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Any places for Late night Cravings in Ft Lauderdale?


We're gonna be in Ft.Lauderdale for a few weeks in December.

Wanted to find out if anyone could suggest restaurants/joints where we can get some takeout for our late night (past midnight) cravings. Preference: chinese, cuban, jamaican... well.. anything but 'McDonalds'.... lol.

Any suggestions are appreciated..

PS.. Please dont say.. 'Wendy's Chili is great!" thx!



Where to buy Sesame Ice cream?

Hi everyone,

I recently went to a Chinese restaurant in Scarborough called Ramen.. they serve noodles in soup of all sorts... very good..

They also had this Black Sesame Ice Cream!!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!

My question is ... does anyone know where I could buy some from any supermarket?

Please post.

Thk Q


Any good & inexpensive Bubble tea place suggestions?

Hey there,

Does anyone have any good suggestions of decent Bubbletea places?
Scarborough, Markham, and Richmond hill have many places, but most are quite expensive.

Please post


Any decent Dessert hangouts in Durham (Ajax)?

Hi everyone,

Wanted to find out if anyone knows of any late-night dessert hangouts in Ajax/Pickering area? Something like a 'Just Desserts' or 'Flavours' in Scarborough, or a 'Coffee/Tea/Me'-type places?

Please post.

Look forward to your responses!



Places to buy dried strawberries?

Try a place called Almost Perfect - they sell frozen foods of all sorts. Cheers