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steamship authority, hyannis and beyond

Thanks. Any idea when Raw Bar is due to open next to Hy Line? And what's especially good at the Friendly Fisherman?

Nantucket simple seafood

sigh. i hope someone posts to say, dreams can come true.

in the meantime, where on the way to catch the ferry in hyannis would i find what i'm after?

steamship authority, hyannis and beyond

we're going to nantucket for a couple days, taking the steamship authority ferry from hyannis.

once we park our car in hyannis and wait for the ferry, anyplace w/in walking distance to get a good lobster roll or other delicious and simple local lunch fare to eat on the ferry? (i suppose we could also pick something up, driving to the ferry parking area--we'll be driving from wellfleet)

ditto, when we leave the ferry in hyannis at the end of our trip and are heading home to ct, any place to stop along the way for good, simple new england fare (clams, etc.)?

Nantucket simple seafood

Recommendations for wonderful, simple seafood in Nantucket--in-the-rough is great, lobster shack would be nice--but not essential--just honest, un-gussied up fare.

Cape Ann

Looking for a special place w/ great local food--especially wonderful local fish, simply prepared--with a nice atmosphere. It's our anniversary! Thanks!

celebratory dinner for 12 in the east bay

Where to go for a celebratory dinner for 12 in the East Bay? Someplace nice, not too pricey. We had hoped to go to Tamarindo, but they wouldn't take a reservation.

perbacco and zuni

We were supposed to go to Mendocino this weekend, but had to cancel due to work stuff. To console ourselves, have a res. Fri at Perbacco and Sat at Zuni.

Never been to Perbacco. What do folks recommend as the best on the menu?

Been to Zuni a bunch, but eager for new insights re what to order.

Mendocino dining

Where to have dinner in Mendocino, where we'll be in a few week's time? We miss the "old" Cafe Beaujolais, haven't been since it changed hands. How is it now, really? Where else to try? Nothing over-done, fussy--just good seasonal, local fare.

Oct 07, 2007
milltowngirl in California

dinner before Sweeney Todd at ACT

FYI, We ate at Little Delhi (Eddy at Mason)--very good, inexpensive Indian fare and only a short walk to the theatre. A find, imo. R.

dinner before Sweeney Todd at ACT

We have tickets for Sweeney Todd at ACT this Friday at 8.

We've never had great luck, finding the right place for pre-theatre dining. Tandoori-loin places too quick/hole-in-the-wall. Higher-end places close by not wonderful or too high end. We'd like a pleasant place that had really good food where we can sit and relax over an early pre-theatre meal. Suggestions?

Zatar, Berkeley

We were going to a movie in downtown Berkeley on a Friday night. Went to Zatar on Shattuck, just north of University. A very good choice. The lamb and the black cod were both excellent, seasoned very well, accompanied by delicious summer vegetables. I asked for my fish rare, and rare it was, just right (the bones were a little bit of a challenge). Starters were less wonderful--lamb stuffed in grape lives good but not great, barekas (sp) ditto (had a sense these were as good as they get, maybe just don't think either is inherently my favorite). They start off w/ a complementary plate of zatar and olive oil, w/ flat bread to dip--don't love the flatbread (a bit dry and heavy), but the gesture was nice. Wonderful-sounding ice creams (eg. cardomon)--one of our party ordered creme fraiche ice cream w/ figs and honey and nuts--my taste was delicious. The service was very good, pleasant, capable. The food takes a while to arrive (didn't see the kitchen, but assume it's small--this is a family operation, w/ a baby crying out back!). The room is very pleasant. Steeped mint, served in a beautiful pot, a lovely finish

Seeking great food near Brewster NY

Don't know RRaci's--what's it like? what's good there? Thanks!

Seeking great food near Brewster NY

Looking for a great restaurant near Brewster NY--seasonal fare, local fish, un-gussied up, simple and delicious!

seeking great food near New Milford CT

Looking for a great restaurant not too far from New Milford CT, w/ seasonal food, local fish, not gussied up, fresh and delicious!

south bay paella

where can you get great paella in the south bay? someplace that's also special re ambiance (a graduation dinner for a paella-lover).

East Bay Burgers, Fries and Shakes

There's Fatapple's (prefer the cozier MLK and Rose Berkeley location; but Fairmount below Colusa in El Cerrito is easier parking)--good burger and ollalieberry shake (can't recall what i think of the fries).

Rick and Ann's has a good burger and amazing fries. Not quite a soda fountain, and there are some foodie affections, but a contemporary comfort food place.

And I have to say, I'm a Burger Depot fan--very good shakes, ok burger, I like that you get the burger special in a basket w/ fries (which are also ok)--no pretense and a little grease satisfies.

graduation dinner near san jose

Looking for a restaurant near San Jose w/ a private room for around 20 people for a graduation dinner (the graduate, who's finishing her BA as we speak, is 80!). Had a fantasy of a Chinese banquet, since she grew up in China, but reading past posts on this Board, nothing leapt out at me. I am open to any kind of cuisine, as long as there's great food and lovely ambience.

room for 15 w/ good food near san jose

recommendations for a place w/ good food near san jose, w/ a private room for 15-ish, for a graduation lunch/dinner?

Best Salads in Berkeley

Agree re La Note.

Their spinach salad is perfectly balanced w/ blue cheese and finely chopped walnuts. Quite brilliant actually.

And their Nicoise is also good, in a more elaborate style, w/ lots of different vegetables along w/ the tuna.

Sushi in Berkeley???

Say more re Genki--got another recommendation a while back, but don't recall the details, curious as to what's good there, what's not, etc.

Sushi in Berkeley???

Sushi Sho on Solano is my favorite. Kirala on the south side of town also good.

Oliveto or Chez Panisse?

I've been on and off disappointed by less than fabulous food, w/ small portions and high prices at Oliveto.

I can't say I've never been disappointed at Chez Panisse (no one is perfect). But it's mightly rare. A no-brainer for Chez Panisse, imo!

How can you tell when buttermilk is bad? [moved from Home Cooking board]

So here's a different(but related)question--what's the word re freezing buttermilk, when you've only used part of a carton for that banana bread recipe?

Jan 02, 2007
milltowngirl in General Topics

Fire at Manka's Inverness Lodge - no more?

Totally destroyed. But in an article on SFGate, it says they'll rebuild. It also quotes devotees saying, how can they re-create what was lost?

neiman ranch ham at costco, richmond

just got a lovely-looking neiman ranch ham at costco, richmond. fyi!

dinner within a 20 minute drive of oakland airport

This Saturday, we're having dinner w/ friends and need to pick up someone at Oakland airport later in the evening.

Thoughts re someplace good for dinner that's no more than a 20 minute drive to the airport?

Good Butcher in Danbury Connecticut?

Not exactly Danbury, but not far: the butcher at the IGA in Sherman is amazing.

christmas day dim sum

My Jewish extended family is looking for the best Christmas Day dim sum--we're spread out, so it could be in SF, south Bay, or east Bay.

Need locally-themed gift ideas to go with Niman Ranch Cookbook

June Taylor tomato ketchup? Her stuff is the best.

hyde street pier

We're going to a Cindy Kallett concert at Hyde Street Pier in a couple weeks.

Advice about where to eat beforehand (ideally, only have to park once)?