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Steak House To Open In Medford Square

Architectural plans released:

Homemade Corned Beef Hash-Boston Breakfast

Friendly Toast in Kendall Sq. makes their own.

Danish Pastry House -Medford

I was there for the buffet brunch yesterday. Pricey at $15, but I decided to go for it anyways. Brunch included scrambled eggs, cinnamon french toast, pastries, breads, bacon, sausage, paninis, meats, cheese, yogurt, granola, fruit, etc. I left satisfied and full.

For one plate of food, probably not worth it. For 2-3 plates if you're hungry, sure, why not. I'm glad DPH is in walking distance of me and would much rather have this place than another starbucks or dunkin donuts.

Steak House To Open In Medford Square

And a chain to boot. Kind of depressing as Medford Sq. has loads of potential.

Steak House To Open In Medford Square

A restaurant is still coming to Medford Sq. Just not the one people originally thought. Coming soon as Salvatore's. Not very exciting at all. Wonder how they will fair with Il Faro around the corner.

scroll down a bunch.

Where to buy Whiskey Stones?

yup. $20 if i recall correctly.

Best beer in the Berkshires?

Try anything from Berkshire Brewing Company, especially coffeehouse porter. There are a lot of little brewpubs in near Amherst/Northampton. Stop in and get a growler filled.

Nov 25, 2009
Calico Jack in Beer

Breaking the Fast at Highland Kitchen - with gusto!

It rang in around $12.95 if i recall correctly.

Breaking the Fast at Highland Kitchen - with gusto!

That's exactly the same delicious meal I had on Monday night!

Tapatio hot sauce

Shaw's and Star carry it.

Who makes the best clam pizza?


Nørrebro Bryghus beers in RI area?

I would try Yankee Spirits in Attleboro. That's probably your best bet.

Dec 12, 2008
Calico Jack in Beer

Bartley's Re-Opened

I was just thinking about Bartley's this past weekend and how I hadn't been there in about a year or so. Glad their back up and running

"Roadhouse Craft Beer and BBQ "

I have also heard that. I'm not sure about asthmatic, but their is a Hasidic temple and school across the street--that could have something to do with it.

Brew pubs and tapas

I'll second all recommendations from PB.

Best Beer Store in Boston?

I think Downtown is coming around, after a long time of mediocrity. They had such a large selection that half their inventory was outdated because it didn't move. They also have higher prices than Liquor World, which is down the block and has a similar selection.

Having warm beer is not a problem. I don't understand your obsession with this it, unless you like to grab and go.

Best Beer Store in Boston?

I'm not sure there is one "best" store--there are a good number of stores with excellent selections. It all depends on what you're seeking out. The blanket statement that was made is incorrect.

Wine Gallery
Liquor World
Marty's (Newton)
Blanchard's (Allston)

Best Beer Store in Boston?

"easily boston's best beer store"

maybe one of the better, but in no way is it easily the best.

Gran Gusto: big crowds, and a pizza that actually trumps the margherita

the bridge is open to pedestrians. walked over it about a week ago.

Good beer in cans, in Southern California?


Oskar Blues would be your best bet I think.
Brooklyn does their lager in cans, but I don't know if they make it out there.

Sep 03, 2008
Calico Jack in Beer

Portland OR Brewpubs

I was out there at the end of July and hit about 7 places. Tops on my list included Deschutes, Lucky Lab, and Laurelwood. All three have top notch regular lineups.

I also made it to Full Sail, Roots, Green Dragon, and Hopworks Urban. The drive from Portland to Hood River along the Columbia is so scenic. Sit out on the deck at Full Sail if you can.

My buddies brother lives in Portland and has mentioned that the Rock Bottom brewer has been pretty on point as of late.

Sep 03, 2008
Calico Jack in Beer

David Drew : new chef @ cambridge brewing company

Couldn't agree with you more about their line-up, though they don't really have much competition. Their food has always been a disappointment in my opinion.

Fresh Pond - old Ground Round?

Nothing can seem to stay in business there. it was a ground round, then tin alley, then ground round again. it'd be interesting to see what's going in there. I don't particularly care if the Dunkin' is gone as theres one just around the corner and Kappy's sucks compared to the store across the street next to Whole Foods. I will miss the Newbury Comics though

Beer Growler at Whole Foods on Houston St.

I've had growlers last up to 5 months with the cap sealed tightly and wrapped with electrical tape. It also depends on what the abv of the beer is as higher abv beers can age longer. If you're planning on holding it for awhile, rest the growler on it's side--less oxidation can occur where as if the growler is upright the air space in the cap has the slightest chance of oxygen penetration.

Jul 16, 2008
Calico Jack in Beer

Beer Growler at Whole Foods on Houston St.

standard industry size.
half gallon or 64 oz.

Jul 15, 2008
Calico Jack in Beer

Which are your fave spots in the Porter Sq. Exchange building?

definitely sufficient and tasty at a very decent price. And what's better than a sushi bar?

hidden italian BYOB?


Finger lakes advice needed

I was just up there with my family for the 4th of July weekend staying at our cottage on Canadaigua Lake. Had a very good meal here (the online menu is a bit outdated):

Nice selection of Finger Lakes wines.

Jul 10, 2008
Calico Jack in Wine

JP Licks - H Sq - Opening Th

HA. good question!

Beer Growler at Whole Foods on Houston St.

About 4 months ago the Whole Foods had a Sixpont tasting. They had 5 taps pouring from their kegs and one pouring from their cask (Brownstone). They were filling growlers from the cask. Maybe they've done away with the cask since then? I haven't been back since as I don't live in NYC.

Jun 17, 2008
Calico Jack in Beer