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DL Blue Bottle coffee locations?

alley between Hayes and Fell, 315 Linden St, near Gough

Macarons - Any new places?

Masse's Patisserie in Berkeley on Shattuck.

Dine About Town

I had lunch and they only have squash soup (delicious) or salad (pomegranate, walnut, cheese), and two choices of entree (cod with salad) or lamb sandwich (not much flavor and the bread was burnt (they actually served it BURNT!). Skip this DAT. Try Luna Park, at least they have appetizer, entree, and dessert.

Sutro's at The Cliff House
1090 Point Lobos Ave., San Francisco, CA 94121

Dine About Town

Be careful. I've been burned twice, like showing up thinking the restaurant has DAT, but they didn't. It was either it was only for lunch or that it was from Sunday through Thursday only. To be sure, make sure you call and confirm. You can always call and ask what they might serve. I love Aziza and Fringale.

Dine About Town

Dine about Town is coming. What are some of your favorite restaurants that your've tried?

Chocolate moon cakes?

I've never heard of chocolate moon cakes; it seems so Un-moon cake. I go to Eastern Bakery, 720 Grant, SF. They carry the mooncake year round. I get their nut moon cake-"um yin", just nuts and sometimes they have bacon, but I didn't taste any bacon this time. Some Chinese Super Market, they carry "freezer" mooncake which tastes like mochi. I saw them at Pacific Super at St. Francis Plaza on Eastmoor (Daly City). 2 for $6.99. They are limited because they come from Hong Kong. I tasted the sesame flavor (yummy); you got to wait for it to defrost.

Looking for green tea cake

It's never too late. I will definitely try it. There's a birthday every year!

Volcano Curry

This place is cheap and no-frills. Strangely, there is a a-la-carte to it. You get to pick what vegetables you want in it, unless you pick vegetable. It's so cute that I see more couples in there. They do a good job of packing to-go boxes. If you like curry gravy, you would like this place. To me the curry hits the spot. The hot is not hot at all. Haven't tried the Volcano. They have green tea in an aluminum can, but it can be served hot or cold.

Pho in Outer Richmond?

They are closed. There's a sign to direct you to their Noriega place.

Pho in Outer Richmond?

Pho Garden, On 22nd Ave and Clement, outside green color, looks like cow decorations. They have 10% special till 5/31/09. Their chicken soup is yummy.

Balboa and 46th Avenue? next to Kam's and on the side of the theater. I really like their duck soup.

Lunch or dinner near the Asian Art Museum?

Max's Cafe on Van Ness, right across from McDonalds, near Golden Gate Ave.

creme brulee cart -- reports?

Yes, I had to find out through twitter when and where. On that day he was at 19th and Linda, 7:30 p.m. on Thursday night, next to the tennis court, dead end street. $3.00 each. He torches it right there so you're get the crunchy sugar coating and it's in a foil container . It was smooth. He had plain vanilla, dark chocolate and white Russian. We only tried the first two. I liked the dark chocolate. You can actually see the vanilla bean with the vanilla. The curry cart was there along with the bouche and vietnamese spring roll cart. He actually tells you what flavors he has if you follow him on twitter.

Seeking Navajo fry bread

Strangely, Cheesecake Factory at SF Macy's has a dish with Fried Bread. It's authentic.

Cheesecake Factory
251 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Pho in Outer Richmond?

I like Pho Garden on Clement and 22nd Avenue, because it's clean and the atmosphere is quiet so that you can enjoy your meal. The chicken broth is excellent. Everything comes out fresh. The service is nice and they have wine and beer. It's very reasonable priced. It's the best kept secret in the neighborhood.

What's the name of Korean Restaurant in South San Francisco with all-you-can-eat small dishes?

I finally went with a couple of my friends. All of them took the combination plate (either noodles, spicy pork (not very spicy), beef, ribs, or fish) for $8.99/ two items from up near the cash register. Strangely they don't advertise the combo plate. It comes with soup, rice and potstickers (of course the free banchan bar). My friend found the items not very spicy, because she is from Malaysia. She can really eat hot and spicy food. After eating from banchan bar, I was already full. I ordered the seafood tofu, medium. It was just okay with a few squids, one shrimp. The price is right and plenty of parking.

Golden Gate Bakery - Pastry maker passed away

My favorite egg tart is from Lung Fung Bakery on Clement between 19th Ave & 20th Ave, especially when it comes right out of the oven. They sell out fast, so if you come in the afternoon, you will not get any.

American Bistro...Richmond or Sunset...near the park

Q Restaurant between 3rd and 4th Avenue. I'm not sure they have cocktails. It's more funky and sometimes loud. Good food. There's this restaurant on Clement and 8th Avenue, I think Clement Grill, definitely cocktails, very reasonable. If you want to splurge, go to Cliff House, cocktail galore, or just go for the cocktail and get tiny appetizer plates.

Top-quality imported chocolate squares

What is the "Made in France warehouse sales"? When is it? Where is it?

Sixteen Mile House - Millbrae - delicious?

Update: My friend had the regular cut prime rib. It was very tender. It comes with a choice of two from a list of six: rice pilaf, fresh vegetable, cream corn, Idaho potato, etc. I had the orange roughy, nice and flaky. The "real" sourdough bread was nice and warm. Service was great and attentive. Food just came really fast. They have an early bird $16 special on T, W, Th, & Sun from 5 to 7 p.m.

Cold Kimchi Soup

Where is Ohgane?

What's the name of Korean Restaurant in South San Francisco with all-you-can-eat small dishes?

yes, that's it. Thanks.

What's the name of Korean Restaurant in South San Francisco with all-you-can-eat small dishes?

A friend was telling me that there is a family-owned Korean restaurant in South San Francisco, near Grand Avenue that has all-you-can-eat small dishes with your entree during the week day. He said that the restaurant replaced the popular sandwich place with submarine sandwiches with the fresh garlic spread. Anybody heard of such a place?

Bushi-tei, a report

I was really impressed with Bushi-Tei. The waiter explained the name means "samurai dining." The decor of the wood came from Japan. To start, we were given fig wrapped with prosciutto. Interesting combination. The bread was a small, crunchy baguette-like with roasted brown rice baked in and some sort of seaweed chip. I had the gnocchi with lobster sauce and crab. I loved the sauce, yummy. Someone ordered the pork loin, which was tender with a yummy sauce and the fresh cream potatoes was delicious. Another person ordered the duck. My bite seemed a little tough. Another person ordered the salmon, nice and flaky, not overdone. The experience is such that my taste buds were really happy. For dessert, we ordered the flourless chocolate soufflé with milk ice. The chocolate was intense in flavor, but just okay. We love the black sesame pudding with fresh coconut sauce. Yummy and light. Reminds me of crème Brule's richness, smoothness, and lightness. The waiter was so nice to give us a truffle and coconut bite size macaroon. Yes, I love the bathroom. That's an experience in itself. The chopsticks were so mismatched that I couldn't pick up the food.

Best Frozen Yogurt in Bay Area? (a.k.a. "Froyo")

I tried the froyo on Fillmore St., SF, (near Safeway, near Geary, across from the Subway sandwich). Sorry, I don't have the exact address. They only have three flavors: Plain, Peach, and something else. I really like the plain. It's very yogurty and tart. It is about $4.00 or so.

Looking for green tea cake

I ended up with getting the green tea cake at Sheng Kee on Irving St. (SF). It was a white cake with green tea mousse icing and filling. It was a bitter icing. You really have to like green tea to eat it. It wasn't very sweet. The cake was nice, dense, and light. The children at the party, definitely, didn't like it. The adults didn't eat the icing.

Gilory Garlic in San Francisco?

Try 20th Ave/Geary or 23rd/Clement fruit markets. Chinese garlic looks too perfect, too uniform. I'm thinking the "real" garlic is "irregular" size and a lot more fragrant.

Looking for green tea cake

Looking for green tea cake that's not too sweet to bring for a birthday party in Alameda. Any good bakeries in San Francisco, Oakland, or close to Alameda?


Can you suggest restaurants in San Francisco that has no MSG? I'm looking for restaurants in the low cost end, Chinese, Mexican, or any ethnic restaurants. I usually go to Chinese restaurants and asked them to hold the MSG. I noticed Taqueria Cancun's vegetarian burrito must have some MSG, because afterwards, I'm really thirsty. Thai Food is usually okay. Bucca De Bippo (misspelled) must have some, because I'm very thirsty afterwards.