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Plum Buckle with Pecan Topping

Wonder if it is possible to use berries in this recipe instead of plums?? I have a mixture of blueberries, marionberries, blackberries and raspberries which are frozen.
So what do you think??

Jan 30, 2011
DustyOR in Recipes

Easy Apple Crisp

Don't care for Red Delicious but figure Braeburn apples would be simply amazing in this recipe
Has anyone tried other apples in this recipe??

Jan 30, 2011
DustyOR in Recipes

Coconut Milk Adds a Tropical Twist

I used coconut milk which I buy half gallon at the grocer in the dair
It is to die for no matter what it is used in and my doctor tells
me it is healthy. I am milk intolerant so I must either use it
or almond milk, also buy it in half gallon in dairy case at grocer.

Oct 16, 2009
DustyOR in Features

In Praise of Cheap Steaks

Chuck eye steak is bar non the best of any cheap cut. I held up a ribeye and a chuck eye and said "Which one?" I explained I had company and he said "They will love the chuck eye and won't know the difference"
They were absolutely amazing. I buy nothing now but Chuck Eye each time I need steak or any sort of meat for a recipe e.g. Beef Bourguignon etc.

May 08, 2009
DustyOR in Features

Corned beef in cast iron dutch oven?

I am taking my first dip into corned beef/cabbage/potatoes by using my enamel covered cast iron dutch oven. I think it will be the best as it makes such lovely slowly simmered dishes. Thanks so much for your recipe.
I am hopeful that my company will like my cooking.
BTW what does one serve as a 'sweet' on St. Patrick's Day???

Feb 27, 2009
DustyOR in Home Cooking

Mocha Pudding Cake

I wish it was not so late in the evening, I would make it NOW!!!!
The idea of chocolate and coffee is especially amazing.

Feb 27, 2009
DustyOR in Recipes

Thanksgiving dinner: What is your LEAST favorite menu item that you can't get rid of?

they have a ton of ads for this and it makes me nauseous just looking at the ads, let
alone seeing it on someobody's table. It is the height of laziness in my opinion.

Nov 21, 2008
DustyOR in General Topics

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze

I absolutely love Almond Breeze.
I have been using the Original Breeze and Chocolate Breeze for sometime.
I mix Original breeze with whey and frozen fruit, either berry blend, or a tropical blend which includes mango, bananas and strawberries, for a smoothie in AM.
Later in the AM I blend a chocolate concoction with the Chocolate breeze; generous amount of freeze dried Columbian coffee, healthy serving of unsweetened cocoa, and stevia for a bit of extra sweetener.
It is better than any commercial blender cafe mocha latte and a lot less expen$ive.

Nov 06, 2008
DustyOR in Features

pork chop, apples and onion recipe

I want to fix a dish with loin chops, red onions and apples, but cannot find one
anywhere. I thought about slicing the onions, caramelizing them in a pan, and then
slicing the apples thinly and cooking a bit and then browning the chops and putting
it all into a dutch oven with a bit of seasoning and some chicken broth.
I am at a loss but I do want to fix this type of dish for company next Thursday.
Does anyone have any suggestions???

Jan 13, 2008
DustyOR in Home Cooking