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Where to buy Puerto Rican sweet potatoes

Try any Spanish market
Boniato is the Spanish word.
Most of the islands in the Caribbean have a similar type

Jan 24, 2014
TampaPete in Florida

Rabbit in Tampa Bay

This a CSA is located at:
16362 Wilson Blvd
Masaryktown, FL 34604-7335

I've always had good luck with the rabbits purchased.
You have to call ahead to make sure they have them

Publix carries rabbit on and off, Prod of USA
Most other places carry Chinese rabbit

Jan 24, 2014
TampaPete in Florida

Gentleman's Club(s) Tampa/Clearwater Area

Used to be a Japanese steak house before that
No longer there (under a roadway).

Jan 24, 2014
TampaPete in Florida

Daytona area - looking for curing salt (sel rose)

Morton's Tender quick wont work for you?
Walmart, Publix, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shop, Etc. usually carries it.
William Sonoma will carry "Sel Rose" sometimes, but you pay the price.

Jan 20, 2014
TampaPete in Florida

Want to make homemade mozzarella cheese

I have not made any in a long time, I learned to do it from an old neighbor that was not literate and thought me how to do it by feel.
There are lots of recipes out there that are good.
The biggest problem is getting the feel for the cheese, to get it right, not soft and not rubbery.
I will be surprised if you get what you really desire in the first or second try.
If you are vegetarian use vegetable rennet, is made from thistle flowers.

Sep 20, 2013
TampaPete in Florida

Want to make homemade mozzarella cheese

You are correct that you can use rennet, if you do, then you also might want to add citric acid.
I think the acid is what gives mozz that strechy thing.

Sep 19, 2013
TampaPete in Florida

Want to make homemade mozzarella cheese

1. You can buy cheese making stuff on line.
2. Here in Tampa, Southern Brewing, has what you need.
3. Mozzarella uses vinegar as a coagulant not rennet

Sep 17, 2013
TampaPete in Florida

cuban fried chicken

I never have had Cuban Fried chicken outside my parent’s house or relatives homes. I have never seen it at a restaurant.
Take a whole chicken and used it make stock, remove the chicken when done. Drain well
Use stock for soup.
Fry the whole boiled chicken in hot oil till golden and crispy.
Cut in chunks bones and all
Pour mojo over it; not the marinating kind of mojo (lemon, garlic, onion,salt & olive oil).

Greasy but tasty

Jul 30, 2013
TampaPete in Florida


This is a long drive, however, if call they may ship to you.
Fresh made sausages, and if you go there, and speak Polish you will feel at home. The liquuor store next door is also owned by a Polish couple.

Apr 04, 2013
TampaPete in Florida

Cuban/Chinese in Tampa

I think there is/or was a place called Chino Cubano on Bush Blvd. near Bush Gardens on the right hand side of the road going east. Little hole in the wall, don't know if it still there.

Jan 31, 2013
TampaPete in Florida

Hanger Steak aka Onglet - Sourcing dilemma

Mild Bill,

You are in the neighborhood on the cut, Hanger steak/Skirt steak.
Some of the markets you mentioned do not make a distiction between the two.
The two cuts of meat are next to each other on the animal, but different, one day you get skirt the next hanger.

Just saying.

Oct 29, 2012
TampaPete in Florida

Grill 54 in Tampa/Citrus Park???

This is our go-too place, not too far from home, and always good food and drinks, bar staff is very competent.
We usually sit at the bar or the high tables in the bar area. Service is good usually, with only one incident (bad service from a newbie).
Wine by the bottle is also affordable.
Highly recommend this place

Aug 22, 2012
TampaPete in Florida

Franciale - Tampa - Best spanish food I ever had!

Just whent by a bit ago to pick-up lunch, and there is a sign on the door that they are closed till further notice

Jun 07, 2012
TampaPete in Florida

CAMELLIA brand beans/peas in Pinellas County or Hillsborough.

You may want to check Winn Dixie

May 01, 2012
TampaPete in Florida

Sweetbay supermarkets

Never been to the Restaurant Depot.
SANWA also carries frozen lobster meat (and frog legs); the last time it was around $10 per pound, bought some for Mac & Cheese.
It's a great value for chowders and soups

Restaurant Depot
810 N 50th St, Tampa, FL 33619

Oct 11, 2011
TampaPete in Florida

Yellow Jack

Filet and skin them, remove the very large blood line; you prbably end-up with two pieces by the time you remeove the blood line.
Season them any way you want and grill them
Or fry the filets, makes good fish tacos.

Enjoy, a very un-appreciated fish

Oct 10, 2011
TampaPete in Florida

The Refinery (Tampa)

After my encounter with the "grunge" (maybe hip) looking server, and the attitude, that was enough for me

Oct 07, 2011
TampaPete in Florida

BBQ in Florida

Man that's to bad.
I actualy had the brisket sandwich, and it was good, others had the pull pork sandwich and it was also good.
The sides some were good some not so good.
Beans, slaw, fried okra, sweet potato casserole all good.
Mac & chesse fried pickels could be better

When I placed my order they guy was cleaning the bisket right in front of me, and it looked like a good job had been done on it.

Aug 30, 2011
TampaPete in Florida

BBQ in Florida

Went to 4Rivers, Saturday, not expecting great BBQ, was pleasently surprised.
Good Q, worth the wait in line.
Patience required with the parking situation.

4Rivers Smokehouse
(407) 474-8377
Winter Park
2103 W Fairbanks Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

Aug 29, 2011
TampaPete in Florida

Favorite markets in Tampa

The Tampa Wholesale Market sadly is not what it used to be (many years ago) you can still get some good stuff, but is run largely like flee market stalls. The prices and quality at the flee market in the Fun Land drive-in are sometimes better than at the TWM.
There is another place before the railroad tracks on the right (going west on Hills.) before you get to TWM that may be of interest to you.
It used to be called SAWA (don't know what it stood for) and is called something else now, it has kind of an asian twist to it,
It's easy to find
Good luck

Jul 21, 2011
TampaPete in Florida

Favorite markets in Tampa

Regarding the CSA in Masaryktown, do you have to be a member to purchase products?
I am interested in fresh rabbit

Jul 20, 2011
TampaPete in Florida

Favorite markets in Tampa

Cacciatore Bros is at the corner of Hanley Rd. and Paula Dr., it's called Cacciatore's Plaza
Paula Dr. runs E-W, Hanley Rd. to Ambasador Dr.
The Farm Store is long gone, replaced by the parking lot for the library.
That I know of, there is no "Ambassador Supermarket" in the T&C area.

Cacciatore Bros
5610 Hanley Rd, Tampa, FL 33634

Jul 20, 2011
TampaPete in Florida

Alligator ribs, anybody?

If you ask in advance, maybe they can get you some Galut?

Jun 07, 2011
TampaPete in Florida

anyone remember old cooking show

May 19, 2011
TampaPete in Food Media & News

Balut in the Tampa Bay area


May 18, 2011
TampaPete in Florida

Applebee's restaurant recipe for southern barbecue sauce chicken wings

Maybe this one?

1/3 c Hunt's ketchup
1/3 c Apple butter
1/3 c Kraft Tangy Bacon Dressing
1/3 c Apple juice

2 tb Worcestershire
2 ts Louisiana Hot Sauce
1 tb Mustard
1 ts Lime juice
1 ts Liquid hickory smoke

1/2 ts Celery seed
1/2 ts Oregano
1/2 ts Black pepper
1/4 ts Garlic powder
1/4 ts 180 Degree seasoning; (or your favorite rub)
1/4 ts Chicken seasoning

You can make this in a container in the microwave.

Mar 28, 2011
TampaPete in Florida

Sharing a table?

Question for this board, I did not post in the General Topics Board because I was looking for the area's perspective (maybe it will be moved).

The question is sharing a table at a restaurant?

If you go to a restaurant that has a waiting list for tables, not reservations, or reservation only area, but an area with a first come first served list.

If there are empty spots in that particular area, is it a no-no to ask to share a table?
Is it a no-no because you irritate people waiting, that don’t have the sensibility to ask?
Is this considered queue jumping?

Thanks for the input.

Mar 28, 2011
TampaPete in Not About Food

Cuban Sandwich between TIA & Busch Gardens

Arco Iris on Columbus Blvd.
Not far from the route you have to take from the airport to Bush Gardens

Mar 22, 2011
TampaPete in Florida


It’s been a while since I’ve gone fishing in the bay.
We used to catch bait fish of different sizes thorough the summer for “bait”, however when nothing was being caught we bring home some of the bait fish for dinner, as you said, ala “Frito Misto”.

Before you spend a lot of time cleaning a big bucket of unknown bait fish, I recommend you try a hand full of each type you catch, and mentally catalog (or other wise) the fish, for the next time.
On a couple of occasions what we caught was not edible, the amount of bones thought-out the meat made eating impossible, unless you ground the whole fish.

1. My favorite way of cleaning the fish is to scale it, even if small, cut of the head and the belly. I don’t care how small the fish is I don’t like the guts. Fry them sprinkle with salt and lime.

2. Clean them the same as above, place them on a BBQ over hot coals, they cook really fast. Remove from BBQ and spoon a mixture of parsley, garlic, lemon and olive oil over the grilled fish.

3. Boil them, use the meat to make “croquettes” and use the broth to make rice or other dishes for filler, because it takes a lot of bait fish to get full.


Feb 28, 2011
TampaPete in General Topics

Canistel on the I-4 Corridor?

Try Sedanos in Orlando, in Tampa try Bravo Supermarket's
Canistel = Egg Fruit

Feb 25, 2011
TampaPete in Florida