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Chowdown at Uyghur Taamliri [San Francisco]

The noodles were definitely the star of the meal for me. I also enjoyed the rice pilaf (polo). In general, seasonings seemed a little off to me. Too much white pepper and salt and too little cumin. But they've only been open for two or three weeks, and I don't want to be harsh. We spoke to the owners, who seemed very interested in what we thought, which is a good sign. All in all, I'm very excited to finally see a Xinjiang restaurant in San Francico. The space inside a bar was a bit strange. Though it was fun to be in the bar, I think they'll do better if they can get their own place.

I asked if they would make Xinjiang Nang bread (a very tasty flat, round bread, baked in a tandoor oven) - they said they'd like to but did not have the facilities.

Uyghur Taamliri -- Xinjiang/Kazakh Food comes to the Sunset. [San Francisco]

I can't wait to try this! So, it's *inside* a bar? Do you think it's okay to bring kids, or is that a no go?

Flavor King Pluot Season

We're getting close. I just got an email from Frog Hollow with a link which says "Flavor Kings are typically available early to mid-August, however this year they will be ready the second week of July!".

Firebrand Brick Oven Bakery [Oakland]

Also, as of a few weeks ago, they are at the Temescal Farmer's Market instead of the Kensington Market.

Lychee fans rejoice!

I got some today at the market on 10th St. in Oakland's Chinatown, off Webster. $4.99 / pound. The sign indicating that they are from Hawaii is in Chinese only, but they are the more expensive variety.

Mitsuwa beef [San Jose]

I agree about the takoyaki. On Sunday, I waited on the line for about 20 minutes. They sure looked good, but, to me, they were too soft and squishy. I've only had these from 2 or three other places, so I'm by no means an expert, but I didn't really like them.

OK Noodle in Newark

It was solid. Nothing amazing, but up there with the places we've tried in SGV. I enjoyed a dish we ordered that had small macaroni type noodles, but, unfortunately, neither of us remember the name. Lots of lamb on the menu. Glad to see more authentic Chinese places in the area.

OK Noodle in Newark

We were there the weekend before last. Was going to poke my head into White Rice, but, indeed, they looked closed.

2014 Oakland Eat Real Festival, Sept 19 - 21, Jack London Sq.

Yes, Fat Face. Am here again now. Things are still pretty quiet. Much slower than past years. Also seem to be fewer vendors.

2014 Oakland Eat Real Festival, Sept 19 - 21, Jack London Sq.

I got there around 4:30, and there were hardly any lines at all anywhere until we left around 7:00. Have been several times each year, but I'd never seen the lines so short, even at places that usually have huge lines. My highlight was the vanilla popsicle with figs and blue cheese from a place called something like "eat my face". They said it was special for the festival and that they'd be unlikely to make it again. Pricey at $5, but worth it. Agree with poster below about the fried chicken sandwich from Bicycle Banh Mi - solid.

OK Noodle in Newark

We ate there today and enjoyed it. The Liang Pi had a nice flavor. Had the lamb version of the "Big Plate Chicken". Didn't enjoy the lamb so much, but the noodles were good. Would try again if we're in the area.

Fresh Mangosteens?

I've seen fresh mangosteen at several markets in Oakland' Chinatown. Not quite San Francisco, I know, but I didn't want to start a new thread. Imported from Thailand, about $12 a pound.

Flavor King Pluot Season

They had the first of the season today at Frog Hollow at the Berkeley Farmer's Market. Like everything else, they are early this season. The ones I got looked like they might have been picked a day or two too early, but, hey, I'm not complaining!

Unique to SF or Cal - Must eats for out-of towners

I know out-of-towners who flock to Inn-N-Out. Why not?

You, Me and Ugyhur: Omar's Xinjiang Halal (SGV, Pics/Review)

We went again last Sunday for lunch. They seem to have settled in nicely. No problems with running out of dishes or anything. Food was all good, if not outstanding. They had a special spicy lamb hocks dish which was very good, though the texture was a bit weird for me. Glad I didn't give up on this place.

Need good Japanese restaurants in Torrance

We really like Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori.

Mar 04, 2014
Martin Strell in Los Angeles Area

Central Milling Organic Unbleached Flour.

Got a 25 pound bag today at the Richmond Costco for $13.59. I called the San Leandro Costco first, since they are closer to me, but they don't carry it.

Great China (Berkeley) still great

We went just after 2:00 on Saturday. Can confirm that there was no wait and that the food is as great as ever.

East End Pizza, Alameda - Worth the drive w/ Pics

We love East End, but we find that we prefer the white pizzas. Their red sauce is a little too salty for us.

Kingston 11 Cuisine in Oakland Uptown

Windy and I checked it out before a movie at the Paramount. It wasn't too crowded when we got there just after 6 on a Friday, but it seemed to fill in soon after. Short menu with about 6 main dishes and about 6 smaller dishes. Also a handful of mixed rum drinks on the other side of the menu.

The music was loud - a bit of a bar type atmosphere. Not a place for quiet conversation.

We shared the jerk chicken as a main dish and string beans and fish fritters as small dishes.

We enjoyed the food. The fish fritters were nothing out of the ordinary, but came with a nice, green spicy sauce.

The beans were nice and crunchy and had a good kick.

Jerk chicken was rich and flavorful and smoky, though Windy thought they could have been spicier.

We shared a slice of ginger and lemon pie for desert. It was a small slice, but had a rice flavor and rounded out the meal nicely.

Service was very friendly. The owner came around and made sure we enjoyed our meal.

They are not currently open for lunch, but I asked them if they planned to. They said yes and that hopefully a weekend brunch is in the works. Let's hope so.

Juhu Beach Club - Temescal [Oakland]

One thing to keep in mind with this restaurant is that the lunch menu is greatly reduced. They only have sliders for lunch. We went for lunch a few weeks ago - we enjoyed it, but I would have liked to have been able to try some of the dinner options.

Truffled Cheeses

Just happened upon this old thread. I love Brillat-Savarin cheese. They have both the plain and the truffled version at the Cheese Counter in Market Hall in Rockridge. At least they did the last time I was there, a few weeks ago.

Dec 02, 2013
Martin Strell in Cheese

Mama Papa Lithuania Restaurant & Tea House in Alameda

Tried it last night. We liked it! We got there for an early dinner on Saturday and got right in, but, by the time we left, there was a big line. I had the off menu chicken goulash. Jing has the crepes with sweet cheese. We shared the mushroom soup, and we had the cheesecake for dessert. Oh, and we shared the lagger, which was very good. I really enjoyed the goulash. The crepes were well done, but a little too sweet (an unsubstantial) for an entree. Someone above mentioned lack of bread. The soup came with a slice of Lithuanian bread. We asked about it, and it seems it was actually imported from Lithuania! We asked for some extra break, and we were charged $1 for two extra slices. The cheesecake was interesting enough - it had gelatin in it, but I'm not sure I'd order it again. The service was friendly and attentive. The menu is small, but they say they will be rotating items and expanding the menu.

All in all, we enjoyed the meal a lot. This is a very welcome addition to the neighborhood and clearly a labor of love.

Baron's Eats, Alameda Marketplace

We tried it last night, Enjoyed it a lot, I had the turkey pullman. They were out of pullman bread, so I just had it on sourdough. Like grilled cheese with tasty, freshly roasted turkey inside. Jing had an Italian sausage roll. I tasked it. Good bread (from Feel Good) grilled with sausage and peppers. Yum. The kids shared a cheeseburger, which I didn't even get to taste. Both kids gave it a big thumbs up. The french fries were the thin, crispy kind. I could have done with a little less salt (I'll ask them next time), but, otherwise, these were good fries. Dave was there and made sure we had a good meal. Was a little slow to get the food out, but not so much that it was a problem. Dave says he's shooting for something like fast food with "meat that won't scare you". Well, it's a bit pricier than fast food, but much more delicious too.

Eat Real Fest [2013, Oakland]

We went back again this morning, like Ruth, first thing when they opened. Seemed like there was more on offer Saturday than Friday. Some of the trucks I'd wanted to try which rarely make it to the East Bay were there: Old World Food Truck (great!) and Casey's Pizza (nothing special). No line for Jim n Nicks. Juhu Beach was there, with an off-menu lamb slider in yogurt sauce. Even by the time we left around 12:30, most of the lines were still manageable. Either the crowds are less than in years past, or they've gotten better organized. I suspect a combination of the two.

Eat Real Fest [2013, Oakland]

I didn't really see anything that struck me as being much different from year's past, so I don't think you really missed anything big, though it was well worth a stop on my way home yesterday (on bike - didn't have to deal with parking). Fairly crowded last night, but not insane. I think we'll go back again this morning before they get busy. Maybe see you next week at HSB. :-)

Eat Real Fest [2013, Oakland]

I was there around 7PM. I enjoyed the Whole Beast lamb poutine. The fries were crisp and the lamb tasty. About 10 minutes wait in line to order and another 5 - 10 minutes to wait for the food. Not too bad. Also enjoyed my cucumber soda from SodaCraft.

Alameda recommendations

Just to be clear, Grub Street reported that the restaurant WILL open, not that is HAS opened. I walked by the other day and peaked through the glass. It looks like they may be getting close, but still not open.

Shandong House rebrands itself as Xi'an Gourmet [San Francisco]

Jing and I tried it with the kids last night. It was a pleasant surprise that there was a Chowdown happening at the next table! (where's the report??)

As for us, we were a little underwhelmed. The lamb kebab was dry and way, way over salted. Jing like her soup noodles. I had mine dry, and these were bland and also over salted. I had also asked for the wide noodles and was given the thin ones. Jing, who is a native Mandarin speaker, ordered, so the hiccup was not a language problem. They apologized, but did not offer to change it.

The liang pi (double skin) was nice and spicy and chewy. My 10 year old liked her XLB, but I didn't try it. The green onion pancake was a little too oily for me.

I wanted the bananas with sugar strands (I think they called it "sugar coated bananas") for dessert. After ordering it, we waited almost 1/2 hour with 2 tired kids before they came back and told us their bananas were not ripe enough. Ugh.

It's great to see more places like this turning up in SF, but I think there are better choices. I'd take Shandong Deluxe over this place (but don't order the lamb kebabs there either).

I'm curious what the hounds at the next table thought?

Best sushi bar in the East Bay

I think 4:00 would be safe. Maybe try a Wed. or a Thurs. - I suspect it would be a little easier. Note that they are closed Sunday - Wednesday. Yume has its funny rules, but I'd say it's worth it.