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anyone else visit multiple stores to complete shopping trip?

pourboi, you assume I eat at home every night of the week.....assume for arguments sake instead, 5 nights per week at home.

I suppose I should mention that one member is 18 months old, though at times he eats more than his mother...

Typically at the market, I can get the weeks fruit and veg and eggs, though a carton lasts 2ish weeks, along with some nuts or dried fruit (they have amazing dried Cherries from Quebec) for $35-$40, the perhaps another $20 or so if a fishmonger is visited that week. We don't eat a lot of meat, and I will admit this doesn't count the twice a quarter stock up on $50-80 worth of random bits of meat, specialty cheeses, or random items like my beloved smoked tomatoes.

If you cannot feed a small family (well, I might add) for 5 days on $60, you are shopping in the wrong isles or the wrong stores....

anyone else visit multiple stores to complete shopping trip?

No idea how one spends (especially for 2!) $350 at whole foods, unless of course you are splurging and buying top line items or meats, seafood, caviar, etc!

Lately with how healthy we have been trying to eat at home, we only shop at 2-3 places:

Saturday Morning Organic Farmers market (get most of fruit/veg here/eggs/nuts here)

Ambrosia - Odds and sodds like milk, bulk raw products

The only chain I go to is Food Basics for their pizza dough (the best!)

Also City Fish and Seacore for seafood -

Oh and I can also feed a family of 3 for $50-60/week - that is 95% organic produce as well. I hate wasting/throwing shit out, and there is so much waste in today's society I try to be very conscious of that.

Chef's Knives ...

That has to be one of the worst websites I have seen since the one where you had to find the hidden links in the tree (might have been blacktree's) a year or two back.

Jacobs & Co.

How did I miss this one...

The name clearly tips the scales!

Duvel Belgian beer - now unavailable?

And while you do that, I will contact Delirium's agent as my thirst for a nice Belgium brew has been ignited.

Colette - Thompson Hotel

I am trying to avoid too much sweetness, so I will leave you 2 lovebirds to it and avoid a triangle.

Colette - Thompson Hotel

Can you 2 get a room?!


Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

As with our abysmal experience at Ici Bistro, the only reason I did not walk out was our waitress who was sweet, open and communicative (though they did have a few individuals serving our table, I would expect a single server however at establishments such as Scaramouche, Auberge, Splendido, etc.).

Small things that take such little effort can make all the difference.

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

While a lower tip may send a message, without some further communication; it's anyone's guess how that message may be interpreted.

If you want to make a point (and perhaps prevent this happening to you or others in the future) as others have eluded to, you need to speak with management.

If they have a clue how to run a business, they will ensure you are satisfied in one way or another.

Little Saigon - Richmond Hill

So did either of you try Pho Metro?

Headed there today for lunch after local client meetings!

LCBO Vintages July 19 release notes

Yah well my last bottle of Saz is half empty and the odds of getting more of it at this point in Ontario being fairly low......I decided to go big!

LCBO Vintages July 19 release notes

Yes except Elmer was nowhere to be found and I didnt mind trying this one out. Makes a mighty fine old fashioned! ;)

LCBO Vintages July 19 release notes

Speaking of bourbon - have you tried Rock Hill Farms?

Little Saigon - Richmond Hill

Well from your write up alone another trip is past due as they have indeed sawtooth coriander and lime (along with other regular additions), so perhaps some other things have improved as well.

Little Saigon - Richmond Hill

Check out Pho Metro

I would be surprised it you did not enjoy it.

Little Saigon - Richmond Hill

I do not claim to be a Pho connoisseur as I have not tried the real mac-coy, however - have you tried the Pho at Pho Metro (Lawrence and Warden, original location)? My other yard stick is their vermicelli bowls, mainly the marinade on the pork and fish sauce quality.

Either way, sounds like a good addition to the currently abysmal scene that is 905 Pho - will try it out.

Another new kid on the block - 'Yang's' Chinese Cuisine, MARKHAM

Your review was spot on, Charles.

Thanks - great (fairly) local spot!

Another new kid on the block - 'Yang's' Chinese Cuisine, MARKHAM

Tried this place based on your rec, Charles - and I must firstly thank you!

Interestingly enough, my wife and I got married at Le Parc, so it was a trip down memory (though not distant) lane.

We ordered a number of items, standouts included:

- Har Gow - though not the thinnest wrapper, the shrimp inside were cooked to perfection.
- Chicken Feet - Nice rendition, though very similar to CV.
- Beef Tendons - never had this before but I tried it based on your suggestion, very interesting texture, the sauce was fantastic - quite enjoyable.
- Shrimp Rice Rolls
- Tofu/Pea Leaf rice rolls
- Yam and mushroom steamed 'roll' - my wife loved this and ordered a second.
- Squid Tentacles - my 16 m/o loved these! The restaurant staff I think found it equally enjoyable to see a Caucasian baby mowing down on squid!
- Snow pea leaves/mushroom/water chestnut steamed dumplings - fantastic texture and execution.

Overall, I must say, for the location (far closer than our go to CV) and the quality, this may be our new local haunt.

When can we expect fresh strawberries in Toronto

Agreed - not at their peak, but have potential, and better than anything you could get in days/months past.

GTA's largest 'Har Gow'?!

Not just consuming, but 1 bite mouthful capacity limitations to Har Gow volume ratios!

Surely some prestigious school out there wants to be the first in the Dim Sum PhD category....

GTA's largest 'Har Gow'?!

Yes, the XLB I had at Northern Dumpling Kitchen are absolutely doable in 1 bite (and so darn good!!!)

I will have to experiment next time I am at CV and if any of my dining companions give me funny looks as I attempt to stuff my mouth, I will tell them Charles made me do it and it is in the name of scientific research!

Izakaya Ju @ J-Town?

Went last night as I was in the area looking for Patio furniture.

Perhaps the hype (or positive feedback) I have read set expectations too high, but there were very few items (and we tasted a lot) which we actually enjoyed (Yakitori - Liver, hearts, thighs were all great - with sauce. Chicken skin was flabby (not a good way to put so much on one stick to achieve crispness)).

The udon was lacking in any flavour, all you could taste was a hint of bonito. Everything else was just ok.

The scary part is that the bill came to $95 for 2 people (1 beer had). Granted we ordered a bit too much, but I wanted to explore.

Not worth it.

GTA's largest 'Har Gow'?!

All in one bite!?

Even at Casa Vic, I cannot fit those beasts all in one bite (well I could, but not in any well mannered display....lol).

Global Cheese

....did he ask for gruyere, roquefort and port salut? Did he not know what he was getting, or simply did not look? Did he taste the cheeses prior to purchasing? Something doesn't seem right...

As to Global Cheese, they are hit and miss. Years ago their quality was fairly consistent, now, its a shit show. Their 'specials' are often far over ripe nearly inedible cheeses which they will happily sell you.

The name eludes me, but there is a superior cheese shop just north west of Global in Kensington.

Ici Bistro - Comically Dysfunctional

I heard similar complaints from a table next to us when we were there as well.

I cannot however claim to say the same as you regarding the food. A few glimmers of proper execution, but mostly just duds. Entry level errors abound.

Casa Victoria - A Michelin Star Calibre, Cantonese 'Surf & Turf' Chowmeet

Everything looks top notch.

I frequent CV for dim sum, but have never been for dinner.

This clearly....must be rectified.

A delicious authentic 'Real McCoy' Thai chowmeet at Khao San Road

After having been internet free (thank god for cottages!) for a few days I return to see this thread exploded.

I was not prepared to respond until I read syoung's post. Kudos for a succinct summation of the pertinent points above.

Need North York recommendation for a 50th wedding anniversary dinner

I would second Quince - certainly above Paese.

Another option is Zucca, if they prefer Italian.

A delicious authentic 'Real McCoy' Thai chowmeet at Khao San Road

There is no debate as to the merit of the intentions of the owners of KSR.

The fact remains however that this is a fantastic example of social media marketing.

A delicious authentic 'Real McCoy' Thai chowmeet at Khao San Road

Speaking of boxed wine, a friend recently pulled out a 'box like container' of I believe it was called 'big house red' or some such from California for a BBQ. Not too bad given the method of containment and preconceived notions.