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Bone Marrow Burgers?

Where did you get smoked marrow?

Sounds delish.

The concept of bone marrow in a burger is somewhat pointless IMHO - just as were the 'bone marrow croquettes' at Ici Bistro (a huge flop, and not just the croquettes!)

Bone marrow is just fat, it melts, and thus, disappears very fast under heat.

Michael N hit it on the head, put some on top, post cooking, to enjoy it - me - just give it to me with some crispy bread, and perhaps a parsley/shallot/caper salad, and I am a happy boy.

Help me out with my Markham Food Tour

Charles will chime in I am sure, but the most consistent dim sum place I have been to is Casa Victoria.

I would also suggest dumplings at Northern Dumpling Kitchen.

I am curious though, what exactly is an escape room challenge!?

Grand Opening: Montage Yorkville, Toronto


My bed head was not nearly sufficiently fizzy this morning.

Black lace mask, or purple....oh the choices.

Tomatillos around Riverdale/Leslieville area

Yes, we have 3 this year.

Bumper crop (3 shopping bags 3/4 full and still some fruit left to finish).

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

Picked up the Kirkland Organic Strawberry spread - quite good.

Tomatillos around Riverdale/Leslieville area

Really? We got a TON!

I made a few batches of cooked salsa, now onto the raw.

Any particular recipes you all like for raw salsa, or just the typical - /onion/chili/lime/salt/cilantro/blender raw prep?

The In and The Out Burger in the Toronto

I would rather just make my own - if I am having to go out for 'fast food' its typically something I wont make at home, such as Pho, etc (my definition of fast food, at least!)

Also, I actually purchased one of their pre-made burgers, the guy there suggested it as it had multiple cuts of meat and some pan drippings he described from some prep process - they were killer!

Looking for a special Chinese-style seafood dinner. Is O'Mei still the go-to? What about for King Crab?

When I questioned one of the managers why one of the dishes changed a month back or so, he mentioned they hired a new chef.

Not nearly as good as when they first opened.

The In and The Out Burger in the Toronto

Totally overrated burgers.

I did however have one of the best burgers ever from Cumbrae's the other day though -

Cotton Candy Grapes?

Doubtful that this flavour could be achieved without any genetic modifications.

I tried these last year, cloyingly sweet, oddly similar in flavour though.

Fun to see peoples reactions though.

suggestions for an Italian restaurant in Richmond Hill for a group of 10

Thats the one.

I am glad that they are considering expanding hours, though I cannot comment on dinner, the lunches I have had there have all been quite good.

suggestions for an Italian restaurant in Richmond Hill for a group of 10

Not sure if this is for lunch or dinner - but there is a lunch spot in an industrial portion of land near dufferin and hwy 7 - excuse the elusive description but the name eludes me at the moment. I know some on here know it, I am sure you can find it - I recall VERY well executed Italian food on the number of occasions a local client took me, they are open for dinner I believe only once a month or so....

I rarely eat out for Italian as I can prepare it easily (and enjoy doing so) at home.

Mushrooms are up!

I had no idea Porcini's grew here.

Now I must start looking for Spruce forests......

LCBO Vintages RELEASE of Aug 30/14: some notes

Unable to taste tannins? That may be a blessing in disguise!

Curious Dean, as to who you write for as I always appreciate your notes on CH.

I have had a Syrah from Porcupine ridge before, not sure from that vineyard, but I don't recall it making that big of an impact....curious how this one differs.

Green Egg

I would be interested to hear what you are looking to get for it.

Drop me a note at vorok at hotmail .com


anyone else visit multiple stores to complete shopping trip?

Not implying anything - and I would say it does not mean more waste, but perhaps the odds of waste go up the greater amount spent - no data to support, a theory no less.

anyone else visit multiple stores to complete shopping trip?

Yes, quantity and selection will impact the ultimate price, clearly. As mentioned, we don't eat a lot of red meat, which drastically reduces cost (I'll get a Wagu steak from Famu 3-4 times a year and occasionally some sausages from Cumbrae) but those are not usual aspects to our diet.

As well, cooking in bulk will also help manage cost. For example, almost once a week we will have quinoa burgers that are made in big batches and then subsequently frozen. The cost of these when made in bulk come out to less than $1 each ( keep in mind all organic preferably locally sourced as well). Another example, last night I made dinner for 6 (home made gnocchi) with salad, for about $10.

We don't drink coffee, ice cream is a treat, and no processed crap makes it's way through our doors, all variables which help reduce costs.

I am always surprised when people tell me what they spend on groceries, I also often wonder how much of it goes to waste.

anyone else visit multiple stores to complete shopping trip?

pourboi, you assume I eat at home every night of the week.....assume for arguments sake instead, 5 nights per week at home.

I suppose I should mention that one member is 18 months old, though at times he eats more than his mother...

Typically at the market, I can get the weeks fruit and veg and eggs, though a carton lasts 2ish weeks, along with some nuts or dried fruit (they have amazing dried Cherries from Quebec) for $35-$40, the perhaps another $20 or so if a fishmonger is visited that week. We don't eat a lot of meat, and I will admit this doesn't count the twice a quarter stock up on $50-80 worth of random bits of meat, specialty cheeses, or random items like my beloved smoked tomatoes.

If you cannot feed a small family (well, I might add) for 5 days on $60, you are shopping in the wrong isles or the wrong stores....

anyone else visit multiple stores to complete shopping trip?

No idea how one spends (especially for 2!) $350 at whole foods, unless of course you are splurging and buying top line items or meats, seafood, caviar, etc!

Lately with how healthy we have been trying to eat at home, we only shop at 2-3 places:

Saturday Morning Organic Farmers market (get most of fruit/veg here/eggs/nuts here)

Ambrosia - Odds and sodds like milk, bulk raw products

The only chain I go to is Food Basics for their pizza dough (the best!)

Also City Fish and Seacore for seafood -

Oh and I can also feed a family of 3 for $50-60/week - that is 95% organic produce as well. I hate wasting/throwing shit out, and there is so much waste in today's society I try to be very conscious of that.

Chef's Knives ...

That has to be one of the worst websites I have seen since the one where you had to find the hidden links in the tree (might have been blacktree's) a year or two back.

Jacobs & Co.

How did I miss this one...

The name clearly tips the scales!

Duvel Belgian beer - now unavailable?

And while you do that, I will contact Delirium's agent as my thirst for a nice Belgium brew has been ignited.

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

As with our abysmal experience at Ici Bistro, the only reason I did not walk out was our waitress who was sweet, open and communicative (though they did have a few individuals serving our table, I would expect a single server however at establishments such as Scaramouche, Auberge, Splendido, etc.).

Small things that take such little effort can make all the difference.

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

While a lower tip may send a message, without some further communication; it's anyone's guess how that message may be interpreted.

If you want to make a point (and perhaps prevent this happening to you or others in the future) as others have eluded to, you need to speak with management.

If they have a clue how to run a business, they will ensure you are satisfied in one way or another.

Little Saigon - Richmond Hill

So did either of you try Pho Metro?

Headed there today for lunch after local client meetings!

LCBO Vintages July 19 release notes

Yah well my last bottle of Saz is half empty and the odds of getting more of it at this point in Ontario being fairly low......I decided to go big!

LCBO Vintages July 19 release notes

Yes except Elmer was nowhere to be found and I didnt mind trying this one out. Makes a mighty fine old fashioned! ;)

LCBO Vintages July 19 release notes

Speaking of bourbon - have you tried Rock Hill Farms?

Little Saigon - Richmond Hill

Well from your write up alone another trip is past due as they have indeed sawtooth coriander and lime (along with other regular additions), so perhaps some other things have improved as well.

Little Saigon - Richmond Hill

Check out Pho Metro

I would be surprised it you did not enjoy it.