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Spike or Cindy? Who should win The James Beard award?

Spike is innovative? News to me... Cindy pushes the limits much more than Spike.

Anything near the Hilton Baltimore?

Which Hilton?

Good Banh Mi and Pho in Baltimore?

The best banh mi I've had in Baltimore, outside of making it myself, was at Rocket to Venus.

Baltimore Ramen

I predict that Toki is going to open a spot in the new apartment building at Centre & Park Ave. They are supposed to be opening a high end market space like that of Union Market. Toki has been doing a ton of pop-ups, I'm guessing to gauge interest and see what people like. No vendors have announced anything yet, but I'm saying book it!

Best Places to buy fish near Randallstown

I haven't been in a while, but Conrad's Crabs used to have a decent selection.

Lunch near Baltimore City courthouse

There is a new place that does great salads called Nalley Fresh on Baltimore & Calvert (I think). They are a local company, based in Hunt Valley and are opening a new location in Canton soon.

Real Shabu Shabu in VA/DC?

This thread is 5 to 6 years old...

Canton Happy Hour?

Don't know if they have any deals, but Fork & Wrench fits the bill for good cocktails and appetizers.

Best Seafood Dump on the table in Baltimore

Wow. Pretty strong opinion here. Being a native of Philly and having lived in Baltimore for the past 9 years I can safely say you are way off base. Despite lack of hoagies and smaller size Baltimore is every bit as safe, and dirty as Philly. I do agree with your Cantler's thoughts however. Sitting outside there is always a great time.

Best Seafood Dump on the table in Baltimore

If you want to stay downtown and get crabs I'd go to LP Steamers in Locust Point. I'd skip Mr. Bill's and go to Costa's in Dundalk, and yes Cantler's is great but it fills up quickly.

Breakfast and lunch restaurants near the aquarium

I have been really enjoying Papi's Tacos in Fells recently (absurd happy hour) and they are open for lunch.

Parts and Labor - any thoughts?

I do like Treuth, but this is so much more convenient for me, also dry aged and prime cuts.

Reasonably priced halloumi source in Baltimore?

I haven't specifically looked for halloumi, but you should give Prima Foods a shot.

Indochine - a new Vietnamese in Baltimore with likely the best Pho in town

I agree on all points here. I didn't find it expensive, but when comparing ANYTHING to Mekong Delta's prices, it will seem a bit higher.

That said, I do love the Southern Vietnamese pho at Mekong Delta, and I wish they offered something in that profile as well. But the menu is extensive and everything I have eaten has been pretty delicious. A welcome addition to Charles street.

Parts and Labor - any thoughts?

I feel your pain. I went in there for a skirt steak and some ground beef last week. Walked out with a 2 pound cowboy cut ribeye. 50 bucks, [facepalm]. Although it was probably a top 3 steak in my eating career.

Baltimore Ramen!

An off topic aside: Went to Indochine for lunch two days ago. Pretty great bun and pho. Mekong Delta has some competition I think.

Pabu Closing

That's a fair point and I didn't even consider that. However, Baltimore has a glut of "farm to table/new American" places and ANY deviation from the norm gets me excited!

Pabu Closing

I absolutely loved Pabu in the beginning, but it got tired for me, with a decline in the details as you mentioned.

Also their month-long closing for the water pipe bursting couldn't have helped.

I am looking forward to the new place, as I love Japanese food.

Pabu Closing

Can't see why Pabu is closing and Wit & Wisdom is staying:

Parts and Labor - any thoughts?

I get it. Also, I was not the person who made the McDonalds comment. Just wanted to clarify that.

Parts and Labor - any thoughts?

Yeah that's just not true. I think I paid $11 per pound for skirt steak. Where enough to feed my wife and I was somewhere around 5 dollars. And it was incredible, see photo below. Next to the skirt is a piece of beef heart that I actually watched as it was sliced off the main hunk. $10 per pound. Yes, if you want their boneless ribeye or filet it's probably up around $25. But seriously, the quality is next level.

Actually I just found a photo of the burger patties I made. Again, prime cut meat, dry aged. My wife said "this is the best cheeseburger I've ever had."

I thought you asked a reasonable question, and I don't think I answered you in a condescending way, just trying to help. And yes I realize my opinion of expensive isn't the same as everyone elses. But man P&L rules hard and is worth every penny in my opinion.

Parts and Labor - any thoughts?

Honestly I don't find it all that expensive. Literally the best ground beef I've ever had, 6 dollars a pound.

Parts and Labor - any thoughts?

I haven't eaten in the restaurant but I can say confidently they sell the best meat products from that counter in town. And it's not remotely close. I've been several times and so far I've bought:

Skirt steak
Oyster steak
Ground beef
Beef heart
Various sausages

Everything was so good, and the reason is that nearly everything is prime cut and it's all dry aged 30 days. The prices are lower than you'd find at Whole Foods, and are completely fair for the quality you are getting. I had been grinding my own meat for the last 6 years, but I may not continue after having theirs. A wonderful addition to Baltimore.

Pappy Van Winkle in DC?

How many ounces was that pour? That seems shockingly low for the 23. As I've seen the 20 in Philly at 90 for a 1.5 oz pour.

Pappy Van Winkle in DC?

If you mean bottles - all of this years release sold out in roughly 30 seconds. You can find it through 3rd party vendors, but you will pay about 10X the actual retail price. I was lucky enough to snag a two bottles of each vintage (with the exception of the 23) from the PA state liquor distributor, it's pretty glorious.

I have no idea where you'll find a shot, but prepare to pay ~ 90 dollars a pour for the 20. Try Bourbon in Glover Park.

Girls' Day Out in Hampden

There is a new place doing spanish food and is BYOB called Cafe Cito... my personal favorite booze store is in Hampden, the Wine Source. I'd grab some wine and head there for lunch.

Baltimore Ramen!

I'm going to have to disagree on this one. I went yesterday and it was mediocre at best. Had really high hopes too. I ate a miles worth of Ramen in Japan last year and crave it frequently. It's not remotely in the same league as Toki Underground or Daikaya.

First off it took 90 minutes for us to get two bowls of Shoyu, which is insane. We were not alone in this respect, there were constant complaints heading to the poor young man at the counter taking orders about how long it was taking, and it wasn't very busy. If it wasn't order/pay at the same time I would have certainly walked out after an hour of waiting. Second, the egg was horribly overcooked, the pork was spartan, and for some reason there was spinach in it. Finally the noodles were overcooked. I found the portion size to be fine for 10 dollars, and the broth to be rich, but everything else about it was sub-par.

Hoping these are just growing pains as Baltimore could really use a ramen shop, but this was not a place worth remembering or going back to. Side note - good playlist of indie pop going the whole time.

San Antonio Riverwalk on Cinco de Mayo Suggestions

Thanks everyone. We are at a hotel in Riverwalk and won't have a car.

Apr 25, 2014
hotel in Texas

San Antonio Riverwalk on Cinco de Mayo Suggestions

Coming to San Antonio for work over Cinco de Mayo and would like to have a nice meal with a group of 6 people. We are looking for entrees around 30 dollars in the Riverwalk area and the only restriction is no Mexican or Tex-Mex. Suggestions?

Apr 23, 2014
hotel in Texas

Going to be in Baltimore for two days.

I'm not getting personal, you said it's too expensive. I disagree. While not cheap it's clearly the best in Baltimore despite you having a so-so experience the one time you seem to have been there. Kitchens have off nights, and obviously it's not a place priced so that you can just keep going, waiting for them to get it right. I've been there probably 6 or 8 times, never had anything but exceptional food and tremendous service. For the record I don't particularly like the other Foreman-Wolf restaurants, but I don't mind Petit Louis, same goes for the bar area at Cinghiale. Both great spaces and lovely to get a glass of wine in.

I am not trying to be standoff-ish here but I'm questioning your judgement because you are giving your highest praise, above and below, to Pierpoint. While I agree the food is good for the most part, I've never been in there where the restaurant isn't completely empty. They must do a massive catering business, I have no idea how they pay that lease.

To the OP, if you want something unique in downtown your best bet is probably Fork & Wrench. I forgot to mention that earlier. They are doing some cool stuff, again it's not cheap.

Definitely don't drive out to G&M crabcake. They use Vietnamese crab and it's kind of gooey since they insist on famously using "no filler," sometimes you need some breadcrumbs/crackers to sop up the mayo. People love them because they are freaking enormous. Better options downtown are LP Steamers, Duda's, Henninger's, Mama's on the Halfshell (NOT the sandwich), Captain Larry's (great little bar).

I haven't been to Wit and Wisdom since they hired this new chef, but what he's been putting out has looked promising.