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Fairway coming to Lake Grove in 2014

It really isn't a surprise that they landed in Lake Grove - it's only a surprise that it took them so long.

Shoprite on Long Island

Even though you'll be in Nassau, the Commack Shoprite is definitely one of the best SR's on the Island. It's basically the Plainview ones supersized.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

And A&P just closed 32 more stores, including 3 on LI. This is the Titanic right now, and hopefully the bankruptcy wasn't just rearranging the deck chairs.

Waldbaums: Never Fails to Live Down to Its Reputation

Shoprites are different, so what may be in one store may not be in another. The Hauppauge, NY Shoprite makes and bakes donuts and bagels from scratch and they are tremendous.

Waldbaums: Never Fails to Live Down to Its Reputation

A lot of A&P-owned stores look like that because they don't know how to put capital back into their stores. Stop & Shop may be cookie cutter garbage, but they put the money into improving their stores.

Waldbaums: Never Fails to Live Down to Its Reputation

A&P buying Pathmark tanked them both. Pathmark still had major debt, but it was showing signs of rebounding before A&P bought them, and even A&P had a windfall of their own from selling their Canadian operations in 2005 that would have been better off spent on their stores. Now, they ruined Pathmark and Pathmark ruined them.

Waldbaums: Never Fails to Live Down to Its Reputation

They may have been back in the day, but now they're just like the rest of A&P: garbage. Pathmark tanked them.

Shoprite in Scarsdale

Stop and Shop is too cookie-cutter. Once you've been in one, you've been in them all.

Shoprite in Scarsdale

SRS is a subsidiary formed by Wakefern, stemming from the downfall of the Big V group who owned a lot of SR's up there.

Shoprite in Scarsdale

It's a corporate-owned location.

Best Value Grocery Shopping in Westchester?

That seems to be the only knocks about the two different Shoprites. They're very stingy when it comes to anything related with coupons. Hauppauge doubles, but both stores will scrutinize the coupons over and over. It seems to be a Shoprite thing, and not just necessarily these stores.

Best Value Grocery Shopping in Westchester?

The Hauppauge one is different than the one they just opened in Commack. The Hauppauge one is on the corner of 347 and 111, the Commack one is right off the LIE on Crooked Hill Road.

Each Shoprite is individually owned and operated for the most part, but they offer the same sales. The Commack one is owned by the Greenfields (which own two other SR's in Nassau), while the one in Hauppauge is owned by someone else.

Best Value Grocery Shopping in Westchester?

You mean Shoprite? IIRC, if you're the person on the North Shore of LI, wait a few months. They're finally going to open one in Patchogue, according to the Town of Brookhaven. ( Apparently end of the summer.

Also, if you make trips out to western Suffolk, they just opened a decent one in Commack.

It's not quite the foodie supermarket that Fairway is, but for the most part, they're better than the A&P-owned stores, Stop & Shop and King Kullen.

Best Value Grocery Shopping in Westchester?

"Our biggest sale of the season!"

Looks like every other week, Stop & Shop. The increasing number of ShopRites will be the death of you.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

Shoprite is confirmed to be opening at least two more stores.

Commack - owned by the same people who own the two Plainview Shoprites (Greenfield?), and it will be right off the LIE.
Uniondale - in an old Shoprite that was closed down a few years ago

Also Patchogue is either a rumor or a secret at this point.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

And Stop & Shop is basically doing the middle-of-the-road thing better than A&P does. They're going to have to make sure Stop & Shop or Shoprite don't overtake them in the only place they're indisputably #1 (NYC and LI) - otherwise they're done for.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

There's two IGA's in my town, both really small. One is relatively decent, and the other is just a hole.

There's also another IGA in Oakdale that I remember had the aisle and department signs from an old Stop & Shop. I have no idea if they still do, but that place was pretty bad too.

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

I will be so glad if Shoprite ever opens in Patchogue (supposedly in the old Home Depot according to a local civic association). Pathmark and Waldbaums are just different names for the same old A&P crap, Stop & Shop is so cookie cutter (although IMHO, it is better than A&P), and King Kullen is a joke.

New hot dog place on Rte. 112, Coram/Medford?

The more I think, the more I love those fries. They're cooked perfectly, mesh well with everything on the menu and they're an scrumptious oddity in LI's frozen yellow french fry wasteland.

Had a deep fried Snickers with a coupon - batter needs to be slightly sweeter or it needs a dollop of vanilla ice cream, but otherwise it was delicious.

The prices are very reasonable for LI - especially considering the quality (pretty much everything is fresh) and amount of food.

New hot dog place on Rte. 112, Coram/Medford?

I love this place. I had a chicken breast sandwich with lettuce, pepper, pickles, sour cream, cole slaw and salsa. It was amazing, and the sandwich roll was able to hold all the toppings reasonably well.

The fries really grew on me during the meal. I'm not usually a type of the earthier fries, but these got better as they cooled slightly.

Overall, this will probably end up in my regular rotation of fast food lunches.

Patchogue-Medford Trip Report

I didn't mean Mangia Mangia was good. I meant Delfiore and Muchachos were good.

Patchogue-Medford Trip Report

Mangia Mangia is indeed owned by the same person that owns Delfiore. They also own Muchachos Mexican Grill which is closed for renovation. I've heard repeated complaints about Mangia Mangia's service, but everything else they own is good.

As far as pizza goes, I haven't really cared for La Margherita much since Cafe Gia in the S&S shopping center opened. Delfiore is really good.

TJ's is indeed good and I especially like their Louisiana Lightning (cajun chicken hero with lettuce, tomato, onion and a spicy thousand island sauce they call Stealth).

We need WEGMAN'S!!! (And how does it compare to Fairway?)

I would imagine if Wegmans was interested, they won't want to reveal their cards so early.

We need WEGMAN'S!!! (And how does it compare to Fairway?)

Wouldn't Long Island make a lot of sense? There's a decent amount of space in Suffolk, particularly in the middle of the Island, and I would imagine some prime real estate would open up if The Source ever tanked (which is quite possible).

Best Burger

I had Frank N' Burger on Middle Country Rd. (Rte. 25/Jericho Tpke.) in St. James today. Burger is cooked medium-rare and seasoned with garlic and pepper and there's a helluva a lot of customization you can do with your burger. Plus, they have great waffle fries and the price is reasonable (under $10).

If you like hot dogs, they also have the Frank N' Dog with ketchup, mustard, pink sauce, sauteed onions, ham, pineapple, mozzarella and crushed potato chips. They also have smoothies but I haven't had them yet.

Cafe Gia in Medford - pretty darn good

I live right down Station Road so I've had this place many times. Their pizza is pretty damn good as well and their application of meatball topping is a bit different than the other places' dry slices. It's finely chopped and moist and complements the pizza perfectly.

It's somewhat pricey but not too much so but it's worth it.

Coconut M&M's in Westchester?

Try Rite Aid for the M&M Coconut.

Greek Food in Suffolk County?

I like Pita House on 112 in Patchogue.

Top Split Hot Dog Rolls - LI

Try Stop & Shop. They usually carry Pepperidge Farm's (8-pack) and their own (in a 6-pack).

Stamford - Bye bye A&P, hello Fresh Market

At least for this particular store, the article says it's still operated by A&P. I think they're renovating it to their A&P Fresh Market format.

"Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., parent of A&P, Waldbaum's, Super Fresh, the Food Emporium, Food Basics USA, Pathmark and A&P Liquor, plans to reopen the store in September."

Continue to be disappointed.