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The Croissant Chronicles

Tried the Almond Croissants from Mabel's Bakery on Queen West today (@ Beaconsfield, near the Drake Hotel) and they were delish!!!

Go early, they usually sell out before noon.

Le Piment Rouge


Has anyone been to Le Piment Rouge lately?

Seems pricey, is it worth it???

2009 closings

ZELDA's on Church Street was shuttered last nite (Sept. 27).
There is talk they may re-locate to Yonge Street in the near future...

Help, looking 4 places to eat in Windsor!!!!

I just had dinner @ MEZZO (Italian) on Erie Street tonite -- and it was fab.
Both food -- and service!!

And be sure to get the Tiramisu for dessert! :)

Ruths Chris - half price gift card

The whole promo has been a disaster from the get-go!!!
As we all know, they had to cancel it after a few days.

I ordered 5 gift cards on the FIRST day of the promo, and paid extra to have them sent Xpresspost to me.

Today is June 12th, and while my credit card was charged over a week ago, I have confirmation today that they haven't even sent them out to me yet!!!

I am NOT impressed!!!!

MORTON's -- $119 Dinner for 2

Has anyone been to Morton's lately?

They have a promo on until the end of the month -- $119 for two, incl:

2 Salads -- Caesar or Mortons
2 single-cut Filets,
Broiled Sea Scallops, Colossal Shrimp Alexander or Jumbo Crab Cakes,

One Signature Potato and One vegetable to share,

Morton's legendary Hot Chocolate Cake and/or Key Lime Pie.

best burgers in T.O.

Has anyone had the $21 burger at BARBERIAN's (served at lunch)???

Tax on (whole) Cakes??

Just an update:

I'm pleased to report that the establishment in question has stopped charging taxes (both GST and QST) on whole cakes and bags of bagels.

Jan 30, 2009
danthediner in Not About Food

Tax on (whole) Cakes??


It was bad enough that REUBEN's DELI was charging me GST on the bagels and whole cakes, but now even Revenue Quebec has informed me that they shouldn't even be charging QST on these items, either!!

Shame on you, Reueben's!!!

Jan 29, 2009
danthediner in Not About Food

Tax on (whole) Cakes??

I was at a certain deli in downtown Montreal earlier this month.

I wanted to buy a whole cake, but the cashier insisted on charging me tax -- both GST and PST, which I don't believe is correct.

In fact, when I got home from Montreal I contacted the GST people, who assured me that when purchasing (whole) cakes over 250grams, there is *no* GST payable.

I have contacted the restaurant to let them know, but they insist on charging the tax.

What's a guy to do?

And does anyone have any insight into the tax issue???

Jan 21, 2009
danthediner in Not About Food

Sweet Cakes -- London

Sweet Cakes -- London

Has anyone been to Sweet Cakes, inside London's Covent Garden Market?

They have some really delicious looking cupcakes in some fantastic-sounding flavours.

They are actually baked off site, but brought in daily, and cost $16.00/half dozen.

Feedback, anyone?

Egg Bread - Toronto

Where can one get a good loaf of Egg Bread in Toronto (DT preferred)??


Smoke and Spice -- Windsor, ON

Went back to Smoke and Spice again this week.

Went with the "Half Rack Combos" again, but tried some new things, like the Beef Brisket to go with the delicious ribs.

Also ordered the cornbread ($1) and tried the Mac and Cheese as a side-dish.
Calipoutine is correct -- the Mac and Cheese is really good!! It's the best of the side dishes, I think! There's grated cheese on top, and they throw it in a broiler to melt.

How good was it?
I ordered an extra "Half Rack Combo" to go for someone, and I love how they package everything separately, and not throw it all together in one container.
They even included a generous amount of all 3 sauces (original, carolinas mustard and chipotle).

Highly recommended!!

Studio Cafe: New Review

Myself and 3 friends had Sunday Brunch in the Studio Cafe a few weeks ago.

The best deal is their Prix Fixe Brunch, which incl. appetizer, entree, plus coffee AND fresh-squeezed juice for $32 plus tax.

A la carte can get pricey, as a cup of regular coffee alone is $5.50 -- plus tax!!

Having said that, I ordered the Strawberry French Toast, -- served on thick-sliced Egg Bread -- and topped with a Vanilla and Ice-Wine Mascarpone Cheese, which was excellent! :)

Smoke and Spice -- Windsor, ON

Went and checked out Smoke and Spice last week.

From the moment we walked in the door, we knew we were in for a treat!
Oh, the fabulous aromas wafting through the air of the former Bin 151!!!

We arrived after 8pm, so there was no problem getting parking in front of the restaurant.

We both opted for a Half Rack Combo, I went with the Half Rack of St. Louis Cut Pork Ribs, and a mound of Pulled Pork. You also get a choice of 2 sides -- all of which are made fresh daily. I chose Waffle Fries and Coleslaw (creamy).

The combo ($18.95) was HUGE, the flavours amazing.

There's a choice of 3 sauces on the table -- original BBQ, Carolina mustard sauce -- which was interesting -- and a Chipotle BBQ.

My guest ordered the Half Rack Combo with Ribs and 1/4 Chicken.
I was pleasantly surprised that it came with WHITE meat -- that would never happen at Swiss Chalet without paying extra. LOL

For sides, she ordered Baked Beans (with pieces of Pulled Pork) and Potato Salad.

Service was good throughout (we went on a Tuesday).

Bathrooms were ice-cold and dark, but clean.
They had perhaps the most powerful hand dryerI have ever used!

2 Half Rack Combo and 1 Pop: $45.00 (plus tip).

I hope this place does well.
I'll be back!

A couple suggestions: I would have loved some Cornbread (is that authentic?) and truthfully, some WetNaps would be essential in a place like this!

Good steakhouse that won't break the bank?


Like you, I too, have eaten at Ruth's Chris.

It clearly states on the menu -- IN BOLD -- the following:

"Our steaks are served sizzling with a touch of butter -- specify extra or NONE!"

Simply request your steak sans butter, and I'm sure they would be happy to accomodate your request.

Egg Tarts and Chinese bakeries

I was recently at Kim Moon on a Monday afternoon @ 4pm, and they were sold out of both Egg Tarts and BBQ Pork Buns! :(

So.... I went a couple doors down and tried Queen's Patisserie.
I don't know why they get such a terrible review on here.
I rather enjoyed their products, incl. their indicidually-wrapped BBQ Buns and I bought a whole cake -- the Strawberry Chiffon.

They had a special on -- pay cash, and get 40% off!
I rate they highly!!!

To each their own, I suppose...

Smoke and Spice -- Windsor, ON

Has anyone been to S&S "Authentic Southern BBQ" in WIndsor?
It's located inside the former Bin 151 down on Ottawa Street (across from Freeds).

Langdon Hall – It's NOT Worth the Drive to Cambridge (review + pics)


The Executive Chef @ Langdon is Jonathan GUSHUE, not "Cushue" as you write...

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your lunch there. Clearly, I had better meals... :)

What's your favourite sandwich?

I love the Pulled Pork Sandwich from the Black Camel (Rosedale subway station)! :)

Best Eggs Benny in T.O

Me and a friend had Sunday brunch in the Studio Cafe @ the Four Seasons.

My friend ordered the Eggs Benny and said it was the best Eggs Benny he has ever tasted (and he's quite the critic!). :)

Summer Hill Market (MillyGirl, pls Help)

Rather than starting gossip on here, why didn't someone just call SHM?

Better yet, simply go to their website...

" In order to focus on offering the highest quality prepared foods in our store, we are no longer taking special orders or catering. "

Life is sometimes like Harbour 60. Expensive and disappointing....

I ate at the legendary "NERO's" inside Caears Windsor (Windsor, ON) last year.

Total rip-off, over-priced and very underwhelming.
And don't even get me started on their "Signature Steak Sauce!!!"

good fancyish lunch place in gay village?

Try Byzantium on Church Street.
They used to serve brunch, and have great martinis and cocktails! :)

Back to the Mandarin

I haven't been to the Mandarin in over 3 years.

HOWEVER, you can't argue with their success.
I have seen their sales numbers, and they are averaging over $5-Million/location!!!

Best caesar SALAD in the GTA?

I can attest to the taste of the Caesar Salad @ Bigliardi's on Church St.
It's excellent.
However, ut comes with store-bought croutons, and no bacon or pancetta.
Romaine, some EXCELLENT dressing, and a sprinkle of cheese.

They, do, also make an excellent Garlic Bread! :)

Souffles in Toronto

I had a souffle for dessert last nite @ Langdon Hall in Cambridge.

It was a Mocha Chocolate Souffle, served with Coffee Chocolate Sorbet and Caramel Chocolate Sauce.

It was ... OUTSTANDING!!!!!

looking for something in the church and wellesley village

What's wrong with BYZANTIUM???

Some of the best Martinis in the city, and pretty good food, I thought!

Restaurants today?

Had dinner tonite (Good Friday) at Bistro 990.
As usual, the food and service were both great!

Thanks to Fernando, and France (our server).

Oh, and we sat next to Environment Minister John Baird, who was dining with 7 of his closest friends!