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Chinese buffet with peking Duck

Hi fellow hounds,

i am looking for a Chinese buffet place in MTL that has peking duck as one of the selections, In TO, there were a couple of buffet places with peking Duck. But me and the wife, houndies from boston will be at quebect and montreal next week.
Please I need your recs.

Great Chinese in Boston -- Help?

i beg to disagree with ur chinatown cafe opinion, yes it is true that it is a no frills eating place (plastic fork, spoon, styrofoam packages etc etc) but they have good chow, I think their roast pig is the best of all, they use pork belly, they have that Braised lamb with dried bean curd that is not available in other chinatown places, they have good wonton soup also, they have good cantonese, is what i am saying, and the portions, they are more generous

Lamb Hot Pot, Beijing Style

This may not be the same lamb dish that you are referring too, but at Chinatown cafe, I always order this lamb dish, it is called, "Lamb with dried bean Curd", it is cooked with ginger, chinese dates and orange peel and the lamb usually still has the bones and it is so good specially if dipped in chili oil. I have seen this dish at Victoria seafood and some manhattan chinatown restaurants, I am sure this must be Northern chinese dish.

Surprising place to find Jordan Marsh-like blueberry muffin and great cupcakes too...

I am going to try your suggestion and compare it with my current favorite, the Muffins from Roche's Supermarket in Burlington, Ma. Right now, the bluebeery Muffins there are number one to me.

What's up, Super88 Alston?

I just got back from grocery shopping at Super88, is it me oi the grocery's inventory shrinking? there was hardly any rice, cooking oils, most oriental canned goods and I noticed a lot of empty shelves and few facings of merchandise. I hope it's just a phase!
we definitely need a grocery like this in the area.

Baltimore area, live crabs, where?

how far away is this from baltimore?

Baltimore area, live crabs, where?

Hi ,
The wife and I will be in Baltimore on Thursday and would love to buy some live blue crabs, (Jumbos) , please help a fellow Hound find out where he can buy these live crabs.
Why live? we love eating them fresh steamed.

Sun Say Kai - my official replacement for Mei Lai Wah

thanks for the tip, us Boston MLW afficionados will definitely try SSK next trip to NYC, but right now, we are saving our pennies to pay for gas fill up for next trip.

Jun 03, 2008
openonymous in Manhattan

Bad Bad News! Mei Lai Wah is not reopening afterall...

hate when that happens, it is usuaklly a must do when we drive down from Boston, now where can we get good siopaos?

May 15, 2008
openonymous in Manhattan

Ninth Ave. International Food Festival

What about the food stalls in those street fairs, we come from Boston so when we go to these street fairs we really enjoy the street foods.
So anybody out there with the schedule for the street fairs this summer?

May 15, 2008
openonymous in Manhattan

J & J the only Filipino restaurant in the GBA

I guess I must be spoiled when it comes to Filipino foods, I have tried some of the best in manhattan and Queens and Jersey city, LA, san Francisco, union City and las vegas, so I know what it is supposed to taste like. Also I am a foodie first and an excellent cook second.
What I am trying to say too, is that just because they are the only Filipino restaurant in the area... I mean I am entititled to my opinions as you are to yours.

J & J the only Filipino restaurant in the GBA


J & J the only Filipino restaurant in the GBA

It is the only Filipino restaurant in the Greater Boston area, maybe that's why they thought they can get away with mediocre cooking and small portions and expensive items.
There were 3 of us that went to lunch last weekend, one had been there before and she mentioned that they served generous portions and so she was embarassed that she brought us to this place to find mediocre pickings and tiny portions.We ordered the crispy pata which was like half the trotter and it was still tough and the skin was not crispy, what a let down! we also ordered the Mung Bean dish which could have been just boiled with Beef Boullion and topped with pork cracklings, it was tasteless! the kare kare was boiled beef with peanut butter and we asked for bagoong that was not spicy hot and they did not have it! The liempo was a pice of porkchop with sweet soy sauce on top, what was that all about? No presentations at all. Eeven boiled bones was over $3 per bowl, which is otherwise free at the chinese restauurants!
never again! next time I pin for Filipino foods, we'll drive to Elmhurst NYC, even if gasoline hits $4/gallon.

Trippa alla Fiorentina (and other tripe dishes)

Are there any Greek restaurants that makes Patsa? it was a'hangover' over food in Greece, a boiled tripe dish!

May 08, 2008
openonymous in Manhattan

Filipino Restaurant in Montreal?

thank you mainsqueeze for the link.
let's see if we still have the urge to eat Filipino after eating the frites and moules and the pork specialties at APDC, but I am looking forward to Schwartz <sp?> again, We usually go and get the roasted meats after checking in, they are the best, I just recently had some pastrami at Katz and I want to taste Schwratz meats again to compare.
am looking forward to the pattisseries a dn boulangeries and the bagels!

Filipino Restaurant in Montreal?

Hi fellow hounds,
The wife and I will be in Montreal for the Grand Prix, I usually pine for Filipino food after indulging in the local restaurant specialties.
Are there any Filipino restaurants in Montreal and the vicinity?
we will be driving from Boston

New Mayflower in Watertown - CLOSED

aurggggh! My fave cantonese outside of Chinatown, I often ordered Chinatown style food here, and now it is going to be Japanese Restaurant, Suishaya <?>.
Now the nearest cantonese place would be Kantin in Super 88.
Are there other Chinatown style restaurants in the watertown area?

Billerica- Newtowne Grill

I passed by the place this morning and the sign said it was open already, very curious, has anybody tried them yet? what specialties do they have?

best roasted whole pig (chinese)

New Trend is closed (what's the latest?).
also Vinh Sun and Hongkong eatery roasts suckling pigs. and you can order them without the chinese seasoning, which is what I do when we orer the whole pig.

Southeast Asian, Lowell Ma. - Yummm, Still awesome.

hi Dinsdale,
Does etsogo have Hunan Chicken, or do the have a menu on line?

Raw Peanuts

shelled blanched peanuts are available at Super 88 and other chinese groceries and Trader Joe's. if you want peanuts in the shell, you can get some at Walmart Superstores ( albeit, dry so you may have to rehydrate) or again the chinese groceries

Mei Lai Wah closed by DOH?!?

we were there last weekend from Boston and my wife bought some baked and steamed siopao and some coconut buns.

Apr 18, 2008
openonymous in Manhattan

Cantonese BBQ or Wonton noodles near Waltham?

near waltham, in Mt Auburn St watertown is the Chinese Restaurant, May Flower, they have roast duck and cantonese wanton soup with or w/o noodles, they also serve chinatown cantonese dishes.

Boston CHrs to Flushing Chinatown this weekend

Hi Brian S,
Thanks a lot for the tips, looks like we are going to be overwhelmed with regional Chinese food galore. Us hicks here in beantown are only exposed to Cantonese and Sichuan, a sprinkling of Taiwanese and wannabe Hunanese or whatever.
Can't wait till the weekend for a 're-education'

But again, how is the parking situation in Flushing?

Mar 31, 2008
openonymous in Outer Boroughs

Non-Duck King Fung?

what is hong sue lamb, is it the one that comes with bean curd sheets? and with dried fruits?
Yum yum at Chinatown eatery, they call it Lamb with dried bean curd.

Whole Pig

or you can just the roast pig from the Chinatown BBQ stores,they come in three sizes where the baby pig is a lot more expensive, no fuss no sweat.

I bought a small pig (30 lbs) from Market basket in Billerica last Christmas season, cut it in half and broiled it in the oven.

Boston CHrs to Flushing Chinatown this weekend

I have been reading a lot about the variety of chinese foods in Flushing and because of this 3 of us buddies (CHrs) are driving down there this weekend.
2 concerns, what is the nearest most inexpensive hotel in the area? and will parking be a major hassle in Flushing?
I would love to hear som recs from all of you, we will be very adventurous, we will even try the kidneys, or organ meats,

Mar 31, 2008
openonymous in Outer Boroughs

Asian supermarket H Mart coming to Burlington

Hmart is planning on setting up in the former Decathlon store in burlington, I think that is the shopiing center close to Market Basket, where the Old Caldor's (I'm dating myself here) used to be!
Goody! Food tastings and food courts (just like 88) how exciting, no more asian grocery trips to Ayer, chinatown or Cambridge for this family! yehey!
If it would be like their HMarts in Flushing, wow, we are in for a real treat!
Call the Burlington Planning Board, tell them to say yes to HMart, u know how those NIMBY folks can be sometimes.

Ole mexican grill

Hi CHrs ,
what's the scoop on this mexican restaurant? I am very curious, as I have received mailer about cooking lessons from the Chef (Ramos), Good, bad, indifferent? I want to hear

Filipino restaurants in Providence?

Hi CHrs,
I will be in Providence this weekend with some guests and we would like to find out if there are Filipino restaurants in the Rhode Island area, then we drive up to CT at the casino, so really, we want to find out Filipino restaurants in the New England area, I heard that there was a good one in Quincy, Ma called the JnJ restaurant, and heard of a chinese-filipino place in maine, but i do not have the name or location. Pls, needs your recs?