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Need a Jam recipe...

An abundance of Pears has led me to make an attempt at an amazing jam I once had in France consisting of Pears and Almonds.

I am unsure as to the form of Almonds (marzipan, ground almonds, or simply natural extract) and wanted to see if anyone could offer suggestions/advice.


about 16 hours ago
Sadistick in Home Cooking

Peter's Denial - Chicken Sandwich at Burger's Priest

In Japan they also serve chicken med-rare; not something you would see anywhere in this country, let alone NA.

about 17 hours ago
Sadistick in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Peter's Denial - Chicken Sandwich at Burger's Priest

I think that looks pretty gross to be (brutally) honest.

about 21 hours ago
Sadistick in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Buying great olive oil

I will be there with 2 y/o in tow, bright and early. He will be the little monkey running around with a small bag of raisins smiling and making friends with everyone and anyone :)

I have not. I tend to stick to Mike's produce and his procured items. We also often stock up on the Jamaican Patty's (though not the original, their Veg/Chicken/Aki&Cod are all excellent, organic, and very healthy) as well.

Buying great olive oil

Do you recall the price off hand?

I am not sure how warranted 'Organic' is for olive oil (though I need to do further research, I cannot imagine many 'pests' eating those acrid, tannic, raw olives, nor Green/Italian farmers wanting to spray their trees).

Buying great olive oil

Who carries the Greek Organic oil? The lady with the cheeses?

We go there every Saturday....I should check it out.

Buying great olive oil

Surprisingly the Spanish Kirkland Brand EVOO for the price, is quite good.

Recommendations on wine from the LCBO for a wedding?

I must have missed that.

Either way, simple confirmation of great palates and an equally great recommendation :)

' The Emperor ' - Closed for renovation! True or false?

You have to be pretty stupid to have (attempted to) built a brand and throw it all away in such fashion.

Then again not much surprises me anymore these days.

Recommendations on wine from the LCBO for a wedding?


A wise decision to supply your own wine; your palate and pocket book thank you.

Consider this suggestion my wedding present to you (a great find, that now the masses will know about!)

Though closer to the high end of your budget, at $14/bottle, it is a very good, easy drinking white.

Reds, I cannot, sadly, be of assistance in that price range as I tend to hover closer to $20 for my red 'daily drivers'.


The Sushi Bar - AKA - Dr. Sushi - 3369 Yonge St

Jimmy has moved now to Yonge North of Lawrence into a funky new space, but the sushi still is arguably the best cost:quality you will find.

Make sure to try the marinated Octopus/Clam 'beard' apps - great flavors/textures.

Also, though typically not a huge fan, his BC White Tuna Tataki with Yuzu Soy drizzle was fantastic!

Seafood and Fish Markets

A fish smell at a fish monger!?


BEST Liver and Onions

Me too.

They were a go to for us. So convenient, consistent, and a great value.

I want to try the liver from Cumbrae's (I have seen chicken, have to ask about Calf's) as so far, their meat has yet to disappoint.

Help a beer novice out

Not sure why it is not letting me reply to yippy, however;

Cans are ultimately fresher than bottles - not sure why you would suggest bottles....

BEST Liver and Onions

May have to check it out.

I haven't ordered liver at a restaurant since Herbs closed (the original incarnation) many moons ago.

Seafood and Fish Markets

The best I have found so far are City Fish and Seacore.

Shana Brand Frozen Foods?

Save yourself the hassle and just contact them directly.

Appears as if they have an office in Richmond Hill of all places:

Shana Foods Ltd (Canada)
180 Brodie Drive, Unit 1
Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
L4B 3K8

TEL: 1-905-883-1112

Capitol Event Theatre (Yonge and Eglington) -Service horrible, Food a Rip Off. Beware!!!!

If they were *really* smart, they would do so.

A little bit of sugar goes a LONG way.

Capitol Event Theatre (Yonge and Eglington) -Service horrible, Food a Rip Off. Beware!!!!

Marketing desires aside with the above post, what has new management done to address this poor lady's experience?

2015 Ontario Sweet Corn ?

I picked up some Non GMO (local) corn today at the market at $1/head

The Dr. Laffa story. What clowns!

Agreed - the early days out of the industrial building were the best to date.

Good and filling omakase... with a la carte/cooked menu as well ???

Zen is not omakase only. Typically I like to try one of their grilled fish neck options with a basic (typically sushi) Omakase. Last time I believe it was Skip Jack and it was one of the best yet.

They have other cooked and raw a la cart options as well.

Battle Of The Asian Open Air Markets!

Curious to hear if you go, Matt (specifically the Markham venue) and any standouts.

Going to be tough to get to with a 1 week old, but who knows, stranger things have happened!

Zen News

They had Uni in their Omakase (non-app/dessert version) last week.

The grilled Amber Jack neck was especially good.

Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

Glad you enjoyed.

I need to try their cold noodle dishes! Guess their soup dishes call me too strongly. Indeed a great spot. They make their own pork sausage in house which is quite awesome.

Keep exploring the menu, everything we have tried has been good to excellent and Vivian is a sweetheart and will steer you in the right direction.

Help Please - Lunch around North York Civic Centre

Not sure when that occurred but I took some clients there about 8 months ago and left quite underwhelmed.

Help Please - Lunch around North York Civic Centre

I just found that site and was about to edit, but you beat me to it.

Odd, indeed.

Help Please - Lunch around North York Civic Centre


I don't see it on their website....

Zen now open

Been a few times now.

Fantastic Sushi, though the service is only marginally above average.

Where to buy the best steak?

I don't even know where to start...!!!