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Seriously tasty ' Shanghainese Style Bamboo ' by 'Full Fortune' from T & T

Sorry - I couldn't help myself ;)

Seriously tasty ' Shanghainese Style Bamboo ' by 'Full Fortune' from T & T

Well seeing as how it says "keep refrigerated".....

'Yang's', Richmond Hill - A quick ' ultra positive' update.

That has to be one of the silliest things I have read on CH in years....

Does Splendido only have multi-course fixed menus now?

Too bad you didn't mention it. That's a pretty basic execution error.

Ever since I first tasted Cumbrae's beef a year or two ago, nothing else compares (at least, not on this continent). I have a piece of Bavette from them in the fridge waiting for my hot pan tomorrow night, in fact!

Does Splendido only have multi-course fixed menus now?

Why would you not say anything?

Hua Sang in Vaughan

Went the other night with a small party -($10 corkage - great deal!) - we tried a few dishes:

Snow pea shoots w/ Garlic - well executed.
Chicken & Veg Chow Mein for my wife who is allergic to shellfish (more for me!)
Ginger/Green Onion 'fried' lobster - almost identical to the rendition on Baldwin, however, we all felt it could have used a bit more of the aforementioned ginger/g.onion - but it was perfectly cooked, moist tender lobster morsels.

Hope they do well here.

Where to dine near the Aga Khan Museum (Don Mills & Eglinton)?

Head over to Mt Pleasant and Eg - Churrasco Villa - awesome chicken!

Or if you are in the mood for some great beers and quite decent pub fare, there is Granite Brewery.

Peking duck in North York

We get ours from the shop at Finch and Leslie, but its not a 'real' restaurant - some tables, but more for take out.

Hua Sang in Vaughan

If they are in the same form of Hua Sang DT version (granted I have not been in 3-4 years) Congee Wong wont hold a candle.

Smart location, hope they bring it. Their green onion/ginger fried lobster from what I recall, was awesome.

edit - it appears they do a crispy beef w/ orange peel. Peters Chung King used to do a killer rendition back in the day. Anyone tried HS's?

Flor de Sal - bistro food/fine dining prices

I have tremendous respect for the simple fact that you are not hiding in your kitchen as so many chefs (who do by the way read these boards) do.

With that being said, if dubchild did in fact have issues, I would also have preferred that they address those with the manager/restaurant first and foremost and allow them the opportunity to handle the situation personally, prior to taking it to an online forum (I cannot comment whether this occurred or not)

Granted dubchild is simply expressing his/her opinion (and any interaction suggested above would not change it, granted how any issues were handled might invite a second visit, however).

My preference is to always give an establishment a first benefit of the doubt to address any issues at which point if still no satisfactory resolution, then perhaps bring it to the public's attention (as I did recently with Ici Bistro's abysmal showing - prior to the chef leaving town to 'regroup').

Toronto Ramen Roundup?

I am an admitted Ramen 'newbie'...

Is Kenzo still a good option? Looking for places preferably North of the 401.

Any specific ramen dishes they specialize in?

David Lee-new Nota Bene?

It is absurd on all levels.

That they would assume and decant ANY wine a customer brings in, regardless of color (some of my wines, specifically some Pinot's I do not want decanted!).

Let alone the insanity of mistaking a white for a red...

David Lee-new Nota Bene?

That my friend is absurd.....

And they actually decanted a white wine!?

David Lee-new Nota Bene?

That my friend, is absurd.....

We're you able to prevent your white from its decanted fate?!

I would look forward however to seeing the David of old, he really is one of the more talented chefs in the city.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

I don't recall seeing any Organic produce at the Woodbine location....ever.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

Except no organic produce....

Very easy to bring in organic shelf items. I will be impressed once they get their produce selection in order.

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

Couldn't 'find' it in the thread, surprised that there has been no mention of Barolo, an amazing (you guessed it!) Italian restaurant from back in the day.

Buster Rhino's Toronto Location

Or a really cute blonde!

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

Not a fan of the Chilean Organic berries, small, sometimes hard and not very good.

Ambrosia has some excellent organic blueberries, I think from Mexico - plump, juicy - excellent!

I will keep an eye out though - I typically taste before I buy so..... ;)

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

Organic blueberries? Fresh??? Not 2 days ago that I saw (I did get frozen ones though)!

Also their organic meat is not that well priced, I prefer to get my meat from Cumbrae's instead.

Lunch Delivery in Markham

Mexican.....delivery......in Markham!? Now that is funny.

Stick to Abruzzo's, try their Panz. Dante's is inferior and double the price.

There is also a small Italian joint in the commercial wasteland that is Hwy 7 & Dufferin area, the name eludes me, but visiting a few times with some local clients proved enjoyable during each trip.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

Curious what store that was at, Nevy.

I was at the Woodbine location today, and purchased some frozen Ontario blueberries, but saw none of the aforementioned greens (which I would be interested in!).

Theee best crispy beef in the GTA


And dont forget those shredded carrots!

Best Budget Pricing on Organic Free Range Antibiotic Free Meat in GTA

As well, if it is value you are after (and amazing product) try their beef cheeks (which you may need to order in advance) just ensure you allocate 4-5 hours of slow cooking (my Texas chili came out awesome with these) as well as theirs Bavette cut steak ($20 piece fed 3)

Oh and their bacon....don't even get me started!

Best Budget Pricing on Organic Free Range Antibiotic Free Meat in GTA

I have purchased organs (sweet breads) from Cumbrae's before and like all of their meat, they were excellent.

The stock I put in 'organic' however, is less and less these days as for the right price, organic 'certification' is easily had. Cumbrae's purchases from a small number of local farms (some of it their from their own) and it is all free range, antibiotic/hormone free, well fed meat. Considerably better than what I have had from Healthy Butcher or anywhere else for that matter in this city.

Ideas for a birthday party (table of 6) for this Sat night (Canoe is closed, Auberge du Pommier is booked)


Though it will be difficult to get a reservation with such short notice.

Best Dishes 2014

Best dish of last year has to go to a special Scaramouche had one night -

Hand made pasta - baby Nova Scotia shrimp, spring peas/ramps, uni sauce and segments atop.

Best Budget Pricing on Organic Free Range Antibiotic Free Meat in GTA


Is the quality on par with Cumbrae's though?

I have yet to eat a piece of meat outside of Italy that comes close to Cumbrae's

I would suggest for 'organic' (that term is so loose and not governed) chicken, Cumbrae's dark meet offerings are a good deal.

Best Budget Pricing on Organic Free Range Antibiotic Free Meat in GTA

I only buy meat from Cumbrae's now, but I am not sure I would consider them 'cheap'

Though I will say, if you buy dark meat chicken, their prices are not bad (around $3/lb).

I am not a fan of Costco's meat, I do not like any meat that is processed (see; tenderized).

From a beef perspective, we don't eat it often, but when we do, I can assure you the taste difference between Cumbrae's and elsewhere is significant. Go for some of the cheaper cuts - their beef cheeks are amazing as is their flank/skirt/bavette cuts.

Restaurant specialising in dishes with Fish Soup, in uptown Toronto - 2015 Jan edition

Perhaps shocking was a slight exaggeration, more so that a 'Japanese restaurant' would focus on Italian food...kind of like a 'Mexican restaurant' focusing on Lebanese food.

You are also assuming that I am not at least part if not a full bred Italian... ;)