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Sotto Sotto gutted by fire tonight!


Spit it out, Dean!

about 3 hours ago
Sadistick in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Dim sum

Thank you Charles.

I tried chicken feet for the first time about a year or so ago and really enjoyed them, so I will add that to the list!

BBQ Pork Puff I have had there and always enjoyed, along with the Har Gow. I will keep an eye out for the rest.

about 5 hours ago
Sadistick in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Dim sum


I am guessing the Yangs you refer to is the one on Bayview (the one on Leslie has declined rapidly in terms of its quality/consistency)

What are some of the stand-out dishes off their dim sum menu? Haven't been there in a good number of months and was curious given how quickly menus/chefs seem to change.



about 10 hours ago
Sadistick in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Does Splendido only have multi-course fixed menus now?

This must be an American thing, as they did not do that at his place in Paris. I can only imagine the revolt if a Micheline star restaurant in EU tried to fill you up on bread with any sort of lengthy tasting menu.

Robber no match for the owner of Barberians this morning...

Clearly the guy had a few loose screws, he evidently had no 'plan' per say, nor did he have much energy/fight in him, which leads me to believe he was some sort of addict looking for a quick buck (which is reinforced by Barbarian's comment about being a 'poor soul').

Where to buy fresh lump crab meat in GTA?

Easily one of my favourite stores!

Funny you mention Costco, as we call Seacore the 'Italian Costco'

Tons of amazing imported items from dried beans, to jams, vinegars, oils and every type of fish you can imagine (though a lot of the more unique stuff is frozen, which in many cases is fine).

All things eggnog

I have been a fan of the Harmony as well for the last few years.

Picked up my annual bottle at Ambrosia yesterday, really nice stuff.

All things eggnog

It appears as if they took it off starting in December (or perhaps Nov) as the last 4-5 months I have checked (or been) I have seen it there.

Perhaps it was not sufficiently seasonal.

All things eggnog

For the last 6 months or so I have seen it on their menu.

It seems to be as the pasta is, a staple.

All things eggnog

That is my wife's favourite main as well - consistently excellent.

Have you tried the smoked pork chop at the pasta bar? Equally excellent!


All things eggnog

Off topic, but what did you have as your main?

The new partridge (or was it pheasant....) main sounds quite nice.

I'll be there in a few weeks time.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

Do you bathe with it?

Duo Pâtisserie & Café - Markham - Quality Viennoiseries, Macarons, and Cakes North of the 401

The pastry on the bottom was quite thick for a Mont Blanc (I am comparing their rendition to my standard being from La Duree in Paris) so there is a need for something to cut through all that almond filling and counter it a bit.

Clearly I am not a purist :)

Where to buy Almonds?

I like the concept, though your prices are far too high.

I can get the same products (for example, the organic cali. walnuts) at 25% less landed) far cheaper.

Too bad, if it wasn't so overpriced this would be a convenient and smart idea.

My guess is their target is more the small business than the home consumer given their rebate levels.

Duo Pâtisserie & Café - Markham - Quality Viennoiseries, Macarons, and Cakes North of the 401

Made it over there the other day, granted only one visit so far, but some initial observations;

- They desperately require an additional front of house staff. One person taking orders and making each drink order, combined with 4-5 people in line make for a far too long wait.
- I ordered the following:

Almond croissant
Chocolate croissant
Monte Blanc

First, the pro's....

- I liked how they piped 2 lines of chocolate in the croissant.
- Almond croissant filling was generous and tasty.
- Mont Blanc chestnut puree was excellent

Now onto the not so good...

- Whether it was the recipe or the length of time in oven, the croissant pastry was not nearly 'fluffy' enough, as in, I had thick parts where no separation of pastry layers occurred.
- The filling in the Mont Blanc was fairly boring, what sounded good on paper was simply some whipped cream with some chestnut pieces in side (no hint of rum soaked nuts there).
- The Mont Blanc needed something to balance all the sweet - a hint of a tart jam on the bottom pastry crust above the almond filling perhaps...

Either way, a nice spot in a dessert wasteland, will try again and hopefully they will have ironed out some kinks by then.

Duo Pâtisserie & Café - Markham - Quality Viennoiseries, Macarons, and Cakes North of the 401

So given many of you have now been multiple times, I am curious as to opinions regarding favorites.

Now that the roads are plowed, I plan on heading there later today to stock up on some goodies for the weekend...

food shopping at Winners


Oh my....this is good, but bad.....lol

food shopping at Winners

mmmmm See's butterscotch lollipops..........

What's happened to Chung king on Spadina?


My family knew Peter quite well...If indeed THE Chung King has opened in pacific mall, I must head there in earnest to see if my beloved crispy shredded beef is the same, oh - I can dream.....

I still remember the days that he wore his bullets sitting by the cash....

Auberge du Pommier - a few notes:

I am not saying O&B has disappointed, just curious if they allow their higher end establishments autonomy in their raw material purchases.

Auberge du Pommier - a few notes:

This falls in line with my sentiment that next time (assuming there is one....) I will only order Apps.

As you noted as well, plating was gorgeous -

I am still curious where they get their meat from...I have a sneaky feeling it is not an artisanal butcher, but rather some larger conglomerate that O&B buys in mass from (though I am unsure if their business model allows for individual restaurants to source their own ingredients or if it is all done via HQ).

Auberge du Pommier - a few notes:

It certainly was not bad, but for that kind of money, I would head over to Scaramouche in a heartbeat.

The one highlight of the main was the 'side' of mashed potato with oxtail at the bottom, I did forget to mention that.

Also curious that a restaurant of this 'caliber' does not offer an Amuse....

Auberge du Pommier - a few notes:

Having not been here in a few years and after seeing much discussed as of late on the boards (though no actual reviews!) I decided to take some clients last night for a holiday meal.

As time does not permit me to, rather than an elaborate play by play as many of you so eloquently regale, some notes:

- Service was right on point
- Most apps were nearly perfectly executed - the mushroom/puff pastry/poached egg choice being the clear winner.
- Great pace of the meal, no feeling of being rushed

- Faint whiff of wood smoke when you arrive, fine - though it only strengthens as the night goes on, and you leave smelling like a camp fire. Clearly a need to address their ventilation system if they want to have open fires on the dining room floor.
- The beef - I ordered their beef main. I cannot recall the exact cut of meat, but surely it should not have been so tough/dry at my desired medium rare request. I wonder who supplies them, someone needs to give them Cumbrae's card.

While I would not rush back, it was a nice meal overall, great company, but I would stick with their Apps in future and perhaps assemble my own tasting menu with 4-5 options.

LCBO Vintages Nov 22 release: some notes

Not yet...

I did however open the '07 Bordeaux Dean suggested from last release. Quite nice indeed, esp. At $20.

LCBO Vintages Nov 22 release: some notes

Were you only able to get 2, Charles?

Every store appears to set their own policies - one I ventured to, after being told they had 2 left (subsequent to the visit I can guess it was the manager, who was absent 'for the day' when I spoke to his second in command) upon arrival was informed they were set aside for staff. I commented that I was told specifically that they are not able to put them on hold, thus my haste in arrival...I asked what the situation would be if say 6-8 staff expressed interest in their 12 allotment, would 1/2-3/4 then be set aside as well? I did not press the matter given the manager's absence but did walk out with 1 bottle at least.

Ridiculous how the LCBO handles these things. My father was able to get 6, others I know, cases - and you...2.

I did however snatch some of the Pontet-Canet ;)

Duo Pâtisserie & Café - Markham - Quality Viennoiseries, Macarons, and Cakes North of the 401

Assuming Mt. Swirley is the chestnut cake and that is chestnut puree piped out....if so, it reminds me of a dessert served at La Duree...mmmmm....must go soon.

Where to get Great 'Fruit Cake' in town?!

Sadly your liquor laden cake quest might be fraught with perils given as estufarian noted, the LCBO's vice like grip.

Strange however that Lowbalws can sell a 40% bottle of Angostura bitters but we cant get some nice boozy treats...

I would suggest doing some research and finding an authentic and tested recipe, heading over to Ambrosia or a store of the like and purchasing your organic materials, and create your own tradition.

Duo Pâtisserie & Café - Markham - Quality Viennoiseries, Macarons, and Cakes North of the 401

May have to check it out if rahier quality has moved up North

La Croisee - Delicious new 2014 Fall Menu and ' Rendez-Vous Gourmand' Prix-Fixe with wine pairing

Rude to ask for a spoon??? Quit the opposite in fact, they might have taken it as a compliment! Perhaps if you started licking the bowl/plate that may have been negatively misconstrued....

Vintages Nov 8 release: some quick notes

The Jonata was quite nice, needed time to open up, has many years in it still. Very interesting blend, I think 12 or 13 varietals make it up....