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super corn at giant

We just had some of this corn as well. While it wasn't the best we've ever had, it was really good!

ISO birthday catering and cake for delivery

I haven't had very good luck with Amphora. Stale cakes and late deliveries. Very disappointing.

Arlington Cocktail Reception for 10

My boss is looking for somewhere to hold a cocktail reception for about 10 people next Wednesday in Arlington. Price really isn't an option. If possible he would like to reserved a small private space, although that is not a requirement. Any type of food is welcome. Any suggestions?

Sterling/Route 7 Restaurants

I am meeting two girlfriends for dinner on Thursday night and I can't think of a restaurant to go to. We are from Centreville, Ashburn and Herndon so we thought the Sterling area/route 7 would work for all of us. They aren't huge fans of ethnic places (boo!) so something with a variety of food would be great. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I am having a brain freeze this morning and can't thinkg of anything!

Any good German food?

Their German potato salad is to die for!

NoVa--birthday cakes for delivery to McLean?

I somehow missed your first post. I am so sorry, because I could have saved you the hassle of calling Amphora. I've had a very similiar awful experiances with them and a friend of mine recieved a cake that tasted like it it was two months old. I wasn't even able to order a cake from them because I could never get them to take my order (not that I would want to order from them now.)

I'm sorry that nothing worked out for you.

Where to get Spanish Chorizo for a paella in Baltimore?

I have found it at Shoppers grocery stores before.

Where to Buy Lump Crab Meat for Crabcakes...

Thanks for all the suggestions. I eneded up buying it from Wegmans. I wasn't blown away by it, but it wasn't bad. I will check out all your suggestions too. Thanks for your help!

Anchor Porter?

I think I've seen it at Lost Dog Cafe in Arlington.

Where to Buy Lump Crab Meat for Crabcakes...

I am making my famous crabcakes, among other things, for our New Year's Eve Party this year. Unfortunatly, my supplier is no long in business. I would really really appreciate any suggestions on where to buy great lump crab meat, especially since our party is tomorrow! We live in Herndon, but will travel within the metro area for this. Thanks!

Prime Rib in Northern Virginia

Thanks for all the suggestions! We will give them a try.

Prime Rib in Northern Virginia

Does anyone know of a decent and somewhat inexpensive place to have prime rib? My husband and I loved going to The New Orlean's House before their food took a turn for the worse and before it closed. We aren't looking for a fancy place like The Prime Rib, just somewhere with decent prices where we can satisfy our prime rib cravings. Thanks!

Leinenkugel's Original in NoVA?

I found it once at Lost Dog Cafe in Arlington, but it has been awhile.

Rest. for Rehearsal Dinner Party in N. Va

We had our wedding at Meadowlark Gardens. We were very happy with the facilities. You can email me at if you have any specific questions.

Beef Stroganoff

I've had a craving for beef stroganoff all afternoon. Is there place in the Northern Virginia area that serves a decent version? Thanks for your help!

Moving to Herndon

My husband and I are moving to Herndon and would love to hear about your favorite restaurants there. We like all cuisines! Thanks!

Wedding cakes

We used Artistic Cake Creations for our wedding in April. We had three flavors of cake which were delicious and it was really inexpensive!

affordable veggies in arlington?

I love the farmer's market outside the Courthosue Metro on Saturday mornings. Everything I have ever bought there has been far superior to the grocery store vegetables. Plus they either cost the same or or less than the grocery store produce.

Salad Bars in Arlington?

My husband and I were curious if there are any salad bars in Arlington besides ithe ones in the grocery stores. Sometimes we just crave a salad bar, ever since the Orleans House closed we don't know where to go. Any suggestions?

Thirsty Bernie's in Arlington -- anyone been??

I have been curious about this place too.

Ollie's Trolley

Harry's is awful! The service is terrible, the bartenders think that the are god's gift to women and the burgers are terrible. Stay away from this place!

Rocklands - 'meh' says this Southern boy.

My husband an I went to Rocklands about a month ago. It was terrible. His ribs were undercooked and really tough. He could hardly get the meat off of the bone. I had their macaroni and cheese and pulled pork. It was te worst mac and cheese I have ever had.

On a good note though, it was the first coleslaw that I have ever liked. Maybe, becuase it wasn't really coleslaw at all though.

We love bbq and it is close to our house so we were bummed!