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A gourmet shop in North Bergen, NJ

I second Zeytinia. I was recently in the newly opened one in Englewood and though I didn't buy anything it looked good and prices seemed fairly reasonable. Jerry's in Englewood can get unbearably crowded and I usually stay away from it for that reason.

Chakra Restaurant Review: Paramus, NJ

This is a beautiful restaurant but my oveall experience there was lackluster and I would not return. I didn't pay the bill; if I did I would have been even more disappointed. I was there several years ago also. The one highlight was the foie gras but other than that it was not impressive. They were also out of a number of items on the menu which I thought was odd. I know someone who went there recently experienced the same thing.

Baumgart's- What's Good?

I've only been to the locations in Englewood and Edgewater so I can't speak about Livingston. I do think the Englewood location is much better than Edgewater. That being said, many of the appetizers are very good: try the shanghai wontons and the different dumplings. Other appetizers they offer are very good also. As for entrees, I like the massaman curry, sea bass in banana leaf (already mentioned), mango chicken, filet mignon in black bean sauce....there are a few others that are good too but they don't immediately come to mind. If they offer delivery service and it is anything like ours here it is very fast! I think it is defintely worth checking out and I would not pay attention to the negative reviews. We order from them pretty regularly. I am not a fan of their sushi though.

Good BYOBs in Northern NJ

I am a big fan of BYOB restaurants. Englewood downtown has a lot of them. Some of my favorites that come to mind in Bergen are:

Max's-Tenafly (Italian)
Luka's-Ridgefield Park (Italian)
Rebecca's-Edgewater (Cuban)
Typhoon-Englewood (Asian Fusion)
Baumgart's-Englewood (Chinese)
Bennie's-Englewood (Lebanese)

I am heading to Pourquoi Pas in Westwood soon and will report back if that is any good.

If you ever venture into Essex County, Fascino in Montclair and Lorena's in Maplewood are also very good.

Jan 08, 2008
travel3773 in New Jersey