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For Northern Bergen Cty Foodies

Theme for big out of state gathering is to bring local delicacy/fave. Can be anything from app to entree/dessert or side. Can be reheated, as it's a 2-3 hour drive, but that works better for, say a takeout tray of eggplant parm than a Kinchley's Pizza. Examples? CT couple is bringing kielbasa from great old Polish delis; Brooklyn couple bringing Syrian foods from Atlantic Ave.

So I need to represent the best of Northern NJ/Bergen Cty to out of staters.

I was thinking B&W crumbcake. Ideas?

Mar 20, 2015
Roy Stiager in New Jersey

Good eats off 91 in Vermont

Hit Simon Pearce last time through - nice lunch and nice setting - thanks

Can't get into Babbo, what else is hot nearby?

We may try to walk into Babbo tomorrow (they say they keep 6 tables open for walk-ups) but if we strike out, what is hot and interesting in the area. Kills me to ask as I used to live not 3 blocks aways, but that was before Mario Batali opend Po.

Aug 14, 2007
Roy Stiager in Manhattan

Good eats off 91 in Vermont

Travelling to Quebec from Connecticut and wondering where to stop for lunch along the 91 corridor in VErmont, or perhaps southern Quebec. Any cuisine works, but not looking to drive too far.