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Lucien: Tasting menu or A la Carte?

I'm thinking of Lucien for a birthday dinner tonight.
From their website it looks like the price of the 3 course tasting menu is about equal to ordering 3 courses a la carte. Does anybody know if the tasting menu includes any extra bells and whistles (amuse, sorbet, what-have-you) that might make it a better choice?
I'd also love any recommendations for specific menu items.
I'm a little dubious about Lucien, as I thought Scott Wood's cooking at Habitat was pretentious. But I really like emphasis on local & artisanal approach he seems to be taking at Lucien.

Organic Butcher Shop in Boston area?

Thanks for the responses jajjguy & almansa.
I'm sorry that the "carnivore with a conscience" movement hasn't hit Boston yet.
It is increasingly popular here in Toronto. I'll let you know if I come across anything interesting.

Organic Butcher Shop in Boston area?

Hi there.
I'm thinking about enrolling in BU's graduate program in Gastronomy (which would involve relocating from Toronto to Boston). I'm also interested in apprenticing as butcher while I'm there.

Basically I'd like to get some feed back on local butcher shops:
Which ones are selling ethically raised meats?
Who has the best quality/ most interesting selection of semi-prepared meats (marinated cuts, sausages, stocks, house made heat & serve entrees etc.)?
Which shops still purchase whole animals, rather than boxed parts?

Obviously I'm going to have to do my own research as well, but I'd love to get some chowhounder's opinions.


Where to buy salsify in Toronto?

I really want to try the recipe for Oyster and Salsify Stew from January's Gourmet magazine.

The only problem is I'm not sure where I can lay my hands on some salsify. Usually I buy my veggies at Dufferin Grove Market or Fiesta Farms, but I can't recall ever seeing any. Mabe I just didn't know what I was looking for.