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Question on water (also for the rest of Europe)

I'm currently on my honeymoon and we're going around Europe. I've already hit London (but we're going back for 2 more days) and Amsterdam and we're in Rome.

In Canada or when we go to the US, when we ask for water, we get free water. Everytime we ask for water in Europe we end up paying $4 to $10 US for bottled water that costs nothing.

How do I get regular free water in Europe? Is there such a thing or are we doomed to keep paying for water?


Jul 19, 2008
sorjue in U.K./Ireland

Best Shanghai Food in Toronto

2 places I like
Ding Tai Feng at First Markham Place has the best Xiao Lung Bao in my opinion.
But the best Shanghai food is Skyland de Shanghai 1 block east of Pacific Mall. They have the best menu full of unique items you can't find at other Shanghai restaurants. I'm not big on Asian legend as their red vinegar sucks.

Mar 15, 2008
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

king crab legs - i'm jealous of YVR

Best for my $ is Saigon Star and their curry crab. Often imitated by other Asian restaurants in the city but not equaled. The owner has a few other similar restaurants with the same style crab too throughout the city.

Besides their signature curry crab, they make it in other styles too, all great.

Mar 15, 2008
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Inexpensive, yet impressive eating spot at Spadina & Bloor

You're right near Korea Town so there are a ton of inexpensive Korean options that are authentic and cheap. Korean cooking tables are always fun.

Mar 15, 2008
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Premiere Ballroom in Richmond Hill

Thanks for the info. Do you remembe what kind of entree you had?

Jan 03, 2008
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Premiere Ballroom in Richmond Hill


Has anyone here ever attended or held an event at "Premiere Ballroom" in Richmond Hill (Hwy 7 & Leslie)?

We're considering holding our reception for our wedding there and their price seems really good but we have no idea if the quality is any good.



Jan 02, 2008
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

late night chinese dessert places?

The one at Time Square is Hung Fook Tong. There is another one in the strip mall at Steeles, 1 major block East of Kennedy (The strip mall opposite Star Walk Buffet).

Jun 04, 2007
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Shanghai soup dumplings-Xiaolong bao

For what I think is the best Shanghai food, go to Skyland De Shanghai. Weird name but really extensive menu. It's on Steeles, 1 lights East of Kennedy on the south side beside the Staples. My mom is from Shanghai and she says their food is the closest to food back home. My favourite is their vermicelli crab. Definitely has the most variety of real Shanghai dishes compared to the 2 that everyone mentions above.

Feb 17, 2007
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Downtown Chinese Food Open for Lunch This Sunday (Chinese New Year)?

If you're willing to spend the money, go to Lai Wah Heen
Along with Dynasty, one of the only 2 Chinese Restaurants downtown that are of high quality.

Feb 15, 2007
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

David Duncan House - What to order?


I'm going to the David Duncan house for the first time Friday. Has anyone been lately? Any recommendations on what to order?

I love seafood and steak so either is fine. I have heard their cherries jubilee is great so we'll have that for dessert.


Feb 14, 2007
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Good place for a department lunch near Front/Spadina

Thanks for the tips!
I think we'll try Marinelas first and then we'll do Rustica next.

Dec 05, 2006
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Good place for a department lunch near Front/Spadina

I've been tasked with finding a restaurant for our Christmas lunch a couple Friday's from now. We're located at Front/Spadina but even with all the choices nearby, I don't know where to go due to some restrictions.

1. Party of 10
2. There is a vegetarian in the group
3. Spicy is out (or I would have chosen Indian)
4. Average price before tax should not exceed $15
5. Should not take more than 1.5 hours

Normally I would have chosen Cora's as I love that place but we did our last team lunch there. The one before that was dim sum in China Town and before that we went to Fred's Not Here.

Dec 04, 2006
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

before: prix fixe, NOW: BUFFET (in Toronto, for 12-16 guests)

The Delta Chelsea has a good Seafood Buffet Friday nights and maybe Saturdays too. I haven't gone in about a year so you should call first. The Hilton at Queen and University had a new Seafood buffet about 6 months ago but this wasn't really worth it. It is more expensive (50 vs. 30 or so) and not that good.
The Marriott near Yonge and Gerrard used to have a fantastic lobster buffet for $25 but then the Red Flag Deals gang ruined it so now it's just a buffet without lobster but I think it's only $17 now.

Sep 16, 2006
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Lunch on Granville Island

I haven't been back to Van in 6 years but each time I visit I always go to Granville Island. I remember my favourite area to eat is the market itself where they have all those different stalls serving a bunch of different kinds of food. There was one stall that had fantastic pies with a lot of variety.

Downtown Toronto Challenge! - Cheap Snacks ($3 and under preferred)

Sorry for my ignorance, but what's a double?

Oh I forgot to mention I'm kinda tired of Chinese buns and stuff too as I usually bring those to work for breakfast.

But the doubles thing sounds interesting. Are there any other ethnic bakeries near Skydome that sell cheap goodies?

Jul 19, 2006
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Downtown Toronto Challenge! - Cheap Snacks ($3 and under preferred)

So I find myself between lunch and dinner time every day at work hankering for a snack. I don't want to eat a big meal cause that would spoil dinner.

I find myself with the same choices all the time. Hot Dog/Sausage. Ice cream. Patty. Bring my own instant noodles.

I'm near Skydome so walking to Queen or King is easy. If I was closer to where I live I'd totally go for my favourite Mutton Rolls but I don't know anyone who sells those close by.

Any suggestions as to what cheap snacks I should try?

Jul 19, 2006
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Hollywood Gelato

My favourite fruit flavour besides the berry ones is their kiwi.. it tastes so fresh. Sadly they don't make it very often but when it's there I always order it.

Jul 01, 2006
sorjue in Ontario (inc. Toronto)