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Fig and Olive- A Major Disappointment!

Gosh, I haven't had anything but great experiences here! And I am a former nyc-food snob. I've been at least a half a dozen times, and can't report a single negative thing. It's an upscale casual Med place, not cheap but not cray-cray. Not knee-melting food, but nice. I love the ceviches, my children adore the salmon. Cool atmos but not tragically hip.

And I am 43, my years as a party-person are waaaaay behind me. I offer this fwiw, I know from experience once one has personally had a bad experience, that you never really want to head back, unless you are dragged in some fashion. I, for example, wouldn't go back to 'Cesca if you paid me, but obviously I am teh odd man out on that :)

Bistro Latino in Tuckahoe

No no no no! It's really awful stay away!!!!!!! Sigh...Ok, so it's NOT really awful, I'd just like to be able to get a reservation in the future. Loved it. Nice but not *nice*, trendy but not *trendy*, a little spendy, but IS major awesome-ness, so whatareyagonnado? So nice to se Tuckahoe get yet another nice place that is NOT a red-gravy venue

First Impressions of Growlers Bistro in Tuckahoe

I have been three times, on the very early side, as I went my my children. Nice. Keeps what is nice about living in a burb but feels *city*, not the usual trying-too-hard-to-be-interesting-and-end-up-being-Blahhhhh. Nice tight menu, but still across the spectrum from pub-to-trendy. Good beer goes w/o saying, I think. Great addition to the food scene.

"Martinis and Chocolate" in Eastchester

Like another reviewer, I really wanted to like this place. A new restaurant! And not Italian! Hurrah! But dammit - we had a bad experience. Decent atmos, nice bar, good wine menu, sweet sevice but the food.... My fish was cold, "fishy" and had a soggy crust, dh's paella was oily and over paprika-ed, the bread hard was as a rock, the chocolate "chips" stale, and they charged me $8 for a half order of completely plain pasta, AND we waited over 45 mins for it in an empty restaurant (we are at 5:30 with 2 small children). Oh well....

Casa Brusco in Eastchester

We ate there for the first time last night. When I saw them going in, I thought "great, just what we need, another red sauce joint. Because, you know, we only have 754". And walking up to the tired, stucco exterior, and I was keeping my expectations looooow. They did have valet, but even great-with-kids-but-hope-you-like-canned-mushrooms-on-your-pizza Ciao's accross the street has valet becuase parking is fairly dismal in that area.

Well, fancy! I "nice" Italian/Med restuarant! Chic decor! Professional servers! Sexy wine bar! Well, yipes. My husband and I weren't that hungry, so we only ordered pizza. Hungry or not, we managed to eat every scrap because it was so good. I had the Gamberi, and he had one with Parma, I think? I'm not sure, he inhaled it so fast, I only caught a glimpse. Plus a few glasses of Prosecco...ahhh. There was a sushi grade tuna on the menu I have eyeballed up for next time.

Great bread basket by the way; several fresh baked offerings, with a small bowl ver' ver' spicy olives and roast garlic cloves for spreading on the aforementioned bread.

Look forward to going back. Plus we still need to try the new Taphouse, and Thomas Stone in Tuckahoe.