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Girly alternative to tea house? Costa Mesa or near

Hi all,
My sisters and I are taking our preschool daughters and mom to the Nutcracker for Kids performance at the OC Performing Arts Center. We were hoping to take them to tea somewhere sweet afterwards but our first choices have seemingly all closed in the last year or so :( Any suggestions for something special?

Thank you!!

Dec 10, 2010
jaia in Los Angeles Area

Newport Restaurant Week 1/18-22

I saw that too - I wonder if it's the first year they're doing the county-wide one?

We went to Tommy Bahama's for dinner on Sunday with 3 kids. Food and service were wonderful, though I didn't realize the "filet medallions" on the kids' menu cost $15.

I was underwhelmed by Sage, maybe my expectations were just too high. I had the spring roll, salmon and the bread pudding. Thought the salmon was very nicely done. Server was not that great. Got a few pointed stares at my daughter (who was well-behaved but whose squeaky shoes squeaked to and from the table) and my baby. Geez people, we're not at church! Anyway, note to self to stick with the kid-friendly places if we have the little ones with us.

I think we're done with restaurant week though - I've had just enough rich desserts to ruin my new year's diet resolve!!

Jan 20, 2009
jaia in Los Angeles Area

Newport Restaurant Week 1/18-22

I did those 2 last year. French 75 for lunch was wonderful. I liked the appetizers from Oysters (I forget exactly what they were - one was an ahi spring roll type thing) but the entrees were good but forgettable. It was really crowded at Oysters.

I'm so glad our anniversary falls right around this thing each year :)

Jan 17, 2009
jaia in Los Angeles Area

Newport Restaurant Week 1/18-22

I've also wanted to try Blue Coral. What's the consensus on that one?

Jan 14, 2009
jaia in Los Angeles Area

Newport Restaurant Week 1/18-22

I didn't see a thread for this, so I'll go ahead and post a new one, and then run to make reservations...

Last year, we enjoyed three different meals at some excellent restaurants we would not normally frequent because we'd only be able to order fries. Or water. This year, I'm planning on hitting Sage for lunch ($15!!! for 3 courses!) and the Ritz for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Any other suggestions? Menus posted here:


Jan 14, 2009
jaia in Los Angeles Area

REVIEW: King Lobster Palace (Dim Sum in Villa Park!)

dah. gah. whah? dim sum on carts? In Orange?!?!? I, too, am in dimsum cart exile in Anaheim Hills. I saw elmomonster's review in OC Weekly and came here to find out if anyone else has tried this place. Can't wait to go. Thanks for the reviews!

Jul 23, 2008
jaia in Los Angeles Area

Dim Sum in OC

We think the quality of the dim sum at Ten Ten on Euclid has gotten consistently horrible over the past 3 years or so. Even on weekends. The CA Asian Bistro place is not bad, but super salty and service is spotty. The har gow there in particular is pretty tasty.

We prefer the Ten Ten in Cerritos (Artesia?) for dim sum, or we head up the 57 to RH as someone else suggested.

May 19, 2008
jaia in Los Angeles Area

REVIEW: Phoenix, Irvine

great review! we went here when they first opened a couple years ago (with a coupon :) ) and were suitably impressed with the food. The desserts, if I recall correctly, are also a big hit with my sister - they have a yummy mango sweet rice kind of dessert. I'll have to make a trip down there again - thanks!!

May 05, 2008
jaia in Los Angeles Area

Unreasonable, unrelenting pregnancy craving for tamales - in Orange (Tustin Ave.)?

I seem to remember a post about a few good taquerias or stores on Tustin Ave. in Orange that had excellent tamales. Can anyone illuminate?

I'm desperate enough that frozen tamales from Vons have sufficed so far. I can't make it down to S.A. with my belly and my 2 kiddos and Orange would be the perfect distance.

Please help! Chowhound has never failed my pregnancy cravings!!

Feb 11, 2008
jaia in Los Angeles Area

Top Island Seafood: good Cantonese

Anyone have a recent experience here? There are several scathing threads, but none more recent than last summer. I ask bc my Cantonese in-laws, who are normally rather discerning, chose this place for Chinese New Year dinner. I thought it sounded like a Vegas buffet.

Jan 31, 2008
jaia in Los Angeles Area

Newport Beach Restaurant Week 2008--which restaurant are you going to try?

My mom and I had lunch at French 75. For $15 pp it was a very nice lunch. :) I had the Shrimp Dijon, beef short ribs and the berries/sorbet. Mom had the french onion soup, chicken/forest mushroom crepes, and orange-cherry creme brulee. The only item I was completely unimpressed with was the short ribs, which had a really heavy flavor to them. I thought the crepes and creme brulee were the best items, and the portions were very decent. Service was eh, a little slow, but they were very busy.

Last night, my husband and I hit Oysters. The tempura wild salmon rolls were delicious! I had the steak "frites" which were done very nicely, with yummy sweet potato fries. Portion size was so-so. My husband had the salmon which was also delicious - perfectly flavored and grilled. The chocolate souffle doesn't measure up to Roy's (our favorite) but the peach cobbler was great. I was very unhappy with our server, who was all smiley until we didn't order drinks (I'm pregnant) and then proceeded to ignore us the rest of the evening.

I really wanted to try Sage, but the prix fixe menu didn't look that interesting to me. Maybe next year!

Jan 24, 2008
jaia in Los Angeles Area

Ono Ono Hawaiian in Tustin/Orange?

Anyone tried this place on 17th ST? Compared to Waikiki?
Am looking for a caterer for my daughter's first bday party, about 35 adults and 15 kiddos.

Jun 14, 2007
jaia in Los Angeles Area

Hawaiian caterer/take-out near Dana Point?

Is RSM too far? there's an ono ono there that we really like. reasonable pricing and tons of yummy food!

22205 El Paseo # A
Rcho Sta Marg, CA 92688
(949) 888-1230

Jun 14, 2007
jaia in Los Angeles Area

Malaysian in Anaheim/N. OC

I found some posts on this topic, but they were all older and didn't mention a specific restaurant I seem to remember on Euclid near the 5. Does anyone happen to know what I'm talking about, the name of the restaurant, and whether it's any good? We have friends from Houston visiting Disneyland who are originally from Malaysia. We took them to Tropika tonight (Read some recent bad reviews on here but everything we had tonight was great and seemed pretty authentic to them). Would like to send them to another place before they leave. Thanks!

Jun 07, 2007
jaia in Los Angeles Area

Mr Taster's getting married! Help me with my Chinese banquet.

We had our wedding at Sam Woo's 3 years ago. We were very satisfied with the food and pricing, although as someone else mentioned, the furniture and decor are not that great.

I would avoid Ocean Star as the food and management have declined significantly, and Mission 261 which I think is overpriced, not even taking into consideration their charge for the room which I've never heard of at a Chinese restaurant.

Universal Hilton does a fine job.

Two weeks ago, I went to a banquet at the place on the corner of Garvey and Atlantic, on the 2nd floor, have forgotten the name (is that the "other" Empress everyone is referring to? I thought there was the word "Harbor" in the name). The food was very good and the decor was pretty good for a Chinese restaurant! They have a few small banquet rooms, but they can actually put up full wall panels to block off any size of the dining room, too, which was nice.

Good luck, and Congratulations!

Jan 08, 2007
jaia in Los Angeles Area

elmomonster or others, help! Fruit tart in January?

Wow! Thank you so much for all the great input. I think it's too late for me to change my order at this point, but I'm adding Van's, Porto's and Sing Sing to my list of bakeries to check out in the future. It's a little overwhelming to head down there and just pick a bakery, and I trust and appreciate the opinions on this board so much. Thanks!

Jan 05, 2007
jaia in Los Angeles Area

elmomonster or others, help! Fruit tart in January?

I just ordered a fruit tart from Le Croissant Dore for a baby shower on Saturday. But I'm wondering...since it's January, is the fruit going to be any good? Anyone who's tried one in the winter, or if just have an opinion, :) please advise. thanks!

Jan 04, 2007
jaia in Los Angeles Area