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Rome- your standbys and go tos.

Sorry if my interest in Antico Arco seemed confusing. And perhaps innovative vs traditional was the wrong choice of words. Basically, we are looking for reliable both for food and for service and atmosphere. Your reviews are great and very helpful and L’Angoletto looks perfect. It's is nice to know that you've gone there a number of times and had wonderful experiences.

Nov 01, 2009
littleredbike in Italy

Rome- your standbys and go tos.

We've been traveling through Rome, Umbria and a brief stint in Positano the past few weeks and have had a lot of hit and miss experiences despite combing the boards. We've spent a lot of time in Florence and perhaps came to Rome looking for restaurants that have that cozy yet lively atmosphere and great food without pretentious service. We are staying in Trastevere (but will go to any neighborhood) and had one of our favorite meals of the trip at Le Mani in Pasta. The Insalata Polpo e Patate has been our favorite dish of the trip and their pasta with porcini mushroom special knocked us out in the best possible way. The food was excellent and despite being sat next to another American couple with a penchant for talking on their cell phones, we had a great meal.

We also tried Paris but found the food to only be ok (pasta with squid and artichokes was great, fried artichokes were small and on the greasier side), the service to be lacking and the environment stale.

We also tried Mario’s on Via del Moro in hopes of a authentic trattoria experience but found it to be only average.

So chowhounders, I would love your help. I like to keep our meals to less than 75 euros unless there is a wine splurge. I've come to realize that I am willing to pay a bit for atmosphere and liveliness. And by atmosphere, I don't mean stark white table clothes and fancy waiters and while I love the idea of using compact fluorescent light bulbs in commercial spaces, I don't find them conducive to mood lighting. We are more into traditional than innovative in terms of cooking style. Places like Ripa 12 look beautiful but we're hoping for some thing a bit more cozy.

We have three more nights in Rome and are hoping for some really reliable suggestions.

I've read great things about Antico Arco on here and am leaning towards heading there tonight.

I'd like to try Piperno for the artichokes alone. Perhaps it is better for lunch?

Trattoria Mont gets great reviews but I feel like there is nothing to "discover" there in the sense that they have been written up in every book, magazine, website.

also thinking about Osteria al Galletto, Da Sergio, Maccheroni, Da Tonino, Roscioli, Enoteca Corsi and any others that you recommend!

Thanks so much.

Nov 01, 2009
littleredbike in Italy

Catering a very casual wedding party

I would highly reccommend Zaytoons!

Dec 16, 2007
littleredbike in Manhattan

Anniversary Dinner for Young Couple

Degustation is great but I find that the price really adds up.

One of our favorite places is:

Malatesta in the West Village, although they only serve wine and beer (

Dec 16, 2007
littleredbike in Manhattan

Giorgio Baldi

Anyone been to Giorgio Baldi recently? Thoughts?

Need help for group of 10 in Portland Orgeon

Sounds like you already made a reservation but I thought I would add Park Kitchen to the mix. It is great for groups and they do a number of small plates that are perfect for sharing in the $8-11 range.

DF in March -- Just Back

Did you feel like your experience at AGUILA Y SOL was unique to Mexico City or that it could have just been another great resturant in NYC? We are heading to the D.F. tomorrow and while I am looking forward to some fantastic meals, I dont want to eat at places that transport me back to my own country. I want something that is unique to Mexico.

May 01, 2007
littleredbike in Mexico

Bukhara-what's the latest report?

We're in Delhi for a couple days and I have heard and read conflicting reports on Bukhara. Is it worth the money? Are there other places specializing in kebabs that you would reccommend? Thanks so much.

First Date Place in East Village/Gramercy Park

How about Via Emila.
Cafecieto is also a great place, casual, great food and cheap

Jul 11, 2006
littleredbike in Manhattan

re: my romantic restaurant post- please read whole thing and help! Am being nutty.

my favorite romantic places are Babbo, Union Square Cafe, and giorgione

Jul 11, 2006
littleredbike in Manhattan

New Yorkers searching for their inner Duck

I would reccommend Park Kitchen. I have lived in NYC for the past 5 years but recently went home for a family visit. Park Kichen blew my mind away. Great cocktails as well.

PDX: Restaurant Service

I went to Park Kitchen two ago and the service was perfect- casual, fun, informative, professional.

Hong Kong Private Dining Question

Hi. I don't have any information about "Broken Tooth Shing" but have heard about two others that are meant to be amazing:

Indredients (43 Gough St. 852-2544-5133)

Xi Yan Culinary Art (3/f 231-233 Queens Rd. E. Wanchai 852 9020 9196)

My understanding is that they book up months in advance. If you do go, report back, as I will be in HK in October and would love to expereince one of these myself!


Clinton Street Bakery!

Jul 05, 2006
littleredbike in Manhattan