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Colborne Lane: Dinner as Entertainment

There's a fantastic online resource for "molecular gastronomy" at Here, you'll find that restaurants, such as Alinea and WD-50, try their best to keep away from this meaningless terminology, and consider their offerings to be a culmination of good food, science, technology, and creativity.

Going on a date, with my wife, need advice on resto

I guess I'll take my turn at being the first to chime in with Rosebud. Price point is right on, romantic setting in their booths, and the food rarely disappoints.

Sushi Resto for Date (downtown Toronto)

I'll guess that you're referring to ASUKA. Their sushi and fish quality is decent. What I do like, is the maki that they make using coloured rice paper. The place looks like a tourist trap, with all of the celebrity pictures and autographs on the wall, but is a reliable option when looking for a sushi fix in that area.

Inexpensive dinner suggestion requested in the Don Mills--Yorkmills Rd area. Please

Off the beaten track at Don Mills/York Mills is pretty hard to do. I'd recommend Island Foods for a solid West Indian experience.

girls nite out - need recommendations

How about Luxe, followed by LeVack Block for drinks and dancing?

Winterlicious 2008 - good and the ugly

I went to Quince this week, and was very happy with my meal. My SO and I share everything, so I was lucky enough to try six courses. We had the smoked trout salad and duck liver parfait to start, followed by the lamb gnocchi and salmon mains, with the chocolate pot au crème and white chocolate & yoghurt mousse mille-feuille for dessert. The best of each course were the parfait, the gnocchi, and the white chocolate mille-feuille. The gnocchi with braised lamb was easily the best dish of the night. The potato was like gooey pillows and the lamb melted in your mouth, while pine nuts added a wonderful crunch. The biggest disappointment was the salmon, which lacked flavour and was a bit on the rubbery side, despite being roasted in their wood oven. The service was very courteous and attentive. We asked our waiter to pair each dish with a 3oz. glass of wine, with which he did a great job, not to mention his heavier pours. This was probably my best winterlicious experience at the $25 price point, and will definitely be returning to Quince in the near future.

J-town and Corso Italia?

While I love J-Town for what it is, it's not really a "spend the afternoon" type of place. Perhaps you are envisioning a big mall, such as Pacific Mall, which it is not. It is more like a very small supermarket, with an attached bakery, fish monger, take-out sushi stop, and quick eats cafeteria. Taro, the fishmonger, has incredible selection and variety, but, aside from one table and a prepared and pre-cut fish fridge, most of the fish is kept in the back. Perhaps a trip to both J-Town and Pacific Mall would be more worth your while, as they're only about 10 minutes apart?

ISO Lemon Balm

Thank you for the many replies.

When I like something I've tried in a restaurant, I want to use it in my own cooking as soon as possible. Does anyone know of this herb being available for purchase in Toronto markets right now?

Which one for drinks on Queen East?

I'd definitely recommend The Comrade over your other two possibilities. They offer a good number of single glasses of wine, and also have many import beers on their menu. Hopefully the weather is mild, but I really think it's worth the walk.

ISO Lemon Balm

I had a wonderful Winterlicious experience at Quince last night, that concluded with a white chocolate and yogurt mille-feuille surrounded by delicious lemon balm. I had never seen or heard of this herb previously, and had to ask the waiter exactly what I was tasting. Wow! Like a sweet lemon candy, the flavour of this herb certainly packs a punch. Does anyone know where I can find it in the GTA?

Also, is this common in restaurants right now in Toronto, or could it be the beginning of a new trend?

Little Italy/ College resto for group of students

Not that I'm ever going back there, but Sushi Island comes to mind. I doubt these teens will be too picky, and with AYCE, they can choose and eat to their heart's content. With that many people, the experience itself should be a lot of fun.

You could also consider Bar Italia, although I'm not sure at what time a group of 18-year-olds would be asked to leave.

WOW factor in Vancouver?

Looking to give a wonderful lady a gastronomic experience that she won't soon forget. The setting doesn't necessarily have to be romantic. Interaction, service, and taste are all very important. Think along the lines of fantastic tasting menus. Tojos has already been done, but anything else is fair game. Have any ideas for me?

Best homefries in Toronto

Steve's Restaurant

Now, I know many of you are saying "Blech!", but I have a little secret. Simply ask for them deep fried, and you'll be blown away. Good paprika/onion/garlic taste, dark and crispy on the outside, and nice and tender on the inside.

Ribs and Rib Rack in GTA

Please let me know the best place in Toronto for fresh ribs.

More importantly, I'm going to need a rib rack or two, to prop up 8 racks in my smoker/bbq. Any idea where I can find some?

Thanks in advance.


Anyone been to Rebozos for mexican?

I've had a craving for tacos all week, and just skimmed through the many "authentic" posts in search of Rebozos. I've always wanted to give this place a try. Perhaps a mini CHOW meetup, if they're still in business?

Restaurants for birthday dinners in Toronto?


"Well priced" Sushi in Toronto

My last three experiences at SOB have been very positive. I actually ordered in delivery last night, and the fish was surprisingly fresh and tasty. For the budget minded, SOB is better than ever. An added bonus is that they'll deliver.

anyone eaten at Supermarket?

Torito is actually located just a few doors north of Supermarket, on the same side of the street. The food is definitely better at Torito, but it really doesn't offer the same kind of vibe. If your friend is not a foodie, I'd think they'd be just as happy with the food at Supermarket. Although, I'll add that Supermarket is quickly losing any vibe it once had. I've always detested those banquets.

anyone eaten at Supermarket?

I was there for dinner a few weeks back. They definitely have some edible offerings, and the place isn't completely a miss. I'd recommend the Yaki Soba dishes over the Pad Thai. Sweet potato chips and cod dishes were tasty, but the jerk pork often mentioned here was pretty dry.

Winterlicious and

I can guaranty you no issues this evening, considering Winterlicious doesn't start for two weeks.

Best Smoked Salmon in Toronto [Moved from Canada board]

Is BlackBear available anywhere locally? I'd love to give it a try, but would really prefer to save on shipping.