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Red Fish, Blue fish, not the fish I ordered.

Actually, venison can refer to deer, elk, antelope, and possibly other similar species. The only difference between farmed and "wild" venison at a grocery store is method of harvest, i.e. abattoir vs. rifle.

Red snapper is, in fact, a catch all because it is the most recognizable and marketable. There is only one true "American Red Snapper" though being that there are hundreds of kinds of snapper and the fact that they taste roughly the same it is not that big of a deal to sub one for the other. On the other hand, calling swai or basa or some other cheap imported fish snapper or grouper is a much bigger deal.

The Red Lake walleye is mostly sold on the reservation as a coop and to various tribal enterprises.

Jul 06, 2011
fishface in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Where can I buy curing salt around here?

Online only as far as I know. Mandeville Co. in north Minneapolis is apparently closed. It is not available for retail sale, only wholesale.

Mar 20, 2010
fishface in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP: Best Vietnamese?

If you want good Banh Mi, try Saigon Deli on Nicollet. They also have some packaged food on the counter that is hard to describe, but good. Especially the little pork loaf things with the slice of chili and garlic on top. It is tucked into the parking lot behind Taco Morales. Jasmine 26 is terrific and has a more upscale feel while keeping the prices in line with other restaurants, plus they have beer and great cocktails. Qhe Nha is good as well and their menu has items not seen at many (or any) others restaurants.

Jan 02, 2009
fishface in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Seafood Markets in Kansas City

CSB is not endangered! Your info is about twenty years old. There used to be huge problems with poaching and over fishing, but the Chilean government cracked down hard on the culprits and stocks have replenished. As a matter of fact the Marine Stewardship Council has recently certified one of the CSB fisheries as sustainable. This is a designation that only 25 other fisheries including Alaskan salmon and halibut have obtained. Read current studies don't rely on past misinformation. The Monterey Bay guide is all black and white, fish issues are grey at best.

Apr 20, 2008
fishface in Great Plains

[MSP] Bulldog or Bulldog NE, need a tie-breaker

I've never been to Uptown, but NE is garbage. For a supposed beer-centric bar they lack both knowledge and glassware. Burgers are a joke! My wife had a burger last time we went that didn't even taste like meat, not even salty or peppery or anything. When we told our server that it wasn't good at all she looked aghast and said, "but it's Kobe beef!" I don't care what kind of beef it was, it should taste good. Thumbs and toes down to NE!!

MSP - Valentine's Day $$

Grand Cafe has really started to peak. Former sous chef at Auriga runs the kitchen. Jasmine 26 has a sexy feel, isn't expensive, and is food you can eat with your hands (always hot). JP's would be a good choice too.

MSP - Best Bahn Mi, Frozen custard

Saigon has a Minneapolis outlet around the corner from Jasmine Deli. Saigon Deli Express is in the parking lot area behind Tacos Morales and Azia. They have around ten different fillings, including a grilled meatball and tomato sauced meatball that are wonderful. Make sure to get some of the little meat-loaf things they have wrapped in plastic on the counter. They have a slice of garlic and thai chili on top. They rock.

The Coveted Coffee Press

Look into the Frieling stainless-steel double walled french press. I found one at

Jan 11, 2008
fishface in Features

MSP - Al Pastor tacos

The La Hacienda at Mercado Central is better than the stand alone. Also Tacos Blass on 38th and Nicollet Ave. is recomended.

Jan 11, 2008
fishface in Minneapolis-St. Paul