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Chowfind: Habiba -Steeles and Alness

I had no clue you dabbled in Interior Decorating as well VV!

Morels 2015

Got some at St Lawrence - lots of worms, even if they looked awesome from the outside, lots of little white maggots within. Uch!

'Live' Spotted Prawns - Part 2

Went to Sunny Supermarket yesterday to pick some up, sadly none in till Friday.

Got a nice little NS Lobster instead.

Singapore Style Chicken Satay 'a la Prima Taste'

I was not suggesting that MSG was particularly harmful, simply that it is yet another sodium derivative. Sure, everyone indulges from time to time (some perhaps more necessarily than others), I however; prefer to indulge in items either made by myself or locally where I know the source and by in large what I am getting myself into. Another topic entirely, but I also do not purchase exports, certainly not food - from China.

Singapore Style Chicken Satay 'a la Prima Taste'

Another reason why I don't eat instant noodles (or really any pre-packaged food for that matter).

But hey, if you don't give a shit about your heart (or the rest of your body for that matter) load on the salt! (or in this case probably MSG).

Singapore Style Chicken Satay 'a la Prima Taste'

Much can taste good when the sodium content is 100% of daily recommended intake!

Any indian buffets actually worthwhile?

About 18-24 months ago these guys were quite acceptable, then they took a downward spiral and their curries etc lacked any layers of flavour, approaching blandness, and even arrived (we often ordered delivery) cold.

I will have to check out Chauhan as we have been on the lookout for a good Indian spot north of Steeles.

Wild leeks are up!

Was up near Aurora today and found yet another huge patch on municipal land....

Not only that Poppi, but get some wild mustard greens, some stinging nettle, and even some dandelions and you have yourself quite the healthy smorgasboard.

Wild leeks are up!

Found a patch of Ramps up north west of the city.

Absolutely huge - what a score, wont need to spend another dime on these babies.

Made a ramp/asparagus/manchego risotto the other night, absolutely killer.

Wild leeks are up!

I have learned about at least a half dozen wild edible plants from family and via research online. Plants like garlic mustard, stinging nettle, the bane of my existence - wild celery, and more. Heck, you can even go munch on some dandelion greens and flowers. Or make tea from young spruce needles.

Tons out there, you just have to educate yourself first.

If only I had more areas close by that were geared for Morels....

Great topic, it has become a new fascination of mine in years past.

Zen News

Same here.

Now it is far more convenient, albeit a tad bit North East.

Will give it a shot once they have a chance to settle in.

Flor de Sal - bistro food/fine dining prices

Ironically enough this place was listed in TO Life's top new restaurants list in the latest issue.

Regardless, with the issues mentioned by Chower's above and the ridiculous prices to match, I will invest my caloric intake elsewhere for the time being.

Wild leeks are up!

We got some at Brickworks market this weekend, I always ensure to keep some and plant them as well.

Going to make a Ramp / Pecorino risotto tomorrow night.

Hooray! BC Spotted Prawns Season is here again!

Nothing that I can think of, Charles.

However I will say that my preference with these delicious crustaceans is to employ the KISS mentality.

While I have done it similar to a method I had (funny Tatai mentions Granville island) at the hotel I was staying at on Granville Island (the one which houses the Granville Island Brewery) which includes a quick grill (they fried) and a mixture of garlic, chili, ginger and green onion, I felt it overpowered these sweet morsels.

Lately I prefer making a compound butter (or in my case defrosting from my last batch) of Ramps, good butter, and salt, perhaps with some young garlic as well - slight squeeze of lemon at the end.

Either way, I am sure you will enjoy. In fact, one of the things I like to do is prepare them with various 'sauces' to test out and see what you prefer most.

Hooray! BC Spotted Prawns Season is here again!

I prefer a grill for these bad boys - the little bit of char goes a long way with shell fish.

Will have to check them out, always a nice seasonal treat.

restaurants that don't take reservations, that will seat you before the rest of your party has arrived

Casa Victoria
Thai Bistro
Northern Dumpling Kitchen

Covering many spectrum's - all extremely successful in their own right.

Pearl at Bayview Village

When we used to live near Yonge and Sheppard there was a little Chinese place at Yonge and Avondale in the bottom part of the 'plaza' that was quite good. Since then it has changed ownership and cannot comment on the quality.

restaurants that don't take reservations, that will seat you before the rest of your party has arrived


I love it.

Wild leeks are up!

I met a Korean gentleman who I invited to pick 'wild celery' in my backyard early last summer, which he uses for Kimchi - he then showed me about 3-4 lbs of ramps in his trunk that he also uses for Kimchi.

He later brought over a huge container of his cabbage Kimchi (which was amazing).

I told him he is always welcome back ;)

Haymishe Bakery - Signs of life?

Hermes is quite good.

Their rolled chocolate log cake (sold by weight) is very good.

Wild leeks are up!

I admit to buying them from the market, the guy goes to the Niagra Gorge and digs them up, root intact. I often cut the leaves for use and plant the bulbs/roots by the river behind my back yard.

Though I still have jars of frozen oil still from last year and 1 jar of pickled ramps...oh ramps, how I love thee.....

Sri Lankan in Toronto/Scarborough

I read about Babu somewhere else recently as well...can you suggest any dishes in particular?

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - April to June

Dear Costco,

Why is it that your consistency within 1 store, let alone amongst stores that I would assume get shipments from the same DC, is so horribly lacking.

The 401/Warden location by far has the best choice of organic produce (both fresh blueberries and strawberries were to be had), but the Woodbine location has neither, and often never does.

Get with the times.


A most humble patron.

Best places to buy groceries in Toronto?

We typically don't eat much Grouper, besides when on vacation in the islands (I can tell you of an awesome local place if ever in Nassau ).

The Sea Bass that we get is always whole. The salmon preferably wild or organic (neither of which T&T typically carries).

The selection of live fish, I will give you, is better at the Asian supermarkets (Sunny Supermarket at Finch and Lesley being another good example).

Best places to buy groceries in Toronto?

Yes but the quality of fish at T&T is not at the standards of say, a City Fish or even Seacore for that matter.

I have compared both Salmon and Sea Bass so far.

Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

Send your interpreter in when you have a moment so we can make sense of your post and then perhaps offer some advice ;)

Rude treatment at Khao San Road

Are you seriously trying to defend the restaurant here?

Policy or not, the OP was not asking for much, simply a table with 1 more seat than the # of people present as that person was arriving shortly.

Now, if there was a line-up out the door with other larger parties waiting, perhaps they would have had a leg to stand on, but it was probably dead at time of opening, so no qualm should have been had.

Whether it is the hostesses fault or not is another story - if management has instructed them that they have no lenience in this regard then it is the owners/managements fault, otherwise, it is the hostess that is to blame.

The fact that she refused to give her name is also laughable.

All signs of very inexperienced staff, regardless. Surely if this happened at say a Scaramouche or Auberge, there would be no hesitation to accommodate the guest

Rude treatment at Khao San Road

That is absurd.

It is not a matter of sensitivity training, it is a matter of sheer stupidity resulting in rudeness.

The customer is always (or almost) right. Given you support their livelihoods with your patronage, they should bend over sideways to do whatever they can to make you and your party happy.

Good news travels fast, bad news travels faster.

Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

Having been now a few times I can now comment on the excellent food at Forget Me Not Cafe.

Both their Pho and Bun Bo Hue are excellent, currently right at the top with Pho Metro (well above Golden Turtle and the likes along Ossington - really do not see why they get such acclaim).

Anyone who likes Vietnamese food and is in the area, do yourself a favour.

Blackbird Baking

Their black olive bread is one of the best I have had - anywhere.