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good places to eat in Huntington Beach CA

In regards to sushi Sango Sushi in the shopping area on Goldenwest and Yorktown has great prices and is very fresh tasting to me.

Sango Sushi Restaurant
27261A La Paz Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Newport Beach and South Stop Recs.

I would say Alta in Newport Beach would be a great stop for breakfast if you are hungry right away and do not want to wait to drive. You can also get food to go from there so if you want to eat it on the beach etc its an option!

Newport or Laguna beach for better chowhound foodies

Newport does have a great mall, Fashion Island, but the restaurants there are more of a chain and other then that it is pretty spread out. I would suggest also looking at Corona del Mar for dinner if you do a day trip to Newport. Corona del Mar is a small coastal city surrounded by Newport and offers some great more independent style restaurants with great fare. One place in Corona del Mar, Crow Bar, made the top OC Chowhound 2009 Poll list and is for sure a recommended spot.

Newport or Laguna beach for better chowhound foodies

If you are looking for easy walking I would stay in Laguna because if you stay in Newport the actual food potential on the peninsula or other desirable area is rather limited.

Is there a nice bar in Long Beach?

If you are willing I would try to maybe head more towards Seal and Sunset Beach as they are less inundated with CSULB kids and might have a better atmosphere.

Where to eat in Huntington/Newport beach

I would definately suggest heading to Main Street in Huntington then because they have so much to offer and will be able to see some local nightlife mixed in. In Newport there are still great places but they are a little more spread out. If you were set on Mexican the Avila's El Ranchito in Huntington on Main is really great and open!

OC--Park Ave or Memphis???????

I love the Memphis Bar in Costa Mesa, they have a meatloaf stack which features amazing mashed potatoes and it has a real cozy atmosphere. I have chosen it many times because I knew I would get great quality.

Best Grilled Fish Tacos [OC]

I love Bear Flag Fish Company in Newport Beach on 31st Street, not only do they serve tasty tacos but amazing clam chowder and have a small case where you can buy fresh fish to take home!

Best college-age cholesterol hangouts?

Harbor House on PCH in Sunset Beach is the best for late night greasy food. They have divine milkshakes and mountainous chili cheese nachos. My roommate and I were once told we could not order anymore food but since we were drunk we argued that to the bitter end!

Executive lunch near South Coast Plaza

I must say if you are in the area again Turner New Zealand is an awesome option. The food is always very fresh and the bread is amazing!

Good pizza in Huntington Beach area?

I must say as a Huntington Beach native my favorite pizza place is Papa Joes on PCH, it was in a little house but had to be moved over due to the contruction and is now right by Jacks Surfboards. Another family favorite is Luparellos on Magnolia and Garfield. The owner is there everyday which makes you feel like you get the care you need with pizza.

Looking for Good Falafel in Coastal Orange County

I live in Newport Beach and have a huge craving for some great gyro's and falafel. All suggestions would be amazing as I am at a total loss and just keep thinking of the amazing little restuarant in Spain I ate at every day!