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MSP: Red Stag Supper Club

Six of us had dinner there Saturday night the 13th and we won't be going back. We arrived early, asked for our table, were told it was ready, but they weren't going to seat us for 20 minutes as our server needed a little break. No stools at the bar open, and they wouldn't give us our table. It took 25 minutes for the appetizers to arrive....and our salads arrived 2 minutes after the appetizers. Two couples ordered salads to share; they brought two salads and set them in front of one of the couples, who assumed the kitchen had split the salads and started to eat. After a few minutes when the other salads had not appeared, we asked our server....who told us she brought two salds (no extra plates) and expected the couples to share. My salad, advertised as having beets, had three tiny tiny pieces of beet, and no dressing. One of the beef stroganoff entrees was cold. This was the first and last time for us.