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Dessert scene in Philly?

You're pretty on the ball.

I'd add:

Franklin Fountain (although I've never been... prices a little steep IMO and I rather just churn the ice cream myself)
Swiss Haus (the individual fancy cakes... I have no idea about their cookies, etc)
Of course Termini and not just for cannoli-- the banana thing and their cakes are awesome
Flying Monkey-- I've never been much into whoopie pies (just personal preference), but I imagine her Elvis Cake may make appearances (banana, PB, chocolate chip, awesomeness)
Little Baby's Ice Cream-- on sale @ Green Aisle Grocer, soon to have a store in Fishtown

May 14, 2012
padovana in Philadelphia

Dessert scene in Philly?

+1 for tartes. odd hours so check first. or go to Monk's for a beer and ask for their dessert menu!

May 14, 2012
padovana in Philadelphia

A week in Belgium (suggestions please!)

My boyfriend and I will have about a week in Belgium and wondering where we can find some really great local foods. This includes both souvenirs and lunch/dinner. We will definitely be visiting Brussels, Ghent and Bruges and we have some flexibility otherwise. I'm leaning to a visit to Namur and Dinant as well. We will not have a car, but very savvy with using public transport so if you have any suggestions for great "destinations" for excellent food, that too would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Jul 21, 2011
padovana in Europe

Monsu-A report

Sorry to hear you didn't like the lasagna! It was my favorite thing when i went last weekend. It was a little sweet and SUPER rich with that fried egg hanging on top, but it hit the spot for me.

You are spot on with the water glass comment and really, they need another server or something-- there's the three people in there doing everything and I noticed that table to table things were inconsistent in terms of how bread was served, etc.

As for dessert--- I split with my boyfriend the tiniest piece of chocolate nutella tart (i mean it was a sliver) but it was a perfect amount. It was so rich (and I always have room for chocolate desserts) that the portion was spot on.

May 24, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Going to Distrito for the 1st time

The Short rib Huarache I personally don't care for. Nor the Chicken Enchiladas

Guacamole is really good there (I never liked it before) and I REALLY recommend the Carne Kobe. I know it's a little pricey and really I don't care about the Kobe part; but if that combination of stuff on there appeals to you like it does to me, then you will love it. Ok and 2 more -- the district chicken was delicious but a huge serving really and it looks like you're going more for the small plates and the tortilla soup is really flavorful.

May 04, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Great places for a picnic lunch?

I like to skip the tables, bring a blanket, and enjoy Washington Square. Rittenhouse is nice but much more crowded :( Fairmount Park can also be nice but is a little more work to find a private spsot.

May 04, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Maida Heatter Palm Beach Chocolate Cake

I would be so grateful if anyone would be able to share with me Maida Heatter's palm beach chocolate cake recipe. I would love to make it for Easter, but alas the book with the recipe is at my mother's house (and I will not be home until Sunday). Much thanks to anyone that can help!

Apr 18, 2011
padovana in Home Cooking

Eclat chocolate?

and if anyone checked out Brewer's Plate, they made special beer-spiked truffles-- which might sound kinda bad, but they were amazing!

Apr 11, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Morimoto for Business Dinner

mmmm I had it many years ago so I don't know if it would be on the menu, but I had the restaurant's version of bi bim bop (my first taste of that dish ever) and I really enjoyed it.

Apr 01, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Speck opening date?

Well Mr. B raised their rent quite a bit and they would have no part in it. I imagine that Swift Half didn't do quite as well as PYT but I always liked the spot since the staff was laid back and it always had somewhat of a crowd in there. So what I heard was when the owners heard about the rent increase, they called Tower Inv.'s bluff like no way will you kick us out, but then, as time came closer, Tower didn't lower the rent and no contract was signed and, well, suprise surprise NYE was the last night for Swift Half.

Too bad, although I'm curious about the new place in there. I won't go until I hear back from someone else about it since the name sounds like it belongs with the likes of Finnegans Wake/McFaddens

Mar 24, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Speck opening date?

That's a shame. It seems like he ran into so many problems and it's so close to opening (i was speculating any day because i finally saw dishes stacked up in the window between the kitchen and the dining area -- yes, i live nearby and i'm creepy and peer in).

not surprising coming from mr. blatstein... after what went down at swift half and all...

Mar 23, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

I am looking for a Winter Farmer's Market for this Saturday March 12th

I'd second the Rittenhouse Market or perhaps check out Greensgrow

Mar 10, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

WRETCHED Meal at Tiffin Last Week

thanks for the tip on sahara! do you ever dine on ekta/how would you compare? both are in walking/delivery distance for me

Mar 09, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Four Worlds Bakery is a great option in West Philly (also available around town)

oh my goodness aren't the crossaints lovely? The babka is also really terrific but I don't get it much because you need to purchase a large hunk that I immediately finish and then regret. ;)

And lenejohansen, Four worlds does deliver to other sites, but more preferable in my eyes is that you can special order and pick up from a few locations on certain days, so that you'll get exactly what you want when you are expecting it !

Mar 07, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Great Brunch Spot?

for traditional brunch foods (and awesome biscuits and gravy in particular) try resurrection ale house.

Feb 18, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Speck opening date?

Hey all, just thought I'd share this link to the trials and tribulations Speck has been through...

Feb 16, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Best Cheese Shop in Philly?

Do you guys prefer Downtown Cheese to Salumeria? I guess they have a larger variety but I seem to stop at Salumeria more.

But Claudio's is my alltime favorite... just less convenient to reach for me.

Also Four Worlds has some of the bests bread in the city (umm and chocolate babka... I can't wait to pick mine up tomorrow from FFF :)

Feb 02, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Can't Miss Dishes at Distrito?

I went for UCity dining days but I think they have the same menu...I had their rendition of queso fundido with duck ... awesome!

Feb 01, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Philly Dining Picks for Toronto Tourists

I can't recall, but if Estelle is open, I would go there for brunch. That's my favorite for Northern Liberties. Another good choice only if you have a car is Cafe Lift. But then, that's when you want something intense like cannoli french toast :)

I personally wouldn't recommend the Dutch Eating place, but I know many others really like it. Just not my thing perhaps.

For snacks, well, when you go to Barbuzzo, check out Verde (next door and owned by the chef) for the chocolates. What a great souvenier -- if they last that long. Another place is La Golosa on Passyunk (might not be good location wise for you) or if you're near the Italian Market, Rim Cafe.

And I emphatically second bluehen's Tartes suggestion :)

Jan 31, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Where's your "regular" spot?

Ah what fun!

Standard Tap-- any game meats (they seem to be prepared differently each time), the mussels

Ekta--anything extra spicy and garlic naan. such comfort food

Resurrection Ale House-- mostly for brunch because it's easier to get to at that time... the scone, gravy and biscuit, franziskaner mimosa!

Prohibition Tap room-- just the drinks (can't comment on the food) but just a nice relaxed place

Jan 25, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Erawah Palace?

I used to think it was my favorite Thai place in philly... but my last visit was rather blah (and I eat super spicy thai... so I don't want blah).

I would love to hear other recs for Thai from other chowhounds in the philly area since I think I need a new place.

Jan 04, 2011
padovana in Philadelphia

Out of Towner Recommendations please

I'm a Philly chowhound who will be in SD in early January, staying in Se San Diego, and looking for what your city does best.

Knowing that's broad, I'll say I LOVE good gastropubs, prefer to eat local/organic when I can, and also like a super spicy meal every now and then.

Also, any markets that are good for gastrogifts and other goodies would be much appreciated as well.


Dec 21, 2010
padovana in San Diego

Somewhere to end a romantic night...maybe w/ dessert?

Less on the romance side (mmm to some.. I like it ) but Monk's fits the dessert bill. Promise.

La Golosa is super good too though.

Ok and a third... I did a similar night (went to James too... weird!) and we went to Chick's after for the creme brulee... yumm

Dec 16, 2010
padovana in Philadelphia

Rankings of Gatropubs/Pubs in Philly Region

Based only in Philly (and I think you're explanations cover them) and in no particular order:

1. Standard Tap
2. Resurrection Ale House -- oh good Lordy their food is awesome. And their beer list. And their bartenders.
3. South Philly Tap Room
4. Eulogy
5. Monk's
6. Good Dog Bar
7. Kraftwork -- awesome fries. and flatbread. and sandwiches.
8. Prohibition-- ok, so I've only sampled a little of the food, but it sounds good AND work on the street it the menu is getting mixed up v. soon

Tap Room
10 Palmer Sq E, Princeton, NJ 08542

Dec 06, 2010
padovana in Philadelphia


Delicious! And I have a huge block of it in my freezer still. The problem is, it's like a pound plus of the stuff and I dont want to defrost it all and eat it all at once, and I can't seem to inspire my family to eat it.

So sad Sarah moved and it's all gone!

Oct 29, 2010
padovana in Philadelphia

Favorite Chinese places in Chinatown? Not bakeries, not dim-sum, not Thai/Burmese/Fusion

I second hand drawn noodle.... but you gotta be looking for either soups or lots of noodles to go there. I went there and was practically comatose from the food afterwards (in a good way)

Oct 15, 2010
padovana in Philadelphia

Pumpple Cake?

Ok so I generally love Baker E's stuff (um, the Elvis cake is quite amazing) but this just looks like it belongs on www.

Oct 15, 2010
padovana in Philadelphia

philly chower in montreal next weekend

Thanks for all the recommendations! I was wondering about whether Indian was worth it or not...might not bother with it.

And thanks for the cheese selection! That sounds like a great souvenir!

philly chower in montreal next weekend

Hi All,

So there will be 3 of us roadtripping to Montreal from Philadelphia for the first weekend of September and we're looking for some great foodie places to try. There are a few things we would like to try to find in your lovely city (and this is like a starting-from-scratch list, so if our search for something is futile, please just tell me!):

--weekend farmers'/ outdoor market -- we try to stay local in our purchased in philly so would love to see what you have to offer
--awesome local beers/gastropubs/bars
--best place for chocolates
--good indian for dinner
--best brunch and/or best breakfast pastries
--best meal for under $10 (any cuisine is a welcome suggestion)
--local food gifts (if any)
--anything that you think is a must try

I don't know where we're staying yet so please try to keep any suggestions to downtown-ish walking distance or reasonable public transportation distance.

Thanks so much!

Philly's Best Dessert?

I second the Matyson suggestion but would also say possible KooZeeDoo if their other desserts are anything like the chocolate mousse I had from there. I too generally think I can make desserts better that what I get out (and I have a lovely mousse recipe) but something about the hazelnut brittle made it simpyl phenomenal

Aug 09, 2010
padovana in Philadelphia