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Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

I will have to try PQIVR out Charles, as it is also not too far from me. I agree about the comparison between Pho Metro and FMN, their Pho's are equally good, and both restaurants each have some special dishes. You mention Pho places in Calgary however in the GTA, I have yet to find a place that compares.

As an aside, I ask for less chili oil on the Bun Bo Hue, which would change things a lot (for you at least, given your feedback). Try their Chicken Curry Soup if you ever find yourself back there.

Morels 2015

Not a secret spot, but I found what might be classified as 'b-' grade chanterelle's and 'b+' grade morels (no worms which always garners bonus marks) at Loblaws. Regardless of appearances, they tasted great.

Any good Indian restaurants in North Toronto?

Snarky? Not so.

I had no idea however that such a slight misstep in my Thread topic name would garner such attention.

Estufarian, you are correct, Cuisine of India had some tough times in the last year or so, but prior it was consistent. Also agreed to the Copper chimney when it first opened, even superior I would say that CoI.

We will try out Adrak sooner than later, but ended up at Restoran Malaysia instead. Their dark meat curry app w/ Roti is awesome!

Any good Indian restaurants in North Toronto?

That's why we stopped going...

Any good Indian restaurants in North Toronto?

I a merely a stick from the Sadi tree.

Whatever do you mean Dud-ey? ;)

Any good Indian restaurants in North Toronto?

CH - Please remove the upper case N and T from the above title.

I dare not poke the Literarians further.

Any good Indian restaurants in North Toronto?

Says who? Some guy's website?

My 'North Toronto' is 401 North to Steeles.

Any good Indian restaurants in North Toronto?

Thank you all for the responses.

Yes, St. Clair is not exactly 'North Toronto' (least not in my dictionary), I was thinking 401 North type of thing.

Indian Cuisine used to be good a year or so ago, last I tried they were pitiful, same with Indian Kitchen.

Charles, I tried Chauhan not long ago, though the wait was horrendous, the food was decent, though not consistent(some dishes better than others).

An Indian friend of mine recommended Adrak, so we might give it a shot.

Doesn't seem like much else to choose from in the area...

Any good Indian restaurants in North Toronto?

I have yet to find any decent restaurants ever since Cuisine of India closed (the one on Yonge St south of Finch) years back.

Interested to see if anyone can offer any suggestions.

When can we expect fresh strawberries in Toronto

Anyone aware of a good (fairly local) place to pick Organic strawberries, or even a place that sells local Organic?

Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

I too had a good laugh at VV's response. Especially the part about his 'refined sensibilities' and his 'contraction of an MSG intolerance'.

Perhaps it is time you started a Youtube channel and show the world the glory that is; VV.

Terrific meal at Bareburger!

$140 for 4 adults and 2 kids, for burgers, salad and a shared dessert.....

This just does not like a winning equation. Then again I never understood going out for something so easily executed at home - but that's just me and so perhaps it has bearing on my previous sentiment.

$6 for a Cumbrae's short rib burger (I stocked up and ordered 20 for the freezer, so handy as they vac pack it for you), the rest is inconsequential; thank me later ;)

Ossignton - what are your favourites?


Golden turtle was not very good, I found the meat to be very grisly and broth just OK. Tien Thanh is much better.

Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

It is actually a different broth in the Bun Bo Hue than the Beef 'stew'. Bun Bo Hue has a lot of aromatics (lemon grass, ginger, shrimps, etc) whereas the Beef (I am nearly certain not the same) does not. From what I have gathered thus far, MANY of their soups have different broths, which is one of the reasons I love the variety (Pho, Bun Bo Hue, Crab Meat noodle soup, Curry Chicken soup - all different).

I cannot take VV's 'posts' seriously nor his opinions on quality of food, but perhaps next time VV just go across the street to Buzz Buzz pizza instead. It should provide a more basic, dietary suitable meal.

Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

Funny you should bump Forget Me Not up, though I would say that one was more a man made lake than a pothole.

We have been there at least once a month for the last little while. Vivian (one of the owners/managers?) is absolutely a delight, and her memory is amazing!

So far, their Bun Bo Hue, Pho, Noodle soup w crab meat, and chicken curry soup have all been thoroughly enjoyed. We haven't had anything to the contrary thus far.

Zen News

Depends how big of an appetite you have!

I wonder if one can forgo the chawanmushi and dessert and get extra sushi instead...

The Chippery potato chips

Suggestion if I may, Ray -


Zen News

Oh, they had it available, Charles. Simply not a part of the Omakase (the lady next to us ordered some of the Japanese origin on offer).

Zen News

From the few plates I saw, I can confirm with certainty, no Uni, and I believe no Ikura either (though the latter I am not as familiar with)

Zen News

I thought so as well, I have no interest in most desserts (certainly not ice cream) after raw fish and chawanmushi I can do without.

Plus a la carte you can get more Toro and 'm-Toro' ;)

When can we expect fresh strawberries in Toronto

Wow, didnt realize they were ready so soon!

Wonder if any of the pick your own places are open.....will have to check it out!

Caruso Gourmet Pizza --- Closed --- Bolton

Easily some of the best pizza around.

Amazing crust, fantastic crumb - awesome sauce - just great stuff!

Caruso Gourmet Pizza --- Closed --- Bolton

Take a drive to Airport Road South of Caledon and enjoy some of the best pizza in the area (dare I say, Province!) at 'Airport Pizza'.

Zen News

Went tonight for a quick a la carte dinner.

Ordered: Toro, M. Toro, Tuna, Hamachi, Fluke, Sea Bream, BBQ Eel, Uni.

By far the best sushi I have had on this side of the country.

Kasa Moto by the Chase Group now open on Yorkville Ave.

Typically unless stated otherwise, a 'bar bourbon' would be used, something standard - mixable even. It was not an advertised drink with Pappy Van Winkle, it was a simple mixed drink!

The point which you (apparently) failed to see is that if I ordered this drink at most bars, it would be in the range of $10-$15 - this one came in at over $25!

Kasa Moto by the Chase Group now open on Yorkville Ave.

But you are not comparing apples to apples, rather generic apples to passion fruit.

A Paper Plane is Amaro, Bourbon, Campari and Lemon - all fairly straight forward ingredients. You elude to a drink that requires expensive bitters, along with a lot of work/time invested into the other variables. The point is, the one I mentioned is simply mixing 3 spirits, and squeezing some lemon....

Cheaper yes, ridiculous; absolutely.

Kasa Moto by the Chase Group now open on Yorkville Ave.

Not a place I would venture out to.

A family member was there on the weekend for some drinks w/ friends, they charged him $80 for 3 'Paper Planes'...

Yorkville Robbery has now surpassed Highway Robbery.

Zen News

Sake is white, no?

My glass water bottle should suffice.....;)

Zen News

Wonder what policy would be on BYO....

Thinking of heading there on Wednesday.

Chowfind: Habiba -Steeles and Alness

I had no clue you dabbled in Interior Decorating as well VV!