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MSP-Kings Wine Bar 46th and Grand

I jwent to King's last night for the first time and it was great. Two girlfriends and I went for drinks but ended up staying for dinner.

We had wine by the glass, as well as sake-tinis. I really liked the Malbec I tried.

We shared the home made tater tots, which were awesome. These were oversized bites of flaky potato with bits of bacon and cheese mixed in. Not your traditional tot, but a treat non the less.

I had the grilled cheese which came on a crunchy foccacia and was delectable, with a small side salad. My friends had the BLT and Seared Scallops, which they loved.

It was packed on a Thursday night. We got there at 6ish, just in time for a table. The service was great, except for an odd girl who was filling water glasses and whisked my plate away while I was still eating the last bite of cheesy goodness.

I'll go back soon.

Bar La Grassa:6 Days in, pretty smooth, greatness potential definitely there. [msp]

We had a big birthday dinner there last night. The food was wonderful, but the service was mixed at best. We were a group of 12 and we were given two waiters who were like night and day. One was helpful and pleasant. The other was cranky and neglectful. Cocktails and wine seemed to take forever to come. And the waiters weren't talking to each other, so we got asked about every order and refill at least twice.

At one point during the meal, I wanted a glass of wine. The crabby waitress made a face when I asked for the wine list back, so I got a glass of Chianti. A few minutes later, I decided I should just get a bottle for the table. When I asked her to cancel my glass, she said "Good, I forget to put in the order anyway." Sheesh.

But the room was gorgeous. And I really enjoyed the food. For appetizers my husband and I shared the proscuitto and also the soft egg and lobster bruschetta, which was rich and heavenly.

I had the gnocchi with cauliflower and orange. It was pan seared just like they serve it at 112 Eatery, with a velvety sauce. The small order was more than enough for one person. My husband had the veal tortellini, but the large order was kind of skimpy and the sauce wasn't great. He ended up finishing off my gnocchi.

For dessert we had the crispelles, which are now my new fave dessert in town. Buttery, rolled up crepes in a caramel sauce with vanilla ice cream. Divine!

I know we were a big party, but the bad service was really unfortunate. Two waiters should have been able to handle us, easily. I'll go back for the gorgeous handmade pastas, but only in a small group.

112 Eatery
112 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

MSP - Barrio Taco Truck in 2010!

Good idea, tex.s. It's inexplicable to me why a city would deny its residents such a quintessentially urban experience. I moved here from NYC a few years ago and actually joined Chowhound there originally to follow recommends on where to get good street food. It's such a part of urban life.

Maybe if we hounds support on any trucks we hear of we can make a difference.

And turtlebells'a friend should totally start a noodle truck!

MSP - Barrio Taco Truck in 2010!

This is great news.

But why, why, why is there no street food in the city of Minneapolis? Do city officials not look outside on a summer afternoons and evenings and see the throngs of people on every street downtown and uptown? Why not have tacos trucks and brat carts and tamales wagons when everyone is out and about in social summer mode? Couldn't the city make money on the licenses? Wouldn't it create jobs? Is there some movement I can join or petition I can sign to help change this?

Candy Store (MSP)

There's Candyland in downtown MPLS of course. But for something different, there's a candy store in the Mercado Central on E. Lake St. that has bins of Mexican candy. It's fun to try the unusual flavors. The staff is really friendly.

MSP: Cupcake Search

I had Cupcake's cupcakes at my wedding. We got both the Triple Vanilla and Triple Chocolate. They were made fresh that morning, and were moist and out of this world! I highly recommend them. Also, we had about 2 dozen left over, and they were great even 3 days later.

MSP- PYO Blueberries

Bauer Berry Farm in Champlin has great blueberries. But they don't allow kids under 6.
I picked from them two years ago and plan to go again this week.

Peach, Tomato, and Sweet Onion Salsa

I made this and added diced jalapeno and cilantro, to give it a little more bite. It's perfect for summer, fresh and sweet. Served it with chicken for dinner, and there's enough leftover to snack on with chips. Yum.

Jul 16, 2009
mankymiss in Recipes

Buttermilk Chicken with Peach-Tomato Salsa

I made this on a grill pan for dinner. It's a nice southern comfort food meets southwest flavors recipe. The chicken was moist, tasty and nicely grilled on the outside. I added diced jalapeno and cilantro to the peach salsa, which is sweet and fresh, but needed a kick IMHO. Served it with a black bean and corn salad for an easy summer dinner.

Jul 16, 2009
mankymiss in Recipes

Favorite summer sandwich recipes?

I'm eating lunch at home a lot this summer, and I like to keep things simple and light. But I'm getting bored with my standby sammies. So, I'm looking for your fave sandwiches that involve little cooking.

One of my current faves is Grilled Prosciutto-Mozzarella-Fig Jam on whole wheat Italian bread, adapted from a Chow recipe.

Have anything new for me to try? I'll report back on the ones I make.


Jul 15, 2009
mankymiss in Home Cooking

MSP - Burger Jones opens today

I went this week. Service was terrible, our waiter took our drink order, then didn't come back for 15 minutes. Once we finally got our drinks and had to ask for water, he took our order, which didn't come for another 45 minutes.

But the burgers were good. I got the bacon cheese burger which was juicy and big. I tried my friend's veggie burger which had nice big pieces of mushroom and chopped nuts in it. It had texture but was moist, not crumbly. She loved it.

Also the onion rings have a thick, crunchy breading and are very good.

I'll hope the bad service was just a start up problem. I'll go back.

MSP - Rehearsal dinner in Downtown MPLS?

Thanks everyone! This is extremely heplful.

MSP - Rehearsal dinner in Downtown MPLS?

Anyone had any good experiences eating out with a big group lately?

My wedding is in June in Minneapolis, and I'm looking for ideas for where to have the rehearsal dinner. Everyone's staying downtown, and I'd like dinner to be close. There will be 22 at dinner, and 5 of them are kids. So I'm looking for something casual and fun.

Suggestions so far:
Joe's Garage - roof patio - I like that space, but not sure if i love the food there.
Solera's roof - not that kid friendly
Red Stag - maybe to grown up

112 sans reservation (Minneapolis)

There was just a post on this a few weeks ago.Take a look.

MSP - Favorite sauce at the Strip Club?

We went to the Strip club in St. Paul for the first time last night. Great grass fed steak, great service. I had the NY strip with the Le Moulin Rouge sauce. It was really rich: wine, mushrooms and (I think) a lot of butter. I loved it. Anyone else tried their other steak sauces? Our server said the blue cheese is his fave, My fiance had the rib-eye served over greens with peanuts and green onions. Totally different and also yummy.

Walk-ins at 112 [MSP]

I've gotten a walk-in table for 4 there very early on a Fri. But you have to be standing outside when they open. Worth a try, unless you don't want to eat at 5P.

Best Indian food-Downtown Minneapolis

Good to know, I didn't realize there was a difference between the two. I've been looking for good South Indian with dosa, so I'll check out the Medical Arts location, too.

Best Indian food-Downtown Minneapolis

I like Bombay Bistro. Good, classic Indian with a great weekday lunch buffett.

MSP - Soul food/Jamaican at Midtown Global Mkt.

My chowboy and I had a great lunch at the MGM on Sunday. The Jamaican/soul food place is one of our faves. I had the veggie roti and super-buttery mac and cheese. He had catfish, with fried okra and hush puppies. We're both from the south and really miss our comfort food. And I miss Caribbean food, after living in NYC, where it's easy to find.

Any good recos for soul food or Caribbean or both?

I've searched the board, but didn't find much for Caribbean. I've been to Victor's for Cuban, but I'm thinking more West Indies style cuisine.


Tuscany - restaurants around Arezzo?

Planning a trip to Tuscany in mid-June with a group of friends. We'll be staying at a villa in Pergine Valdarno, near Arezzo, for a week.

We're planning day trips to Florence, Siena, Montepulicano, etc., and I'm doing well with restaurant recos in those towns. But what about near our villa? I'm guessing we'll want to spend a few evenings near home. And I'd love to find a great local place we could go to a few times.

I plan on getting the Slow Food guide, but would love any 'hound recos.

Also - good local olive oil, butchers, or vineyards would be great.


Mar 12, 2008
mankymiss in Italy