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We swoon for Fuloon

So after months drooling on the keyboard while reading about Fuloon Restaurant in Malden, we finally made the trip. It's as good as advertised here. Thanks for all the recommendations.

We were a party of just two and there was so much we wanted to try. It was difficult to limit our dish selections and we ended up ordering a lot of food. Leftovers reheated just fine.

We started with hot and sour soup. It was a clear dark brown, not muddy as some versions we've had. Nice and peppery with a good amount of vinegar sourness.

Pan-fried dumplings followed along with the wontons with spicy sauce. I have to say I like Mary Chung's version of suan la chow shao a little better as her wontons are more substantial. Still, very good.

For entrees, wife ordered kung pao beef and I had the dish I've been dying to try -- bean curd leaf with pork. The kung pao was excellent, beef tender and a nice level of spice. The bean curd leaf with pork was fantastic. The knots of bean curd leaf had a meaty texture; the pork belly was tender and full of flavor. All was coated in a delicate sauce that did not overpower the flavor of the other elements of the dish.

The whole meal was wonderful. We add our strong recommendation to those already on this board for Fuloon. We can't wait to return.

One concern: although we were there early on a Saturday evening (5-6 p.m.) we were the only customers. Please do not let this fabulous, authentic Chinese gem fail for lack of support.

Feb 24, 2008
mmmpointy in Greater Boston Area

only the finest/funnest margaritas

Drink enough of them and all margaritas are "fun."

At least until the next morning.

Feb 18, 2008
mmmpointy in Greater Boston Area

Authentic waterfront seafood experience

My favorite place for the seafood shack experience in winter is Brown's Lobster Pound in Seabrook, NH. It's open all winter on weekends.

Brown's definitely has the hole-in-the-wall shack experience you're looking for. Basic fried seafood. Live lobsters that go from the tank to the mesh bag and into the seawater boiler. You place your order at the counter, get your little wooden paddle with your number, then go find a table in the dining hall overlooking the marsh. Your lobster gets served up in a paper bowl with plenty of melted butter on the side. You order your steamers separately in the dining hall.

Food is basic, well prepared and very tasty. Very authentic experience. One caution -- no alcohol license. It's BYOB and most people show up with a cooler of beer -- some with their own wine and glasses.

Place gets packed in the summer but this time of year it's not too bad. There's a competing lobster pound, Markey's, right across the street. Not quite as good IMHO.

Feb 17, 2008
mmmpointy in Greater Boston Area

Two Weeks in Worcester - Cheap Eats and Must Eats?

That would be Southbridge Street. George's Coney Island. Look for the big neon dripping hot dog.

Are there Lobster rolls without Mayo?

Are there lobster rolls without mayo?

Yes, there are. But we don't tell outta-statas where t'get 'em! ;-)

Seriously, the aforementioned Red's Eats in Wiscasset, Maine, is the very best in my opinion.

Also, lobster pounds and clam shacks anywhere along the coast almost always have lobster rolls. Many of these are lobster-with-mayo rolls but, if there's not a line of customers out the door, ask if they'll do you one with just butter. Nothing like it!

I've never heard the term "Connecticut-style" before. Plain lobster with melted butter is the way I always got my lobster rolls when I lived in Maine.

Any authentic German restaurants in MA/NH/Southern ME?

I know this is an old thread but it seems to be revived.

The Wirtshaus in Methuen is reasonably good. The beer selection is excellent with at least two German brews on tap. If you order a hefeweisen, the owner comes to your table with a proper glass, rinsed to chill, and pours the hefe correctly, swirling at the end to get all the yeast and build a frothy head -- very nice.

The atmosphere is very nice, too. Dark wood, comfortable tables, German music -- very homey.

Food is not bad, just OK. I've had better German food elsewhere.

It can be a little hard to find for someone not from the area. But it's worth the effort, if only for the beer and atmosphere.

Also Jacob Wirth in Boston is worth a stop if you're in the area.

Mexican Food Heaven

The short answer is we don't go out for lobsters that much. Poor old mum-in-law in is her 80s and living in an assisted living center in Cherryfield now. Most visits center on taking her to doctors' appointments in Machias or shopping in Ellsworth. She likes to have fish and chips when we're out so it's usually Helen's. Pretty good lobster stew there.

There's a little summer shack on Route 1 in Milbridge called Joshy's Place, right where the road bends going into town. Pretty good fried seafood there.

The best lobster I've ever had came from a friend of Mum's whose husband is a lobsterman. Gave us a dozen fresh out of the ocean. So sweet.

We'll have to try the lobster pound in Hancock. We tend to stick to Route 1 these days as the Black Woods Road seems really chewed up lately.

Mexican Food Heaven

Passadumkeg, it is my understanding that The Mexican Restaurant in Hancock is owned by "authentic" Mexicans who have come north with their countrymen for the blueberry harvest in Washington County and other seasonal work. Do you know if this is true?

I was stunned a few years back while visiting my mother-in-law in Columbia to find a place in Harrington called "The Mexican Store" stocking all sorts of Mexican food products. It was run by -- and largely for the benefit of -- the immigrant blueberry workers. Few locals would have anything to do with the place. Their loss.

We went in one day and bought a dozen homemade tamales that were just great.

last minute idea for tonight . (Methuen)

Sorry to have missed your post.

Where did you end up going? Anywhere good?

Jan 27, 2008
mmmpointy in Greater Boston Area

Best Vietnamese in Worcester Area?

I had my first taste of Vietnamese food about 20 years ago at China and Vietnam Restaurant on Millbury St. I was hooked.

Is this place still around? I no longer live in the area but pass through occasionally.

Maine Classics

Flo's Steamed Hot Dogs. I like 'em with mustard and hot sauce. Sorry, purists, but I just can't get past the idea of mayo on my hot dog.

Wasses hot dogs are good, too. Just had two today on my way through Belfast.

Red's Eats for the best lobster rolls ever.

Amato's for a "real" Italian sandwich. I don't know how "real" it is -- but it's pretty darn good.

Meh tacos from Taqueria la Mexicana; what should I have ordered?

I assure you it was revolting -- and completely unexpected. I ate them anyway.

I won't pass final judgment on a place based on one visit in which I sampled two menu items. Maybe next time I'll try the rellenos and enchiladas.

Jan 15, 2008
mmmpointy in Greater Boston Area

Meh tacos from Taqueria la Mexicana; what should I have ordered?

Wife and I just went to TLM today for tamales based on the recommendations on this board. I have to concur with the OP -- a definite meh.

We both had the beef tamales and were disappointed to find them made with ground, rather than shredded, beef -- and green peas. It was like someone had spread a poor recipe for shepherd's pie on masa and steamed it in a corn husk.

I had a beef taco on the side and was impressed with the idea of freshly grilled steak strips. However, the execution failed. They were dried out and tasteless. Again, meh.

What am I missing here?

Jan 13, 2008
mmmpointy in Greater Boston Area

Making a great pastrami sandwich

That sounds wonderful -- but would not work for me. I'm an instant gratification kind of guy. When I want a pastrami sandwich, I want it NOW, not two days from now.

Up here north of Boston, there are no good Jewish delis around. So I buy Boar's Head pastrami from the supermarket and find it pretty good. I know others have complained it's too lean. But I'm middle-aged now and can't take as much of the fat and spice as I once did.

Jan 13, 2008
mmmpointy in Home Cooking


Thanks!. In fact, I'm just finishing off the last of my Myers's in a rum-and-coke right now. I'll look for a small bottle of the Gosling's and give it a try.

Jan 13, 2008
mmmpointy in Spirits

Making a great pastrami sandwich

I just made one tonight. I spread out the pastrami in a baking pan and heated it in the oven -- briefly, just until warm, not dried out. While it heated, I mixed some fresh cole slaw (undressed) with some Russian dressing. Then I piled the warm pastrami on a bulkie, slathered it with kosher deli mustard and topped it with the cole slaw.

Mmm, tasty!

Jan 12, 2008
mmmpointy in Home Cooking


Bacardi Gold for general use and Myers's for added rummy goodness.

I'm interested that many speak highly of Gosling's. Never tasted it. I don't have much use for two dark rums in my bar. Anyone care to sell me on dumping my Myers's for Gosling's?

Jan 12, 2008
mmmpointy in Spirits

Cocktails for Non Alcohol lovers

I drink alcohol, but too much and I get ill. So at social functions, I like a tonic water and lime, particularly in summer. It's very refreshing and looks like an adult beverage.

Jan 12, 2008
mmmpointy in Spirits