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Burger's Priest 3rd best according to Zagat

More likely a TPH crackdown. You can't have seating unless you offer a bathroom.

deep fried nanaimo bars at The Ex

Deep-fried nanaimo bars were listed in the CNE program, but it was a mistake (or at least it was on opening day). Maybe someone took up the challenge?

Fennel Pollen downtown Toronto?

I bought mine at the Spice Trader on Queen St W. (see online, it's $19.95):

Spice Trader
805 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Does anyone remember the Tex-R-Cana Burger (sp?) from Toby's Good Eats?

I lived on fries with cheese as a teenager....I called the remaining Toby's (411 College, just east of Bathurst) and they still serve it. It's spicy salsa and hot melted cheese (aka Toby's famous cheese sauce)

North Bay

I had falafel and a za'atar manakeesh at The Cedar Tree (Lebanese http://www.cedartreelebaneserestauran... 183 Main St. E.) when I was there over Easter. Cheap and casual. There's a newish Sushi Island at 169 Main St that's popular with students. Twiggs coffeeshop has two branches now: . It's super simple but I like getting sandwiches at Demarcos Confectionary (Italian grocer with old-school lunch counter) at 348 Algonquin. Spotted Vietnamese pho spot Miss Saigon across from Value Village but didn't pop my head in. Indra's Curry House at 454 Main St. E. looks promising:

Restaurant that serves good seafood but can also accommodate seafood allergies and vegetarians?

Maybe somewhere Chinese like Lee Garden: where you r dad can feast on shrimp, lobster, crab , while you guys have noodles, rice, tofu, veggies, greens (beef/chicken?


Lee Garden Restaurant
331 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2E9, CA

Authentic Nigerian food - Toronto or GTA

MJ's BBQ + Suya in Brampton - great food, lovely people. Not a "restaurant" - mostly takeout with a handful of stools around window counters. Suya chicken/suya beef are what you want - grilled meats in a peanut/ginger/chili spice blend. I've only ever gone for a meat fest - can't speak to the sides (potatoes and rice). Haven't been to B's Place for years, but it is perenially popular and has a wider menu.

Mj's Bbq & Suya
361 Parkhurst Sq, Brampton, ON L6T0C2, CA

Mother Dumplings - new location

One thing that may be confusing people is that although the space is way bigger, the seating has only gone from 23 (Huron St.) to 39 (Spadina). They can't currently afford to be licenced for more than 39 seats (need more washrooms and to comply with other city regulations) -- even though there seems to be a huge amount of wasted space at the back and an inefficient table layout. I, too, hope they rise to the new location, get more staff and return to focusing on great dumplings (including frozen)

Nashville: Kurdish food + lattes

Thanks TLF - will head straight to Crema. I see you guys had a Thursday Night Throwdown/Latte Art Competition in May @ Ugly Mugs - not sure if it was a one-off or a regular thing but hopefully U.M makes a good coffee, too. And thanks Pete K - will do Al-Rasoul and Dunya Kabob.

Nashville: Kurdish food + lattes

I'm honeymooning at the end of Feb. in Nashville/Memphis + have most meals staked out. But I'm looking for leads on any Kurdish restaurants - possibly Al-Rasoul is a resto/grocery? And ordering tips. I'm from Toronto + absolutely can't live without my local "espresso bar" (some place that's independently owned, makes espresso-based drinks, tops them with latte art - as a sign of their commitment to their craft - doesn't serve food except a few baked goods)> Thanks

Dosa Dosa??????????????

That's the spot where Pizza Pizza test-marketed its "Chicken Chicken" concept a few years ago. (It failed, although the sweet potato fries were decent.) Because it's a shared space (unless they've renovated) with different cash counters and no walls, I'd guess it is a Pizza Pizza experiment - though the area is mostly home to Bengali/Pakistani spots. Will definitely keep an eye out for the opening.

vegan breakfast places?

Live Organic Food Bar (Dupont and Spadina) does Sunday brunch from 11-230

Caplansky's request

I actually had takeout last Wednesday - however I ate a sandwich and soup first, then requested a second sandwich to go.

Zaatar pita in Toronto

The best place for pita with zaatar is Lebanese Bakery at 2059 Lawrence Ave E in Scarborough (southeast corner of lawrence/warden). They have a couple dozen types of manakish, including a couple with zaatar. They have some mini ones ready to go at the front counter but you'll want to order yours fresh and eat it hot.


Coming west for a few days, passing through Lethbridge on route to very southern Alberta. Any must eats? Have rounded up a few Vietnamese leads (Saigonese, Song Thuan, Kim Long), a possible Mexican or is it Tex Mex (Casa Mayas, maybe it's gone?), a crepe place (YoYo) -- and that's about it. Can anyone advise?

Muslim Chinese food

Yes, Ooohlala, Silk Road's owner speaks Mandarin and has mainly Chinese customers. He didn't do buns/breads last time I was there but that was a few months ago.

XinJiang BBQ Restaurant is 3330 Pharmacy Ave (north of McNicoll) 416-493-3398

Muslim Chinese food

Silk Road is a gem. Tiny (a handful of tables), only open late afternoon + sparse menu but they grill their cumin lamb over charcoal behind the restaurant and make their own noodles. Last time I was there they'd created some new dishes that weren't on the menu board - so ask. It's run by a Uyghur family. There are at least two Chinese-owned Xinjiang restaurants in Scarborough/Markham - tried some of their food at the Asian Night Market in the summer but haven't gone to the actual restaurants (don't have details handy but something like Xinjiang BBQ Resto and New Xinjiang Restaurant). There's a fourth place - Chinese Muslim chef (not from Xinjiang, but from neighbouring province)....but start with silk Road.

ethiopian suggestions

Oops - my mistake. I was in the neighbourhood last night and realized LALIBELA is fine and intact. The place I ate at last 2 times is three doors west of it on the same side of the street. Not sure what it was called recently but it's now called Adam - it has 3 or 4 booths in the window and in the summer they open the big picture windows and it's like eating on the street. Sorry about the mistake.

ethiopian suggestions

What part of town do you live in, how far will you travel?

The main strip of Ethiopian restaurants is along Bloor St. W. between Ossington and the west site of Christie Pits. There are a bunch of places and they change names and owners frequently. (I used to live right here and went to Selam, which became something else, and then Lalibela which was something else last week)

Now I live near the Danforth and go weekly to Dukem at 950 Danforth between jones and donlands. There are others along Danforth heading east (not concentrated like on bloor). There's one that advertises in NOW called something like Abay Fawfate - I've gone twice and they wouldn't give me food. Said both times they had none left (one was Friday at 6pm, the other was a weekday at a similar time). Ethiopian Village has been written up lots on this board.

There are a few others - Ethiopian House and the one on Queen W near the Drake whose name escapes me. They tend to be pricier.

What to order? Ethiopian menus here are straightforward and don't vary too too much. Go with a vegetarian sampler (usually 5 or 6 dishes) and/or a meat (lamb, beef, chicken) sampler. Figure out which dishes you like, then go back and order them instead of a combo. A veg combo should be about $10, the meat one a tad more.

Hope that helps

BEST "Sunday Night Special" Prime Rib in TO?

The House on Parliament does Sunday prime rib dinners - $13.95. Prime rib + gravy + veg + mash + yorkshire pudding + bread pudding/creme anglaise. It gets packed every week, can't remember if you have to reserve or just show up early. Enjoy.

Aboriginal Food in Toronto

At powwows in northern ontario (that's way north of muskoka) i've had fried pickerel, fried pickerel cheeks, wild rice casseroles, fried bread with bologna, buffalo burgers on fried bread, moose pie, porcupine meatballs, corn bread, bannock, deer pie, corn soups. I took the Polar Bear Express train to Moosonee once and it was basically fish, game and all forms of fried bread - plus old grannies making bannock over campfires for tourists.

At the skydome festival, they have to abide by certain rules that might not apply at a powwow (ie not sure if they can serve fish freshly caught from lake nippissing or whether they have to sell farmed fish) but i've had bison burgers and tacos and fried bread/bologna and venison-type chili. It varies every year. Last year they had a "haute native/aboriginal/indian" restaurant as well as the food vendors but the details are hazy so it must have been a little more generically Canadian (farmed "wild" game and Ontario berries + wild rice) and not as memorable as the basic pow wow stuff.

wasn't in toronto during the era of a famous/semi-upscale aboriginal resto on richmond/peter or so, i believe - just west of where the Paramount is now. But others may remember.

Aboriginal Food in Toronto

There are no Toronto restaurants but a good local starting point is the Canadian Aboriginal Festival, coming up Nov 24-26 in Rogers Centre. They always have a good selection of food booths, run by different aboriginal catering companies from around Ontario, serving typical pow wow fare + beyond.

has anyone ever used Afghan Women's Catering?

They are lovely people making lovely food. We've used them a handful of times (more in their early days) for company lunches + it's always wonderful.

Afghan Women's Catering Group

It's enough to make one cry... (Mexican food article in Star)

El Jacalito sells carnitas by the kilo

Not the same vibe, obviously, as a specialized carnitas place but still very good

Haven't tried it, but they do barbacoa de borrego on Sundays

Aug 16, 2006
Gritseeker in Food Media & News

Worst Mexican Ever in Toronto - La Mexicana on Bathurst

The meal I had earlier this year at La Mexicana (the yonge/bloor branch) was an all-time low. Mediocre, unmemorable (but not awful) food marred by sullen verging on hostile waitstaff. A Mexican friend he told me he ordered guac there once and was served something so liquid it was basically soup. I believe the owners are a Mexican woman and her Chinese husband.

The best mexican we have is a little outside the downtown core + so still doesn't receive the praise it should despite reviews + praise: Rebozos (126 Rogers Rd. west of Dufferin), one table, a couple of stools and a "patio" -- and El Jacalito (1500 royal york Rd north of eglinton) in a strip mall basement. Really nice people at both. Really simple, delicious, inexpensive food at both.

Off to check out a new tamale/churros place in Mississauga.....

Eglinton Town Center

Shirin Kebab House - it's 1880 eglinton ave e, unit 69 -- it's on the north side of eglinton, just east of vic park and just west of the turnoff for the theatre. Killer Turkish kebabs.

Just a few Toronto questions, help me finalize make the most of my eating (I mean Conference)...

Like I said - I love Izakaya's chicken katsu curry. Other than J-Grill in Richmond Hill (which does katsu curries as well as japanese fast food rice burgers), I haven't found anywhere downtownish that does chicken katsu curry or does it well. Can you recommend somewhere other than Izakaya? I don't even consider Izakaya a "Japanese experience" - it's just a place I go for one specific, lovable dish.

Just a few Toronto questions, help me finalize make the most of my eating (I mean Conference)...

Forgot the obvious "canadian/upscale" (plus a view) choice for your "per diem blowout": Canoe

My previous links might not have worked so here are two:



Just a few Toronto questions, help me finalize make the most of my eating (I mean Conference)...

Izakaya is great - modelled on the Wagamama chain in England. I'm addicted to the chicken katsu curry. It's a beautiful room. Menu's online - it would also work for your group dinner (no raw fish, really just noodle bowls and stir-fried noodles and sweet curries).

Thuet's a good choice

I second Lee/Susur for the blowout meal. Susur if you like the ceremony and surprise of tasting menus (service can be haughty, you might be rushed to leave by a certain time and don't order any wine without knowing how much it is). Lee is just fun. Menus should be at Jamie Kennedy wine Bar - it's good, but not always a knockout - it's slip in on the weekend for lunch instead of dinner.

New upscale Mexican called Milagro opened this week very close to the convention area. Mercer and John across from Metro Hall. No word yet on how the food is - watch this board for reports

GreekTown has seen better days (I live there, and avoid it, heading a few blocks east for turkish, ethiopian, pakistani etc. instead) but with a group for a fun night out, people still like Mezes ( and Avli ( there is a lot of bad to mediocre greek on this strip so tread cautiously

I also second Beerbisto (if the menu appeals) for your group meal. Some of the dishes are fantastic + if you have a group that's willing to share.....


Visitor seeks Mexican/Puerto Rican/Soul food

Thanks. Will absolutely check out the big three (Frontera, Topolo and Salpicon) plus Dorado - and will scour Pilsen.

But do Chicago hounds not eat Puerto Rican or "soul food" (African-American that we don't have in Toronto - not Ethiopian/Somalian/Jamaican/Caribbean/African etc that we do have)?

Jul 17, 2006
Gritseeker in Chicago Area