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Fort Lauderdale Musts and Off the Beaten Track

Hi All,

I'm a Miami person looking to cross the border. We will be spending 24 hours in your county and looking for interesting, off the beaten track places. I'm not looking for extravagance but places with some soul and quirkiness.

Bakeries are welcome. Farms are cool. Ethnic would be divine.


Now that it's over,which Miami spice meals did you think we're best?What changes to the program would you recommend?

Might be nice to offer a spice- type deal on Mondays and Tuesdays when a lot of restaurants aren't as packed.

Now that it's over,which Miami spice meals did you think we're best?What changes to the program would you recommend?

Bourbon Steak. The food, service and atmosphere were a delight. I wish I could go back 10 more times.

Scarpetta was also a hit.

Hakkasan was pretty mediocre this year. City Hall was very nice for for lunch.

Miami Spice 2012 Edition

In years past, the Spice lunch was a deal and the food was superb. This menu definitely has some serious weak spots. I do think Hakkasan is worth a trip - but only if you're going off Spice.

Special Occassion restaurant in downtown Miami?

Zuma knocks it out of the park.

Miami Spice 2012 Edition

Skip Hakkasan's spice and order off the menu. The dumplings are delish but fried beef balls and overseasoned lamb skewer to start are pretty mediocre ( and greasy). The chicken congee is also not a standout. The service is fantastic there and our waiter was phenomenal. He knew we weren't happy and said that the spice dinner was far superior to the brunch. It seemed that a lot of people were not enjoying the spice version for lunch.

slow food or artisinal purveyors in Dade and Broward

I'm looking for yummy food (and drink) that's been lovingly crafted locally- things like Hani's goat cheese, Romanico's chocolates, etc. Any ideas?

Maybe I should just eat buckwheat and tofu- New Food Allergies

Aw, thank you. I will look into this.

Mar 24, 2012
jessierandall in Home Cooking

Maybe I should just eat buckwheat and tofu- New Food Allergies

I just learned that I'm celiac and highly reactive to about 30 foods, including egg yolks, cow's milk, olive oil, tomatoes, mushrooms, yeast, rice and all citrus. (They bring on temperatures, massive headaches, hives and sneezing attacks.)

I never put two and two together until after I got the diagnosis. I just thought I had sinus issues.

What the heck does a food lover do in this situation?

I'm wondering if anyone can spare recipes or ideas that don't have the above. Arrgh. And thank you.

Mar 22, 2012
jessierandall in Home Cooking

1980's loemans plaza n mia bch

Yes! I grew up there and loved it. We used to go in big parties and sit at the table with the Lazy Susan,

Client dinner - reccomendations appreciated

If you're expensing the meal, Zuma.

Yakko San - I really want to get it....

To answer Bigstu's question, I love Naoe and Sushi Deli. I'm also a fan of Makoto and Bond Street's sushi. And, yes, I love Japanese food and am pretty adventurous.

Southocean, some of my friends enjoy Yakko and since I drag them to Broward and beyond for food, least I can do is meet them at Yakko a few times a year.

Makoto in Bal Harbour

The food is lovely but the service is out of Monty Python. Painfully long lunch with drinks arriving a minute before the check. Servers are scattered. Sushi and hot dishes as well as salads sampled were light and satisfying.

Yakko San - I really want to get it....

So, I went again to Yakko San and I just don't get all the hoopla. We had eel (non -sushi preparation), the triggerfish jerky, the squid and a whole host of other dishes. None were particularly noteworthy and many were fishy. I know this place is a chef's hang out and I really do want to understand the allure. Is there a secret menu that we were not made aware of? Should I be downing cold sake prior to tasting anything?

Many of you whom I respect love this place. The service was stellar but the food....not s'much.

Tried this place on and off for years.

Tudor House

Lamb belly is sublime.

Need a fun dinner experience for depressed best friend (in Miami)

I need a place to take my best friend who is down in the dumps and about to celebrate a birthday. She's just been broken up with and needs a light, fun experience. I was hoping for something along the lines of Indomania, but they're closed until October 3rd.

Anything fun and different from Aventura to Homestead? I'm not looking to spend the bank.

Sep 19, 2011
jessierandall in Florida

Brownie showdown (DL vs NM)

I haven't tried the DL brownies but am practically obsessed with the NM ones. My tendency with all baking recipes is to add less sugar than called for. I did just that with the NM brownies and they were gone in about 2 hours. (I had help.) I think they're stupendous.

Aug 31, 2011
jessierandall in Home Cooking

Best Burger Miami-Ft. Lauderdale

I was at Le Tub this weekend and thought the burger was pretty darned good. It's certainly not the best ever (and the experience was admittedly a bit dimmed by the furry and brown something that scampered over my foot).

I thought Shake Shack beat Le Tub. I also think the Shack beats the pants off of FIve Napkin Burger. The burger was just meh.

I think I may have to try Bourbon out this weekend.

Le Tub
1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

Rec's for mid-range dinner in South Beach for 7

Love the Tap Tap suggestion. You can do pretty well at Indomania as well. It's a fun place to share and the food is Indonesian.

Since Spice Month is going on, you can almost go anywhere for $35 p/p plus tax and gratuity.

131 26th St, Miami Beach, FL 33140

"'re no Danny Meyer, Mr. Manero."

While you're at it, would you kindly tell Mr. Manero to shutter Vic & Angelo's on Ocean Drive? For the first time in my life, a restaurant actually made me angry. In fact, I'm still seething.

I posted a review a few weeks ago. Food was oversalted and mediocre and service was reserved only for the strippers located at the nearby table. A couple actively making out at the table next to ours almost knocked over our pizza. My dining companion narrowly averted splinters from the jagged wood lying on the windowsill that abutted our table.

If dinner is going to take three hours, at least let it be halfway decent. Let the show be the food, not the two 40 year old strippers the managers are desperately trying to bed with pasta and Long Island Iced teas.

I apologize for the rant. I'm just heartily disappointed. The Vic & Angelo's in Delray is pretty good. Why does Miami get the low rent version?

After Michael's, She Must Have Been Paid Off

Yep, I shuddered at The Big Cheese. I am waiting for a Di Faro's pizza (from Brooklyn) to open up. It's five bucks a slice but the owner prepares all the pies himself and grows the herbs on the windowsill. A girl can dream...

After Michael's, She Must Have Been Paid Off

Andiamo and Steve's aren't half bad.

5600 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137

Michelle Bernstein's Palm Beach: Amateur Hour

Ours was a mixed experience at MB but we fared better than the original poster.

We had the sommelier pair all three courses and we thought he did a terrible job. Waiter was somewhat awkward as well. However, I thought the atmosphere was quite nice and the John Dory was terrific. We had a cobia entree as well that was above average and served with gnudi. Starters and dessert were above average as well.

Miami's Hidden Gems and Hole in the Walls?

Sounds divine. I'm going to try it out. Thanks so much!

black truffle- what should end the meal?


I was given a small, black "summer" truffle and plan to cook it (maybe with pasta with some pecorino) tomorrow evening. I'd like to have something to start and finish that completes the meal but isn't too labor intensive. Any ideas?

Many thanks,

Aug 04, 2011
jessierandall in Home Cooking

Miami's Hidden Gems and Hole in the Walls?

Taiga, can you give us a hint, haha?

Also, I've heard of Happy Wine but don't know much about it. Would you share a bit?

20th Anniversary steak dinner in Miami!

I second Bourbon and Red- both excellent. Also, Kane Steakhouse in Miami just opened. Fab steaks in line with the best I've ever had, duck fat hashed browns, fried s'mores. Love the place and highly recommend.

Miami's Hidden Gems and Hole in the Walls?

Always love these "hidden gem" posts. Not exactly a "hole in the wall" but a great venue, try Indomania for Indonesian food, Hy Vong on Calle Ocho for Vietnamese and Sushi Deli on 79th Street for fabulous and cheap Japanese.

Sushi Deli
1412 79th Street Causeway, Miami Beach, FL 33141

131 26th St, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Vic and Angelo

I tried the Delray location in the spring and service and food were beyond reproach. I would go back. I was hopeful that this location would be just as good.

My experience at the MB location was stupefying and uncomfortable.

I don't mind spending money at dinner but I want to feel like a welcome guest. With so many good resto choices in Miami and MB, I can't see going to a place like this. Better to go nearby to Kane Steakhouse for a truly wonderful ambience, great service and stellar food.

I'll leave this place to the cast of Jersey Shore.

Vic and Angelo

And this is the Miami Beach location. Forgot to mention that.