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Dante's 2nd Location Is Open

Love their pizza, I always forget about them unfortunately due to the fact I live no where near them. They are on parliment st, west side, north of Jet Fuel. If that helps?

Good Italian take-out?

What about Mama Martino's? They used to have great pasta, but I have not been in several years.

Good Italian take-out?

I second Bologna Pastifico, had the lasagna and sweet potato manicotti from there and it was perfect. Worth the drive there.

No to low corkage fee Toronto

I have only been to Dr. G's once, for a reason. There were four of us, not too busy over all. The service was mediocre and the food was forgettable. NO really! All I do remember is not to go back.

Where to buy bread bowls in Toronto?

The ACE olive loaf wold be great with stew served in it.

Your favourite Kozlik's mustard?

Balsamic and Fig, for sure.

Rosemary Chips at Loblaws

Have you tried the new ones, roasted garlic and potato chive? The rosemary were my fave but these have taken over. The potato chive are nice and peppery. I eat these instead of chips now

New burger spot on Ossington?

Any one know anything about the new burger spot opening up on Ossington, just south of Dundas? It's still under construction but looks interesting. I think it was called BQM Burgers.

Coffee Pods in Toronto

B Espresso bar on Queen just west of jarvis sells Illy pods and make a mean macchiato.