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LCBO VINTAGES release Oct 25/14: some notes

Guessing you picked up some of the Reisling from last release?

Fantastic stuff at only $25/bottle - curious as to the difference in the Saering as you mentioned as well.

Their Pinot Gris from about a year ago was excellent too - only 1 bottle left sadly!

Its here at last!! - Prima Taste 'Chilli Crab La Mian' ( Noodle in Sweet & Spicy Seafood Sauce)

It wouldn't be the first time!

Its here at last!! - Prima Taste 'Chilli Crab La Mian' ( Noodle in Sweet & Spicy Seafood Sauce)

I only based my comment on looks.

Either way, quit being so lazy and make some from scratch yourself! ;)

Surely there is a way to have a batch of reduced concentrate frozen with noodles on hand ready for the h2o.

Perhaps a new business venture, Charles....you in?!

Its here at last!! - Prima Taste 'Chilli Crab La Mian' ( Noodle in Sweet & Spicy Seafood Sauce)

Looks like glorified Mr Noodles


Most decadent dessert 2014

That first pic looks like that cake just threw up all over the plate...

Its here at last!! - Prima Taste 'Chilli Crab La Mian' ( Noodle in Sweet & Spicy Seafood Sauce)

Wonder how many day's worth of salt content are in this beast?

2014 Best Butter Tart Discussion

Though I am no connoisseur of butter tarts, I had an excellent rendition of one at the bakery under the 'boat' condo at Bayview and Sheppard this past weekend.

Super thin almost philo like crust, with a beautiful filling.

Scary good.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

Would really like to see Sterling butter again, haven't seen it in ages at the Woodbine location....

'Splendido' - 2014 Fall Chef's Tasting Menu featuring UNESCO Heritage French Classic,' Lievre a la Royale'!

I am not a huge fan of Champagne, but I would enjoy the Latour just fine with the rabbit, I have no doubt!

No surprise with the '90 still being young, it has a number of years of life ahead of it still!

'Splendido' - 2014 Fall Chef's Tasting Menu featuring UNESCO Heritage French Classic,' Lievre a la Royale'!

Thanks for the report Charles.

I wasn't overwhelmed when I was at TFL a few years ago, however a near neighbor of Kellers truly wowed me, which was Cyrus out in Healdsburg. Go if you ever have the chance.

Back to the matter at hand, it sounds as if I might have to give Splendido another shot, after the numerous execution errors we have experienced in the past, perhaps they have turned a corner.

I must ask though, you brought 2 great bottles, knowing you had to drive home....I dont get it! No way I would be enjoying that rabbit dish without some of that fine Bordeaux.

Curious to hear how the Latour is, I have some 89's and some '82's left and I havent touched either in a year or two.

Zen moving to J Town?

Looking forward to this, not too far; hopefully better than the izakaya in J-town currently.

Corkage and Chef's Table / Tasting Menu


Love getting him to sample some of what was brought and listen to him describe the wine; his latest description of some '04 Williams Selyem was almost poetic.

And it surely does not hurt that the kitchen knows how to make some consistently excellent food.

Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

Will check it out as its not TERRIBLY far....less so than my current go to Vietnamese - Pho Metro (Warden & Lawrence).

As an aside, I was at a client downtown the other day and we ended up in Golden Turtle, while better than say Pho 88 - it didnt hold a candle on Pho Metro...not sure what all the hype is about.

Corkage and Chef's Table / Tasting Menu

+1 Scaramouche

Ian knows how to handle fine wine.

best flavoured cakes at la rocca or dufflets?

No apologies needed, often times text is not the best method of communication.

........Or I simply did not elaborate sufficiently in my initial post ;)

best flavoured cakes at la rocca or dufflets?

Perhaps I should have clarified -

Years ago, when Dufflet herself first opened up a shop (was it on Bayview? I cant recall....) and had a small scale production, quality was fairly good.

Dufflet's is now mass produced and as such, quality has been replaced with the all mighty bottom line.

best flavoured cakes at la rocca or dufflets?

Many years ago, cant recall how long, think more than 4 however.

best flavoured cakes at la rocca or dufflets?

Dufflets was OK when she had her own shop (aka prior to 'selling out') and actually cared about quality.

La Rocca just tastes like sugar, all of their cakes I have tried just send jolts of sugar rushes to my brain, not enjoyable.

I would probably go a different route and get some smaller pastries from a patisserie (Rahier being top of list) and cut them in halves or quarters to share.

Wine discussion from LCBO

My favorites, sadly; are not available at the LCBO...estufarian's Clarendon Hills suggestion was a good one as well.

Wine discussion from LCBO

I will keep an eye out for those, love a nice Rioja.

Wine discussion from LCBO

Wine discussion from LCBO

I have not had the 2009, but I have had other vintages from them and most have been excellent.

The tasting note suggested that this, even though quite young, is a rather approachable wine, hence the suggestion.

If your range is $200-$400, perhaps you should clarify your preference in grape/region as a good stepping stone.

Wine discussion from LCBO

Price not an issue?


Going to be tougher to find older vintages though...this was just from a few minutes of searching.

Foodie stops in Markham

For dumplings, certainly go to Northern Dumpling Kitchen.

Their soup filled dumplings along with their steamed 'Pork and Fennel' (which is actually dill, something I have been meaning to tell them...) and pan fried pork and leek are all excellent.

Foodie stops in Markham

Not sure I would go to Ding Tai Fung, but more likely Casa Victoria for Dim Sum.

Tasco Appliances - stay away

You confuse 2 things -

1, the installation team

2, customer service

You make no mention of any attempts to contact head office and address your problem, so how would they have been able to even satisfy you in any way if you didn't give them a chance???

I for one would not use their install team (or any companies for that matter, unless they are directly trained by the manufacturer), - I had my contractor who has done 1000's of appliance installations do it and had no issues. I wonder if they contract out installs or have people on staff; either way, I am sure that head office would have rectified the situation had you given them a chance (they were great with the few hiccups of warranty related issues).

My Wolf kitchen is purring and I got a great deal at Tasco to boot.

Wine discussion from LCBO

I believe I had the 2007, though I might be mistaken....we too bought a case, though it is long gone, sadly.

Not sure it is worth the $40 price tag....after all this is a wine produced by students who are learning the craft (yes the quality is high, but part of the allure was the price:quality and the fact that this is a teaching college!)

NCT's late harvest ice wine was also a steal at roughly $25 for 375ml, but from your comments Dean, that is most likely doubled as well by now!

Wine discussion from LCBO

I will have to keep a look out for the Talbott.

Interesting facts regarding the Wente clone, I enjoy the Hirsch vineyard, probably amongst my top 5 from them.

Curious, you mentioned WS's Ontario Agent...I was under the impression that they had 0 distribution in Ontario let alone Canada, hence the constant struggle of bringing in their wines as I have them shipped to a warehouse in NY. Do tell!

Wine discussion from LCBO

There are a few reds that one can consider local that I have found over the years that have ranged anywhere from good, to borderline excellent.

I have been fairly impressed with the Pinot's and Syrah's from Lailey (though those were ones I purchased when at the winery years ago so I am unsure as to their distribution via the LCBO). Another diamond in the rough, though the consistency is in question was a Meritage from NCT about 4-5 years ago that was borderline excellent, and a steal for under $25.

The whites as mentioned are quite good (and consistent), Riesling and late harvest ice wines being our finest points.

I would like to try some more offerings from Hidden Bench given the frequency it is mentioned on this board.

At the end of the day, while we do produce some very good wines locally, I still will reach for say a Williams Selyem Pinot (or even one of their Chard's for that matter) over anything local as we still cannot achieve the same depth they can in say California or France and that is no fault of our own, simply geography.

Apple picking suggestions please?

We are headed there on Sunday - very excited, some fantastic (and unique) sounding varietals.