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Italian in TO

speaking of Italian...any great, new Italian restaurants in town?
I am of Italian background and dine at many good Italian places...wondering if anything new and exciting opened in the downtown core...or anywhere in the GTA...thanks in advance...!

8 Wine Bar - soft opening

do not underestimate the young(er) generation of wine lovers...see attached article in The Star...

Sunday brunch in Beaches area

hi all,
any recommendations?

8 Wine Bar - soft opening



any recos? A.

cocktails, mid week evening, 5-6 girls, mostly single

with music, some other form of entertainment...tapas style food...and please do not reco same old, same old KI!
thanks, A.

8 Wine Bar - soft opening

saw that too...good tasting note and funny too...we took tte menu and wine list (we collect them...) and looking at it's "confit"..."orange confit" under one of the that what you refering to, morrigan? one thing...the couple sitting beside us were reading the list out loud the other night...that list might be a small part of that bar's attraction, sincerely, A.
p.s. thanks all for the Moroccan restaurant recos for tonight!! have a good weekend all!

Kultura - Food anygood?!

been there twice and liked their small and many dishes...there's a bar dude mixologist who makes interesting, unique cocktails and has funky tatoos on his arms and great personality. A.


good morning,
just off to work, but happy as it's Fri....girls night out tonight and I am wondering if anyone could suggest a Moroccan place somewhere downtown...Had great food back in the summer when travelling in Morocco and have cravings for it...I work around King & Yonge, but the place does not have to be too near by, thanks a lot! A.

8 Wine Bar - soft opening

just googled "Eight Wine Bar" and found list