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Korean style chicken and potato stew

i wanted to make this but i had a question...will there be enough liquid to cook everything evenly? no water added?

Jun 28, 2010
spazmatazz in Recipes


Looking for a restaurant that serves fresh, delicious raw oysters at a reasonable price in Pasadena. Any recommendations??? Thanks!!

Mar 12, 2010
spazmatazz in Los Angeles Area

Any Good Places to Eat Near Wrightwood?

Planning on going to visit Mt. High on Sunday. Does anyone know of any good lunch places around that area? I've never been.

Feb 23, 2009
spazmatazz in California

Where can I have a Korean 1 yr. old party (dol) in LA?

You can do it at the Dragon chinese restaurant on Vermont. Few of my friends did it there and it was fine - I think the cost per person is under $20. They have lots of private rooms. Just decorate the room with some balloons and make the "dol sang" (head table) really nice for the pics. Also, guests seem to love slideshows of your baby for entertainment.

Jul 27, 2008
spazmatazz in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Nishi-ya in Glendale

awesome. i'm gonna go try this week. i hope it's delish as i'm always looking for sushi places in my neck of the woods. thanks for the post!~

Jan 07, 2007
spazmatazz in Los Angeles Area

Looking for your favorite Mandu (or Mandoo) recommendations.

I personally like the mandoo at Myung Dong Kyoza (sp)? It's on 6th and Kingsley? I think... They specialize in homemade knife cut noodle soup but their mandoo is what makes me go back everytime. There's only one kind but it's reallllly good!~

Dec 16, 2006
spazmatazz in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Gen last night - YUCK!

Sushi Gen is one of my favorite restaurants....I think you must've had an off night although I've never come close to having a bad experience there...and I used to go at least once or twice a week for the past 3 years (until I got pregnant and had my baby)! But I ALWAYS sit at the bar so maybe sitting at the tables is not such a good idea?

Dec 16, 2006
spazmatazz in Los Angeles Area

Paris Baguette on Western Avenue -- a delicious bakery!

Yes, their chocolate croissants are delish! I've never been there but my mother-in-law brings me pastries from there about twice a month!

Aug 27, 2006
spazmatazz in Los Angeles Area

Shabu Shabu House

My husband and I used to frequent Shabu Shabu House at least once a week. But we got very tired of the long lines and the feeling of being rushed to finish our food in 15 minutes while hungry people were standing around by the entrance just glaring.

We live in Glendale and they just opened up a shabu shabu restaurant in the Glendale Marketplace called Boiling Point. IMO, the beef is better than Shabu Shabu House, their Goma sauce is the best I've ever had and their vegetable plate has alot of variety - 12 different kinds(although I've never counted...that's what the server told me). Prices are reasonable ($16-$20 range), service is excellent (the owner will almost always come and greet you) and the decor is very nice. They also offer tasty martinis, sake and beer. And because it's right by the movie theater, we usually have dinner and a few drinks and then catch the 10:00 show.

We're so glad that we don't have to drive out to Jtown or the Westside anymore to get our shabu shabu fix!~ I hope this place stays around for a long long time (or at least until we move). =)

Boiling Point
112 S. Brand Blvd.
(in the Glendale Marketplace by the "frogs")

Aug 25, 2006
spazmatazz in Los Angeles Area

your top five cheap restaurants in northeast LA/glendale/pasadena?

Last time I had Conrad's, we ordered the fried chicken and it came out extremely undercooked - never went back after that.

Jul 04, 2006
spazmatazz in Los Angeles Area

Corner Place closed on Sunday. Now what? Help with finding cold noodles on Sunday

There's a place on 6th and kingsley, i think. It's called Chil Bo Myun Oak - they have thee best "neng myun" (cold noodles) and they also offer korean bbq.

Jul 02, 2006
spazmatazz in Los Angeles Area

Looking for a really good sushi experience~~

I just had a baby and am dying for excellent sushi since I wasn't able to eat any during my pregnancy. The hubby and I love Sushi Gen in J-Town but we'd like to try a new place - somewhere with excellent service and costs around or under $200 for 2 ppl. Any suggestions?

Jul 02, 2006
spazmatazz in Los Angeles Area