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chatanooga, tn


Oak Park suggestions

Can anyone recommend a place for a moderately priced dinner in Oak Park? Looking for someplace good that we can have dinner for 2 in less than 90 minutes (we're going to a show). Thanks!

Feb 13, 2009
juniper1508 in Chicago Area

Breakfast in downtown Indianapolis

fyi---Sadly, Canary Cafe closed a while ago. Another option is Hoaglin to Go on Mass Avenue. Great selection of omelets, french toast, quiche, etc...

Best Thai food in Indianapolis?

Another vote for Sawasdee. They expanded their dining room a few years ago so it's much bigger. Siam Square in Fountain Square is new in the last six months. I have eaten there several times and enjoyed it very much. There is also Jasmine Thai on 96th Street in between Keystone and Allisonville. They have very good lunch specials.

Wicker Park

Hello Chowhounds, I'm going to be staying in Wicker Park this weekend and I'm looking for ideas in the following categories that are nearby:

Good places for brunch
Middle eastern food
Other restaurants that come highly recommended in this area


Feb 10, 2009
juniper1508 in Chicago Area

Looking for good eateries in the Castro area

I will be visiting SF next month and will be staying the in Castro area. Looking for suggestions for great places to eat in the area. I really love ethnic food but also want suggestions for good local places for breakfast. Thanks!