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Second Cup on St-Laurent moving, Intermarché expanding

Second Cup & Cie is now open, as of July 14.

Montreal poissonerie that cooks lobsters for you to order?

Thanks-- this is nearby!

Montreal poissonerie that cooks lobsters for you to order?

I just got back from Cape Cod and ate a whole lot of lobster, but I still want more! I would prefer not to boil them myself. On the Cape, all of the fish markets will cook them for you to be available for pick up at a certain time. Anywhere in Montreal offer that?

Chicken Sausage?

Lufa Farms ( also has chicken sausages for sale, great combinations.

maraschino cherries in Montreal?


maraschino cherries in Montreal?

Making a pitcher of manhattans for a party and searching for maraschino cherries-- homemade/artisanal would be best. Any leads?

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Higher quality fare on Prince Arthur? I am going to try it tonight.

70 Prince Arthue E.

Cat Cafes?

I have been to Cafe Chat L'Heureux and it is remarkably fur free. I am not sure how they do it, as I too was worried before going in, but the place is immaculate. And the food is very good too-- always a nice bonus. I highly recommend it. It gets very crowded on the weekends, so go on a weekday if you can.

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

Good idea for a thread. I think that some things have been worth getting from Lufa Farms and other things, not so much. I have actually been disappointed by the carrots, which have been really bitter lately (although I think I was spoiled by my summer CSA's carrots). We do like the Lebanese cucumbers, bitter greens, and all of the types of sprouts. The eggplants are always good too. I appreciate the ability to now get Cafe Union coffee in my basket. The citrus is so expensive that I haven't sprung for it yet.

Costco Montreal

You can buy it elsewhere in town, but Costco Montreal usually sells the Lac Brome duck confit.

T&T Tacos and Tortas

I was going to post about this place too. I went on Thursday night and we tried the al pastor and pescado tacos. Both were very good, with a slight edge to the fish (battered in panko and served with a spicy cabbage slaw). The staff was great, but the place was nearly empty. It is really worth a try. They also have a liquor license!

ISO Pistachio Ice Cream

There's a new delicious gelateria in the Plateau that has great pistachio gelato. There other flavors are also amazing. Everything is made in house.

3870 St. Denis (between Roy and Duluth)

Potato buns for hamburgers! Where can you get 'em?

If we're talking more expensive buns (and not potato), can I recommend the buns from Boulangerie Guillaume for burgers? The plain ($4 for 4, I think) and the onion are both delicious.

Dinner tonight (Thursday)-- where would you go?

Thanks, everyone! We ended up at Pamika Brasserie Thai (Sherbrooke and St. Andre) and it was great! They have a small patio on the 2nd floor and the food is super fresh not too "sauced up" and very clean-tasting. Small menu but I'll definitely be back.

@Plateaumaman- I did walk by Saint Sushi and you are right! It was packed! I live two blocks from Ceviches and have yet to try it, but really want to. Something about the decor, etc. makes me think they're not serious. But I love ceviche.

Dinner tonight (Thursday)-- where would you go?

Open Table shows plenty of room for tonight! I never order mains there, only pintxos.

Dinner tonight (Thursday)-- where would you go?

Last minute dinner out with two friends tonight either at a place that doesn't take reservations, doesn't need reservations, or we can make reservations at last minute. Friends want quiet(ish), food that's not too heavy or expensive. Any neighborhood in Montreal okay (plateau better). All the places I want to try are either too noisy or too expensive! Any ideas?

Things I've come up with
Saint Sushi
Sa-Fran (JUST opened place on St. Denis--
)Pintxo (can eat light)

Opinions on best Thai food?

Anyone else tried Pamika? I have been hearing good things about it lately. Thinking of trying it tomorrow night.

CSA Farms

I don't know if they have any more baskets available or what area of town you're in, but I have been getting the Santropol baskets for two years now and am really happy with them. The quantity is really ample and the quality good. They are expanding their crops each year, so it should be pretty good this year. Pick-up is at their office headquarters in the Plateau.

Montreal - solid three course French dinner with a good bottle of wine?

Is BYO okay? I think Le P'tit Plateau is a good bet for this-- traditional French. Not high end, but small and charming.

Eater Montreal and the Premiere of Chef in Montreal

Thanks for posting this! I won tix!

The new hipsters in the Plateau-- L'Gros Luxe and Majestique

Has anyone been to either yet? I've heard great things about the food at L'Gros Luxe. Was thinking of hitting it up after work tonight. Think it's low-key enough for me to bring a (well-behaved) 4-year-old?

Le Vin Papillon

We got there at 6:30 pm on a Thurs. (before a show at the Corona) and were seated within 10 minutes. We lingered until close to 8.

(Now, I'm thinking the wine was from Slovakia, actually :))

Le Vin Papillon

Finally made it here for the first time last night and had a really great time. Smoked mackerel was great as was the fois de pintade (served with adorable homemade rooster crackers). We each had one glass of wine (an orange from Slovenia). Four plates + 2 glasses and we were full. Bill came to $80. I want to go back to try other offerings.

Greek tavernas of Montreal

I have been told (by a Greek living in Montreal) that Namos is great, but I have yet to try it. It's definitely more upscale than Faros (and more expensive).

Non-touristy near Prince Arthur

BIg in Japan (St. Laurent @ Pine) is decent and they could seat you in two booths in the back.

Portuguese Chicken - which is currently the best?

We just tried Rotisserie Churrasco last night and were very pleasantly surprised. It doesn't look like much from the outside and even when you walk in-- it was pretty much just one woman there getting everything together. But, the chicken was very moist with a smoky quality that was great. I wish the skin had been a bit crispier, but the meat was so delicious that it's a small price to pay. And great piri piri sauce.The fries were very tasty too.

Please support this place; I'm worried it's not going to make it. It's a couple blocks from us, so we'll be there often.

smen, beurre rance, aged butter-- where to buy?

Any thoughts on where to buy aged butter (for a Moroccan recipe)?

Last minute help needed for NYE in Puerto Vallarta!

We just arrived yesterday and are trying to make a reservation for tonight, NYE, for 12 people (7 adults and 5 kids) for EARLY evening (6:30-7 pm). We won't make it to midnight and don't really care about traditional new year's eve festivities, just trying to find somewhere to eat that won't be a fortune or sold out. I imagine the casual restaurants might have something available, but any leads for me? What would you try? We are staying at the Westin in the Marina, but have cars and are willing to travel around a bit. The hotel here wasn't a huge help (as they are pushing their NYE party).

Dec 31, 2013
picklebird in Mexico

Montreal Restaurant Openings and Closings October to December 2013

We have been twice. It's the real deal-- everything was fresh and spicy! A bit greasy, but great for take-out in the Plateau.

Help me out again: we are treating a Canadian friend to dinner tomorrow night

If it's for the adventurous, I would recommend Au Cinquieme Peche on St. Denis. You would need a car from downtown, or make time for a 30 minute walk. Might be more expensive than you were thinking though.