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Looking for (restaurant) wedding/reception venue in Westside

We love the Wilshire. We had our reception there. My husband and I didn't want a conventional wedding reception (i.e. no bouquet/garder toss, money dance, dancing till dawn to a DJ, etc.). Because my husband is a recording artist, we had a live jazz quartet that entertained us the entire evening instead of a DJ. That being said, our reception was anything but the ordinary routine which could also be attributing to our fond memories of the restaurant.

We were the first major event to be hosted there upon opening of the restaurant. The staff and service was incredible and our guests felt totally taken care of. The food was what all our guests raved about for weeks after the event. Highly recommended to rent out the patio.. that's what we did. The ambiance was warm and inviting and it showed in all of our photos. The only drawback was that the patio was at different levels [if that may bother you] because not all your guests can see you [the couple] the entire time, but for us it worked out great because we went around and toasted every table and it didn't effect the celebratory atmosphere whatsoever. Also, if you don't shut down the whole place, valet can be a bit troublesome since a portion of the restaurant and the bar remains open and a bit crowded. Two years ago, the Wall Street Journal nominated Wilshire as one of the top 10 restaurants in the nation... made for our event to have quite a buzz.. till this day, our guests say that it was the best wedding reception they'd ever been to.. ever.

Congratulations and best wishes on getting married!

Feb 24, 2008
helluva meal in Los Angeles Area

Birthday Party at the Edision what do you think?

Thinking about having my birthday at the Edison bar in downtown LA? What do you think?

Jan 27, 2008
helluva meal in Los Angeles Area

Best bar/restaurant for a 30th birthday?

what kinda food at barefoot??

Jan 15, 2008
helluva meal in Los Angeles Area

Best Burger in LA?

Father's office with the basket shopping cart of fries with a great white beer is the only way to go!

Father's Office
1018 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Jan 13, 2008
helluva meal in Los Angeles Area

Where are some of the best bakeries in LA?

This bakery is one of the best cuban bakeries in town. The cakes to sandwiches are to die for! I recommend not to eat there very loud. If you want to order a cake just go and pick up. Must go!~

Porto's Bakery
3614 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

Jan 13, 2008
helluva meal in Los Angeles Area