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B/L/D near Mt. Laurel/Cherry Hill

I think Sundaes is one of the best in the area. You'll enjoy.
For breakfast you can try either Amy's Omlette or Turning Point as long as breakfast is after 8am.

May 27, 2015
dkupersmith in New Jersey

30th Birthday Party - Private Room at a Bar

SevenorSixes - new suggestion might be seeing if there one of the private rooms at The Olde Bar will be done by your time frame.
Being in the old Bookbinders would certainly provide the 80s motif.

Jan 31, 2015
dkupersmith in Philadelphia

Espresso Grinder and Machine Repair in Phila.

Glad to hear that they were able to help.
Let us know how the quality of the repair shop is.

Dec 23, 2014
dkupersmith in Philadelphia

Espresso Grinder and Machine Repair in Phila.

I don't know of one, but my first thought would be to ask at Fantes. I'm sure they would know.

Oct 04, 2014
dkupersmith in Philadelphia

Tipping Suggestions - Farm & Fisherman Tavern [moved from Philadelphia]

Went to Farm & Fisherman Tavern in Cherry Hill for lunch and enjoyed my meal.
When the check came I noticed that they like many others in the industry put suggested percentages and what the tip would be. But they also included the tax amount in the tip calculations.

Is this something that has become more common and I just haven't noticed since I usually calculate my own tip? I do tend to be generous when tipping but certainly don't include the state's portion of the bill.

Mar 20, 2014
dkupersmith in Not About Food

Small wedding--looking for private room or restaurant to rent

We did an office event this past winter upstairs at Anthony's Italian in Haddon Heights. They have two rooms upstairs and are byob. Both the food and service were very good. Might work for you even on a Friday or Saturday.

I've also used the upstairs space at Casona in Collingswood. Renting the second floor gives you the third floor room as well. Also byob. Was 4 years ago so can't vouch for current quality.
Just 2 south jersey suggestions.

Aug 07, 2013
dkupersmith in Philadelphia

Anniversary Dinner Near Cherry Hill NJ

I'll agree with Querencia and say that while there are some good places to eat in Cherry Hill there is not one I would think of for a special dinner. We too would be more likely to go into Philly.
Don't overlook Collingswood though. If you haven't walked around it is a very food oriented town (BYOBs - which keep the dinner bill down). A great time to check the town out is Saturday mornings when the farmers market is open.

Jun 25, 2013
dkupersmith in New Jersey

Rosedale/North Balt. for 5 day course

Thanks for the add-on but was gone by Sunday night. I did take some of your recommendations.
The first night I went to Breezy Point and the crap cake dissapointed me. Was a little dry and lacked seasonong, but the recs went uphill from there.
Night 2 12 of us went to Zorbas and had the upstairs toourselves. Shared a wide assortment of appetizers for dinner.
Night 3 was a solo trip to Mission BBQ - was truly impressed and hope that they are successful in their franchising wishes, and keeping up the quality.
Night 4 was a group visit to Dellis, a bar and grill within walking distance from both hotels that most were staying at. Ended up 9 of us met up there. Best crabcakes I have had in a while (and we do have some very good crabcakes in the Philly area). Another diner had the fried oyster special which was also very good.
Once again thanks to all CH responders who came through. Nice resource to have before going someplace new.

Rosedale/North Balt. for 5 day course

A very detailed and welcome response.
I think Mission BBQ and Breezy point may be 2 nights but have to choose between the three greek recommendations: Zorba's, Samo's and Greektown Grill which another responder added.

Rosedale/North Balt. for 5 day course

Thanks. Will be coming down next Wednesday.

Rosedale/North Balt. for 5 day course

Coming next week from Philly to the North Baltimore/Rosedale area for a traing course. Course runs from 8am to 5pm with breakfast and lunch provided. Are there any non chain Chowhound worthy restaurants in the area. Don't need anywhere fancy - just interesting food, likely dining alone.

Millville Restaurants

Thanks - I'll look it up.

Jan 03, 2013
dkupersmith in New Jersey

Millville Restaurants

Wll be going next month to a Sunday Matinee concert at the newly reopened Levoy Theater in Millville. Haven't been i this town for a long time.
I remember that there were no restaurants that I would choose then. Has this changed? Not looking for anything fancy or upscale, just someplace with quality food. Unique would be a plus.

Jan 01, 2013
dkupersmith in New Jersey

Smart and Final like shop in South Jersey/Cherry Hill?

Not familiar with "Smart and Final" so not sure if this suggestion is too industrial for you but have you tried Gelmarc Restaurant Supply. They are open to public. Located on Route 70 in Cherry Hill near King of Pizza.

Dec 29, 2012
dkupersmith in New Jersey

Best sushi in the Marlton/Voorhees area?

I like Megu in Cherry Hill but also lately have been going to Akira in Voorhees (Eagle Plaza). If you go to Akira - try the Sushi Pizza.

Oct 18, 2012
dkupersmith in New Jersey

Bialy in Philly?

You can try New York Bagel on Haverford Ave. off of City Line Ave. although they will be closed Monday and Tuesday for the Rosh Hashana Holy Days

Sep 13, 2012
dkupersmith in Philadelphia

Pho Xinh (So Jersey)?

Tried Pho Xinh on Evesham Rd and found to be inconsistant.
The two I enjoy the most in Cherry Hill area is the new Pho Garden? on Kings HWY by CVS and my favorite is the Pho 38 in Pennsauken. It is at the end of the center where Flower World, "we never close" closed.
The broth at Pho 38 is what keeps me coming back. Anyone can grill the meat well, the subtleties are in the broth.

Feb 22, 2012
dkupersmith in Philadelphia

I found great real rye bread in NJ!

Had to be in the New Brusnwick area Sunday so based on Chowhound comments went looking for Ofi Yofi in Highland Park. Had a little troubnle finding it because the bakery has changed hands and is now "Mordy's"
Everything lookied great and we got an assortment of goods including the previously mentioned Rye Bread.
Some (I can't tell How much) of the product is brought in from outside.

The doughnuts (which are brought in) were great!
However everything else was just okay. The bagels had the consistancy of a roll and the Rye Bread also was too light to be a good Jewish Rye like those brought up in NY would be expecting. I wouldn't say anything was bad, just nothing worth a drive for.

Jan 30, 2012
dkupersmith in New Jersey


Matouk's are my favorite hot sauces. Just brought back a few from St. Maartin.
Don't know any local source but I know that you can find online. Good Luck and enjoy.

Nov 30, 2011
dkupersmith in Philadelphia

Mr. Shrimp - Belmar

After seeing earlier comments on this place we drove from Cherry Hill for Fried Belly Clams. I've got to agree with Applecheeks. The quality of the clams were great but the breading was too dense and overtook the clam. We also had the fish and chips. Once again the quality of fish was excellent but the batter was heavy.
Fish in the market looked beutiful and if I were to eat there again I think I would try to stay away from breaded items.

Aug 04, 2011
dkupersmith in New Jersey

Marlton Farmers Market: anyone been there yet?

RapiNJ - You are right - the name Farmers Market is a misnomer. Putting that aside, I have found it to be a convenient place - especially for fish. We have gotten whole bronzini from there which cooked up beutifully and this afternoon just got some Tuna that is going on a flat top then into a salad.
The fruits and vegetables are nice and I have spoken to the owner about seeing more organics. He indicated that when local is available he will bring more in. The appeal to me is that I don't have to buy the large quantities of a Produce Junction.
The rest of the market is really more of a traditional small supermarket and doesn't really fill any need of mine.
For "IndigoOnThe Go"s comment above - it is definately NOT a foodie destination but another resource for local shopping.

Apr 10, 2011
dkupersmith in New Jersey

Where can I find Soup Dumplings?

If you are ever in South Jersey, go to Hong Kong Fusion in Cherry Hill.

Apr 10, 2011
dkupersmith in New Jersey


"We are not wealthy and I cannot afford to shop at Whole Foods".
Please don't be short sited and give up on Whole Foods for your organics. I agree that many products will cost more there but we find that if we stick to the store "365" brand, they are almost always less than the organics at Shop Rite and often less than Trader Joes.
I agree that you do need to know your prices and compare but for organics you may find many of their own items to be your best value.

Trader Joe's
725 River Road, Edgewater, NJ

Apr 10, 2011
dkupersmith in New Jersey

Dublin Square Cherry Hill

Went back for the Burgers and Onion Rings and they were indeed quite good.
15 Minute wait on a Wednesday at 7:30.

Feb 24, 2011
dkupersmith in Philadelphia

Under The Moon - Bordentown

We shared empanadas for starters, enjoyed the beef more than the seafood.
My wife had the short ribs as her main -increadible tender; and I had the Beef Wellington. You are right, we did have trouble choosing with all the eclectic choices.
I felt that the prices were very fair for the size portions but was a little suprised on the check to see my brownie was $7. Next time we will probably skip dessert.
Loved the atmosphere and the owner was quite friendly and very attentive.

Feb 19, 2011
dkupersmith in New Jersey

Under The Moon - Bordentown

Thanks to all the posts on this thread we drove to UTM tonight and were rewarded with a very enjoyable dinner. Worth the drive from Cherry Hill, we plan on returning.

Feb 16, 2011
dkupersmith in New Jersey

Bueno's Marlton. Not really.

Maybe they are getting their act together. I hope they do because I would love a second good mexican restaurant to choose from.

Feb 10, 2011
dkupersmith in Philadelphia

Southern Fried Chicken?

Is there anywhere in the Camden/Burlington area to get real southern style fried chicken? Not interested in atmosphere - just good chicken.

Feb 02, 2011
dkupersmith in Philadelphia

Bueno's Marlton. Not really.

Tried a second new restaurant for the week. This one was very dissapointing. Bueno's Mexican in Marlton, open two weeks in the old Hardshell Cafe site. Walked in to a cold restaurant and had food that didn't warm me up. The wait staff seemed poorly trained. Only two servers and one didn't remember the second of two specials. Listening to the other server being unable to describe dishes made me think it was not going to be a promising run. Our server described the restaurant as authentic Mexican...everything is fresh. Apparently authentic doesn't refer to flavor - the dishes were all underseasoned.
The best of the night were the fresh nacho chips and the flan. Inbetween the plates were not up to the standards of some of the other "real Mexican" places such as La Esperanza in Lindenwold and the still missed Mexico Lindo in Camden, Two salsas came with the nachos, a verde and a mild red. I asked if they had anything that was a little hotter and the waitress offered to bring Tabasco. I guess that was the authentic Avery Island district of Mexico. After my wife suggested some chopped peppers they did bring out some freshly chopped Habaneros which did make the red salsa much nicer.
I ordered one of the specials which was a Shrimp Burrito. For $15 it was quite small and needed the addition of Habeneros and Jalapenos(which were from a bottle-not fresh) to give it some flavor. As I got to the end of it, I bit into a shrimp that was undercooked. When I pointed this out to the waitress her reply was that the others were probably done ok because I would have tasted it otherwise. She claims she knows this because she eats a lot of seafood. I am thinking that since there weren't many shrimp and they were small (31-40 size) I may not have bitten into any others and eaten them whole so therefore not noticing the texture being off.
I was so turned off by this response that even if the food was good, I would not be back but the food would not draw me back either. Instead of going for good (Bueno) I will keep going for Hope (La Esperanza).

La Esperanza Restaurant
40 East Gibbsboro Road, Lindenwold, NJ 08021

Jan 28, 2011
dkupersmith in Philadelphia

Dublin Square Cherry Hill

Tried this new restaurant earlier this week. Open 1 month, this is the third restaurant in this spot at Short Hills. Before going had heard about problems with service. Didn't find this to be the case at all. Server was very attentive. The manager was also very good, unfortunately he had to be, because the kitchen is still working out kinks.
Started with some impoted draughts - decent selection offered.
Next was an Irish sausage in a puff pastry. The first one came out underdone, so a second was quickl.y refired. This one looked much better - golden brown and puffed up but on cutting in, still was undercooked. The manager handled well and said he was going to have the kitchen make one for him so he can check.
For main dishes we had fish and chips -the fish was nice and flaky, but the batter was greasy as were the chips. Also on tap was the meatloaf which came out only lukewarm.
Once again the manager was attentive.
The burgers looked amazing and the onion rings sounded good with a black and tan beer batter. I may give this place another try based on how they handled the complaints but after a month the kitchen ahould be running a bit smoother. How do you say "get your act together" in Gaelic?

Dublin Square
167 US Highway 130, Bordentown, NJ 08505

Jan 28, 2011
dkupersmith in Philadelphia