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White Rose System-HMMM

I've been eating there for nearly 25 years. Now, as far as flavor goes, they never tasted better than at 2 or 3 am after a night of boozing at the court tavern, roxy or melody bars. Being served by ex-cons made it more interesting too. That being said, I only get there infrequently these days. I know they used to use Pechters rolls. I remember once a long time ago that they tried to switch to some glossy roll...didnt work.

I think these days its hit or miss. The onion s are still there, but the biggest NJ Green bay Packers fan is hit or miss. I just turned on a coworker a month ago for lunch. Not a huge guy by any stretch, but he had 2 cali-cheeses and a frie, and ate a piece of pumpkin pie in the truck. He keeps begging me to go back.

Is it as good as it was? Yes. Is it too clean and cheezy with the elvis and lucy stuff? Yes. Is it being served to you by the same ethnicity of many other kitchen workers? Yes. Do we miss the days of old? Yes, damn it. BUT I STILL THINK ITS THE BEST WE HAVE.

Jan 18, 2008
FLAPDOODLE in Mid-Atlantic

Bunratty Castle & Dirty Nelly's

We will be travelling (2 adults & boy-17, girl 15) to Ireland in July of '08.

We've been told by several people that eating at the Bunratty Castles restaurant is a must. Do you agree? Is it too touristy? Not a good value?

Also, we were told for a really fun time, we need to eat at Dirty Nelly's. Again, true?

Jan 13, 2008
FLAPDOODLE in U.K./Ireland