?

Aug 31, 2008
burgundy in Houston

Tastespotting... oh noes! allowed me to visit so many amazing foodie blogs! The pictures were so beautiful and inspired me to make quite a few dishes. Who needs those cooking magazines when you have

Damn it! *shakes fist angrily*

Jun 13, 2008
burgundy in Food Media & News

[HOU] Trendy Asian bakeries

I visited California recently and was treated to a wide array of very delicious sweet treats - Beard Papa's, Vanille, and Pinkberry to name a few. I especially appreciate the petite Taiwanese/French style cakes of Vanille, mostly including lots of airy, fruity mousses and delicately flavored cakes. I am seldom in the mood for American style cakes that are often dense and cloyingly sweet. The closest I've found in Houston is Jungle Cafe. Frankly, they don't have a very large selection and what they have sits there for hours because most of the customers go there to order the larger cakes for special occasions.
I'm also craving frozen yogurt to no end. While some gelato places are popping up around Houston that offer yogurt-flavored's not quite the same.
I was just wondering if you guys knew of other places in the Houston area that offer desserts that aren't saturated with sugar (and preferably don't break the bank).

Jan 13, 2008
burgundy in Texas