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Good Breakfasts in Amsterdam?

We really loved this place:

May 18, 2012
Matthew in Europe

STL: NY/East Coast style pizza

Without a doubt, Pizza-a-Go-Go on Scanlan in SW City:

Lebanon IL: Sunday dinner suggestions

Just a few minutes south of Lebanon on IL Rt 4 is Mascoutah where you can eat a WONDERFUL German dinner at the Roemer Topf--it's off Main St , which Rt 4 hits in the middle of town--take a right onto Main and go to the high school; opposite the high you'll see an American Legion--turn left and skirt the Legion parking lot to the left on the little blacktop road--it takes you right to the restaurant.

I have spent a lot of time in Germany and have eaten at every German restaurant in the St Louis area multiple times and Roemer Topf is far and away the best. The chef is German and European-trained, the owner is German, half the wait staff is even German.


Pizza-a-Go-Go..... St. Louis

Without a doubt, our favorite pizza in St Louis--simple, great flavor, great chewy crust. Check the hours; best for carryout as dine-in doesn't offer much in the way of atmosphere or non-pizza choices.

STL - favorite outdoor dining?

That is Malmaison

STL - favorite outdoor dining?

Eddie Neill does not still own this.

STL - favorite outdoor dining?

Good outdoor dining--McGurk's in Soulard (good food, good beer, great patio), Bar Italia in Central West End (hadn't gone for a few years due to bad experiences; been back 2-3 tines in last 6 months--great each time), Cafe Provencal in Kirkwood (good food, nice staff, very reasonable), Square One in Lafayette Square (good beer, good food, great patio), either Schlafly location (good beer, good, but very different from one another, food).

Isla Mujeres, where to eat?

We were there for 8 days end of May/beginning of June and had the following experiences:

breakfast: WORTHWHILE--Aluxes Coffee House, Color de Verano, Elements of the Island, el Pueblito (all coffee house type places with great coffee, baked goods, fruit, yogurt)
AVOID--French Bistro (just not very good)

lunch: WORTHWHILE--Bally-Hoo and Picus on the beach near the docks (awesome seafood and great setting), Playa Lancheros (awesome tik-n-xic!!)

dinner: WORTHWHILE--Lounge al Mar (up-scale and one of only 3 "expensive" places on the island, fusion, INCREDIBLE setting), Angelo's (good Italian), Fayne's (very good basic), Viva Cuba Libre (GREAT Cuban), Rolandis (great Italian)
AVOID--La Malquerida (once again, just not very good)

snacks, etc.: la Copa del Mundo ice cream, another ice cream place on av. Madero around the corner from Rolandis was better, though.

We stayed at Posada del Mar and ate at their restaurant, Pinguinos, at least once for every meal and always had very good food. Plus, if you get a chair and umbrella on the beach across the street from them (which is much better than North Beach), you can get their drinks and food from Roger and Juan, 2 great guys.

We took our 5 yr old daughter and never had a problem finding something good for her.

At Rolandis and Angelos, they have a few nice and cheap bottles of Mexican wine; otherwise, the cervezas, the margaritas, and the mojitos are pretty universally good.

For more info on the restaurants, etc. on Isla, get the map ($8) from and, no, I have no financial interest in any of these places or the website; we just love Isla!

Have fun--it's a great place to relax!

Jun 20, 2007
Matthew in Mexico

Good Eats in Amsterdam

We were just there with our 4-yr. old; here's where we recommend:

--Pancake Bakery on Prinsengracht for lunch (get there right at noon to avoid a wait);
--Toscanini on Lindengracht for really good Italian in a warm, funky atmosphere; only beautiful people work here and may seem pretentious at first glance, but they were very nice and welcomong to us and the food was wonderful;
--a Spanish tapas place (whose name unfortunately I forget) also in the Lindengracht a block or two north from Toscanini (it's across the street from another Spanish place, Duende); wonderful little neighborhood place with the best tapas I have ever had and friendly, family service;
--AVOID the Cafe Americain!!
--the Orangery at the Botanical Gardens; great for sitting and relaxing; the Garden itself is very much worth visiting as well;
--we also did a luch of rijstafel at Sama Sebo near the Rijksmuseum; really good food and helpful staff; even a 3-yr old could find something good to eat there.


Jul 02, 2006
Matthew in International Archive