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YODELS: What do you shop for when you leave "the south?" [moved from South board]

I'm from the South and lived in New Jersey back in the 80s. I missed so many things. I was shocked that the groceries there did not have the essentials of life, like grits, smoked ham hocks, and "real" ham.

But, my bIggest disappointment was no barbecue. I mean real smoked pit barbecue. Once, some locals invited us to eat at their house, where they promised to "barbecue some steak." Why in Heaven's name, I wondered, would someone take a perfectly good cut of meat, smoke it and smother it in barbecue sauce? Of course, they meant they were going to grill it on an outdoor grill.

So, I bought a Weber smoker, and loaded it up with country ribs (not the foo-foo baby backs they had in NJ) and pork shoulder. I had to have a meat shop cut all this specially for me. It was not without incident; one well-intentioned neighbor called the fire department because of the clouds of hickory smoke rolling out of my back yard patio.

I invited all my friends over for real barbecue, complete with a selection of red, white and mustard based BBQ sauces. I made sides of hush puppies, collards, and barbecue hash. The reaction was funny. Some eyed my spread with suspicion, others with curiosity, and a couple with looks bordering on downright revulsion.

But, no one left hungry, or without a desire to have real Southern barbecue again, soon. My smoker and I became local legends.

Jan 10, 2008
gretske in General Topics

Heading to Charleston

I'll second Mellow Mushroom. Very good food, excellent service. The specialty pizza's are outstanding.

Jan 10, 2008
gretske in General South Archive

Spicy Skillet Cornbread

You mean there is a way to make cornbread without an iron skillet?

Jan 09, 2008
gretske in Recipes