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SodaStream vs. Twist & Sparkle

Just to get all the facts straight. SodaStream is made in Israel or in an Israeli settlement. Not important!! The important thing is that they employ many Palestinians, fostering cooperation among the employees and allowing those Palestinians to earn good money. Some 500 West Bank Palestinians work at the site, in addition to 400 Arabs from eastern Jerusalem and a mix of 200 Israeli Jews and foreign workers, including refugees from Africa.
They love the jobs! One said he made enough to buy a home.

Apr 05, 2013
dkonline in Cookware

Hankering for paella and spanish Iberico

Thanks Hab. And to make matters worse we are in Ft Lauderdale with Cafe Seville which is Spanish-ish...

Hankering for paella and spanish Iberico

Have been to Sra Martinez with several friends who also have eaten well over the years; here and in Europe. Hate to say it, we were underwhelmed and to a person said we would not go back unless we were in the neighborhood and NEEDED a place to eat. A pity, but the food has been dumbed down for the lowest common denominator. The dishes sound great, but don't deliver.

Have not been to Barceloneta.

Hankering for paella and spanish Iberico

Exactly lax2mia. And evertbody now uses the word tapas for small plates.

Thanks anyway.

Compare oysters

Aruba., This old standby, where virtually everything is very good, has good oysters, just not cheap $22.50/Doz.Same price as restaurant next to Coconuts where we haven't been, yet.
But they usually come from colder northern waters so they're much better than gulf.

Also, try Aruba's cold half lobster, but available only at the bar.

Hankering for paella and spanish Iberico

Any suggestions. Most so-called Spanish restaurants are really Spanishish and mostly Mexican. So if you know of a great Spanish restaurant, taht would be appreciated

pompano beach and area-fish and good stuff

Sorry OysterHo. Blue Moon has great atmosphere on the water but the food was tastless. Don't know if they even own a salt shaker or pepper mill. The most disappointing restaurant we've tried in our short three months in Fort Lauderdale (via 26 years in Boston area and more in the food capital of North America on a per capita basis, Montreal).

Sidebar: Sorry to see Wings Over Fort Lauderdale close on Coral Ridge Mall.Great Buffalo Wings...we're now looking for a replacement without having to go to their branch in Davie.